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In Cavern: June 2007
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JUNE 27, 2007

Sharper Departs for Noloben, Protestors Press DRC

Tonight at 8:45 pm Cavern time, Douglas Sharper spoke to those he called his “enemies” due to reports that some were trying to prevent his expedition. “I’m ready to meet my destiny,” he declared. He disclosed he had two meetings with Cate because of his tense relationship with some explorers, expected to see Bahro there at war with each other, and clarified his mission was “to scope things out," and to “defend myself if I need to.” He then left without taking any questions.

Afterwards he visited the Watcher's Sanctuary. Citing his trip as "almost cancelled" due to the protests of some explorers, he reminded everyone he was still going, and that he will not kill a Bahro unless he must. Rils, the founder of the D'ni Zoological Society, and others showed their support for his mission. "Farewell to you all. Hope to see you again soon," he concluded.

Earlier this evening, a group of explorers led by one called Vormaen met privately with Victor Laxman to see if they could "sway the decision to hunt the Bahro." Laxman replied that the council's decision was clear. "He is to gather information only." And as to whether Sharper will actually be successful, he added, "If he is deluded enough to think he can accomplish that, his trip will be very short indeed." He also listened to a quantum mechanics theory to reverse Wheely's death, which he called "crazy." "But I cannot deny that I've seen crazier things in my lifetime." He promised to discuss the theory with the council. Laxman also stated that the machine he left in the Ae'gura Docks is to monitor light levels in the Cavern lake.   

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Explorers Needed to Feed Algae

Lake’s light measuring instrumentAbout 3:30 pm Cavern time the DRC issued a KI-mail message encouraging explorers to help feed the lake algae pellets produced in the harvest Age of Er’cana, released yesterday. Extensive tests have revealed that the D’ni used a grain Silo in Ashem’em (formerly known as Uran) to feed the algae, which glowed at regular intervals, thus yielding a day and night cycle to Cavern dwellers. This cycle was interrupted for the last few centuries because of the decimation of D’ni. The DRC believes it may be “months” before enough of the right pellets are produced and fed via the Ashem’em Silo to restore the light cycle. Pellets made with the wrong recipes emit steam or bubbles, and damage the algae. Yet people can get “Pellet Points” for feeding algae ones made with the correct recipe.

Laxman Installs Pellet Test Machine

Victor Laxman was seen about 3 pm Cavern time today installing a machine near the Ae’gura Docks that veteran explorers believed is a machine the gauges the level of light in the lake. No statements were given.

Photo provided by Lial

Sutherland Announces Great Zero Stained Glass Project

Marie SutherlandContributions towards a stained glass restoration progect for the Great Zero are requested, Dr. Marie Sutherland announced about 12:30 pm Cavern time, before taking many questions. On Age releases, Jalak is a month away, Ahnonay may be ready “in a few months,” but no plans exist for the inaccessible areas of Er’cana. She also confirmed that releases of historical documents are low priority, given limited resources. She noted a request for musical piece contests as a future possibility. She also corrected one explorer who believed that the Guild system was responsible for the Fall of D’ni, dismissing it as a “faulty” premise. And when asked why the DRC holds private meetings with explorers, she responded that is such meetings were not private, then it turns into a media circus “in about three minutes,” a sign that more private meetings with indivduals are anticipated.


Photo provided by Lial

JUNE 26, 2007

JD Barnes: My Focus Is On Anthropology

The character Nick White was looking for, JD Barnes, showed up at the Guild of Greeter’s Bevin tonight at 6:50pm Cavern time, looking for DocOlanA of the Students of D’ni Knowledge Bevin. He remarked that he has studied the Bahroglyphs, and is not a language expert. His focus is on “anthropology, race and ethnic studies.” He is also working with a young lady on a documentary on the D’ni race, and possibly the current restoration, and the explorers. And when asked if he had access to journals, he replied, “The DRC play things close to the vest. So I don’t think I have access to anything novel. Just a different point of view, maybe.”  


Nick White on JD Barnes, Pellets

Nick White showed up at the Watcher’s Sanctuary at 5:45pm Cavern time asking for a guy named JD Barnes. “Some anthropology dude or somthing... hanging out with the DRC,” he wondered. As for Sharper, “he has not left yet.” And as for killing Bahro, “he won’t kill one unless he has to,” he replied. When asked how long the Er’cana pellets take, “depends on how long you cook them, he answered.


Guild “Expert” Meets with DRC Privately

In what Cate Alexander calls “lucky timing,” she and Dr. Marie Sutherland met with Reteltee, an explorer and self-described Guilds expert at 5pm Cavern time in The Council Bevin regarding establishment of a Guild system, as a way to get explorers more involved. “Would you consider yourself an expert on the Guilds?” Cate asked. “I have studied them extensively,” he replied.

While both DRC members expressed interest in Guild restoration, “steps are all we can take right now,” Sutherland commented. The DRC then shared with him “some of the details,” provided he first stop his chatlog. Later in Uru Obsession Bevin he says that they are “considering” the following five Guilds: Maintainers, Cartographers, Greeters, Helpers, Miners and Surveyors. His suggestion to include the Guild of Writers was deemed as not possible. However, “Cate and the DRC are listening to the explorers, and stay tuned because things are happening.” He also added, “I see the Guilds as an opportunity for us to use and enhace our skills, not in an elitist, exclusionary way, but in a collaborative way.” While many appreciated his effort, others raised concerns with how he appeared to speak on behalf of every explorer. Will the DRC continue to hold more such private meetings? Time will tell.


Sutherland Unveils Memorial

Memorial in Khalo PubAbout 11:20 am today, explorers found Dr. Marie Sutherland sitting quietly by the flowers at the Kahlo Pub.

Then at 1:45 pm Cavern time. she unveiled a new explorer memorial devoted not just to Wheely Engberg who lost her life to a Bahro attack, but also to other explorers who recently lost their lives. Their names were also included on the memorial. “Nothing I can say will do justice to their momories, so I won’t even try. but this will be a small token.”

The DRC also issued a KI-mail requesting submissions of the names of other explorers who passed away, along with a description of how each contributed to the restoration. Acceptable names will also be added to the memorial. Simply email This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it with the title “memorial submission.”


Photo privided by Ayli 

Er’cana and Ashem’em Silo Released by DRC

Around 11am Cavern time, Cate Alexander linked into the Watcher’s Sanctuary with the Er’cana linking book and puts it on the pedestal. “Enjoy Er’cana,” was all she said.

Er’cana is a harvest Age which supplied food for the people of D’ni, and was most likely owned by the Guild of Caterers. Years ago, veteran explorers were first exposed to the Age in The Path of the Shell expansion pack. And in a July 6, 2006 town Hall meeting, Dr. Kodama remarked that the Age may also be sueful in supplying nutrients to the lake algae, to restore a regualr day and night cycle.

Explorers also noticed that the Silo in the Industrial District of Uran was also released, another sign that the Silo is somehow related to pellet production. Uran was the main industrial complex in D’ni, located far away from the City. Space was cleared around 5389 DE using the giant processors Stone Tooth and Stone Eater, construction began in 5475 DE and was completed in 5500 DE (c. 2157 BC). Uran contained many Silos that were used to store grain from the harvest Ages, one of which was Er’cana. One Silo stored pellets and dropped them into the lake to feed the algae, when then glowed at regular intervals, yielding a day and night cycle in the Cavern. In 5541 DE, Uran was renamed Ashem’em, after Ashem, the son of King Me-emen and a member of the Guild of Healers, who died from a disease while investigating a new Age.

It is also believed though not confirmed that ex-Guild Master Kadish also used Er’cana and Ashem’em to justify himself as the Grower, one who could restore life to the algae and bring “a new light” to the Cavern.

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Sutherland Chats with Greeters, Discusses Funding Crisis

Around 2:40 am Cavern time Dr. Marie Sutherland appeared again, this time in the Guild of Greeter’s Bevin and was welcomed by a mostly Australian and New Zealander contingent. The DRC studied the lake life for many years, she said, a possible hint that explorers may be allowed soon to help light the lake, and restore the day and night cycle the D’ni sustained for thousands of years. The release of Myst Island “may happen at some point,” she responded, “but not in the immediate future.” On funding, she thought it was a “catch-22 situation” since explorers are needed, yet seem not to want to come given the current state of the restoration. “We’re burning through Cate’’s money pretty quickly even at about one fourth of the staff that the full-blown restoration deserves.” therefore, advertisements were considered, as was merchandising. She will, however pass on the idea of direct donations to the DRC, before she poofed again.

Dr. Sutherland re-appeared for a third time to finish her statement. On funding, “I don’t want to exaggerate the problem. But I don’t want to diminish it either,” she clarified. “Cate, and those she represents, will continue the funding” as long as there is “progress.” Yet she would not get into details on the extent of the financial shortfall, nor would she give a clear definition of what “progress” looks like, other than that more explorers are needed.


Sutherland Chats with Explorers, Poofs

Around 2:18 am Cavern time, Marie Sutherland was seen in the Tokotah Alley, and described herself as “wandering just a while before bed.” One explorer was frustrated at Alexander’s remarks yesterday regarding advertisements. “Don’t worry toomuch about it,” she replied. “Things have a way of working out.” On Sharper, she said, “It will take him a while to prepare,” and that his intent to kill a Bahro is “easier said than done,” and not something the DRC asked him to do, except gather information. She also understood concerns over letting explorers help with lighting the lake, and that it would not be done without “a great deal of study” first. Then she poofed, possibly touching her Relto book by mistake.


JUNE 25, 2007

Sharper Off to Slay Bahro

Douglas Sharper is off again, ths time on a self-described “adventure of revenge.” He announced in the Uru Obsession Bevin late this afternoon that the DRC granted him access to the beach Age of Noloben, to find and kill the one Bahro that sew Wheely Engberg last month. “I hope he’s there,” he started, before explaining that he is going prepared, learning to communicate with them, and to be ready to handle the speed at which they move. “I’ll learn. I’ll watch. I won’t kill one of the good ones. I will try to find those who seem to care about us. They are fast. But they are mortal,” he added.

The explorer’s reaction? “I’m disappointed,” responded Sharper, as many cited their own fears of Bahro retaliation upon humans because of his actions. But Sharper stated that doing nothing only demonstrates weakness. He urged them to remember Wheely and Rose, and how they could have been saved, as well as the decimated animal population in Negilahn. Sharper remained undaunted: “I will come back with a body. If I come back at all.”


Sutherland: Cate A “Conflict of Interest”

After Cate Alexander met with explorers at the Watcher’s Pub this morning, Marie Sutherland linked in and opined that having her on the council “seems like a conflict of interst for her.” Yet Sutherland’s demeanor seemed to confirm Alexander’s earlier remark that there were no hard feelings between them, and that ResEngs will compensate for Engberg’s absence. She also confirmed that Alexander now “in some ways” has more power.

While she was speaking, Cate Alexander linked in again, ostensibly to just listen to Sutherland chat. Alexander then responded to questions about the “Bahro situation,” and offered that she already met with Sharper. Yet Sutherland seemed to surprise Alexander with a statement on allowing advertisements in the Cavern. “Its not something I’d be happy about,” yet “I understand the position we are in.” Alexander then responded, “I was under the impression Marie would rather the Cavern go down in rubble before she would allow advertising here.” Both women seemed to want the restoration to continue. Yet Sutherland emphasized they are already doing more “with less than half the workforce,” while Alexander stressed, “we need more funding,” which is why they are looking at “all the options,” including billboards, t-shirts, hats, signs, “branding,” and perhaps even a volunteer workforce. However, “billboards would be a last resort,” she added, and that “cleaner and more appropriate methods” would first be pursued. The two women then linked away to meet in private.


Cate Takes Engberg’s Place, Pro-Cavern Advertisement Stance

Cate Alexander announced in the Watcher’s Sanctuary that she was elected today to fill the position of Michael Engberg, the DRC member who remains missing. While her new duties do not involve structural engineering, it does mean having “a stronger voice and a vote on critical decisions,” as the move gives her an equal vote like the other DRC members on decision-making, and also perhaps clears up confusion on her role with the DRC. She believes she has earned the respect of the other members because of her “experience in business ventures.” And while she reported that DRC member Marie Sutherland was “not sure” that she was a right fit on the council, she claimed “no hard feelings” existed, and trusted Sutherland could explain her own position. Other ResEngs will fulfill Engberg’s structural analysis duties. And as for Engberg, she hope he was well, but added, “He will find us when he is ready.” Meanwhile, she cited the current challenges as manpower, time, funding, and monitoring the Bahro, a race of creatures whose role in the Cavern restoration effort remains largely unknown.

Citing funding as the most critical issue, Alexander then announced that the DRC are in discussions over allowing advertisements in the Cavern. “I am all for it,” she declared, while maintaining no deciion was yet reached as the discussions continue. Yet the need forfunds was so critical that no advertising may possibly mean cessation of further Cavern restoration and exploration efforts altogether. “I will keep you posted,” she promised, while hoping that present discussions between DRC and explorers will yield a mutually-satisfying decision. “We will continue to talk and keep the communication open.” Before she left for a meeting with Douglas Sharper, she asked everyone to keep an open mind. “I will do the same.”


JUNE 24, 2007

Laxman: KI Light Working Better

“The KI light was working better,” Victor Laxman stated in Myss Terrie’s Bevin early this evening before patiently taking a host of questions. On Wheely, she “was not killed by the cave-in.” On the Bahro, he stated they have the ability to “link at will,” and are the ones responsible for creating different instances of Ages, yet he gave no answers to those who felt threatened by their presence, nor would he advise them on whether or not the Bahro poles gathered in the First Quest of Yeesha should be returned. He did not know how the other hood instances of the Great Zero turned on, since he only turned on the one in the City’s global instance. He described Er’cana as “an age for food,” and the next Age to be released. He also described the Relto “donuts” as of Bahro and not D’ni origin. He also remarked that the mysterious D’ni survivor in Noloben was not seen since the end of 2005, but would not say whether the character in Myst V accurately represented him. When asked about the release of histrical books and Age research, he cited that “very limited resources” have downgraded such issuances to “low priority.” And while Gahreesen III is unlikely to ever be released, Laxman, however, shifted his tone when asked about the future availability of Myst Island. “No comment,” he responded.

Explorers later confirmed that the KI light lasted up to one minute, and that the KI machine in Descent no longer emitted sparks, and appeared fixed.   


Nick White: Negilahn Bahro Symbol Gone

Nick White spoke to explorers in the Watcher’s Sanctuary late this afternoon, reporting that Bahro have returned to Negilahn “a few times,” and that the mysterious symbol carved into a tree has disappeared. He also described Jalak as the “new Age” he spoke of last month that contains an arena where D’ni games were played, although the rules of such games remain unknown. He also believed Cyan “did a good job” of re-creating Esher, the in-game D’ni survivor who lived in Noloben.  


Great Zero Activated

Heeding Laxman’s invitation, explorers gathered in different instances of the Great Zero shortly bfore 4pm today to witness first-hand the activation of the first great structure of D’ni, built nearly 10,000 years ago. This ancient device enabled the D’ni to situate and develop the important buildings of the City, along with its districts and neighborhoods, and establish D’ni culture. About 4 pm the Great Zero was activated once again, its machinery roared to life, and its famous “blue line” no longer remained stationery at the Great Stairs and started to sweep the Cavern. Explorers afterwards received a KI-mail message that confirmed the calibration effort was completed, due to their efforts.


Activation of Great Zero video

Kodama: Kahlo Damage Not Due to Earthquake

“We have finished a report on the building collapse,” Dr. Ikuro Kodama announced early this afternoon at the Guild of Greeter’s Bevin. The damage that trapped two explorers last month “was not caused by any earthquake or seismic activity,” and from an official standpoint, the exact cause of the collapse remains unknown. He believes, “off the record,” that Bahro caused the collapse. He admitted he say the same Bahro symbol that Wheely saw inside the building, but which had later diappeared. He also confirmed that the Bahro symbol he saw in the building resembled the symbol in Minkata. He also believes Noloben hold particular significance for the Bahro, though no plans exist to release the Age anytime soon. As for any news on Engberg, “I assume we will be moving on without him.”


JUNE 23, 2007

Laxman: Great Zero Activation Tomorrow, Bahro Activity, Wheely Death

Today Victor Laxman announced in the City that initial calibration of the Great Zero is complete, and that it will be “turned on” tomorrow. “The Great Zero was used for KI coordinates and surveying,” he added.  The opening takes place at the Great Zero at 4pm tomorrow, Cavern time. He also reported “progress” in the continuing internal investigation of Wheely Engberg’s sudden death while trapped underneath the rubble of the Kahlo Pub area last month. When asked about Bahro activity, he also reported heavy activity in areas yet unopened to explorers, and that the DRC continues to monitor their movements.  

DRC Issues KI-Mails on Quest, Great Zero Activation 

The DRC issued two KI-mail announcements today. One informs explorers that they can create their own “Quest type games” upon completion of their calibration marker missions, and that the KI guiide in the classroom was also updated, apparently a move to maximize participation. Explorers also noted today that the calibration imager in the Great Zero remained unchanged, pending tomorrow’s activation ceremony, which the second KI-mail confirmed as taking place at the Great Zero on June 24, at 4 pm Cavern time. 

Watcher’s Sanctuary Released by DRC

Tonight the DRC released the Great Tree Pub, aka The Watcher’s Sanctuary, located in the J’Taeri District where once the D’ni high society dwelled. Explorers who once played The Path of the Shell expansion pack once again browsed through the five DRC-translated volumes known as the “Words” of the Watcher on the second floor, and Michael Simpson’s DRC journal on the first floor, describing the place’s significance. The Pub also served as a gathering place where D’ni met to discuss philosophical matters.

The Watcher was born in 4334 DE (c. 3323 BC) and died in 4606 DE (c. 3051 BC).  His mother gave birth to him in mid-link while evacuating the Mining Age of Trases.  He was said to see things outside of time, whether past, present or future. His main work, “Words,” is a compilation of sayings he received from the Maker on the future of D’ni, a coming day of destruction, and of a Grower who would restore things. Followers built the Watcher’s Sanctuary on the spot where he received his visions, and also spread rumors of him being seen and heard from after his death. He continued to attract a following for much of subsequent D’ni history. One of them, ex-Guild Master Kadish, even believed himself as the Grower, and set out to fulfill some of the prophecies. 

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Cate Alexander: Er’cana Next Week, Jalak in a Month

Cate Alexander in the Watcher’s Sanctuary“Er’cana will be released here Tuesday or Wednesday,” Cate Alexander told over 130 explorers tonight in the Watcher’s Sanctuary before taking questions. She had no further news on Noloben, nor of Engberg, who she believes is not in the Cavern, nor would she verify the existence of a Bahro civil war. Yet she confirmed that the Bahro were responsible for Wheely’s death, the DRC have a D’ni image of what is likely the Watcher, some translated texts are not yet released, and that the DRC are working on Ahnonay and an all-new Age called Jalak which she described as “a D’ni gaming area” as a month away from release. “I think you will have fun there,” she added. She also apologized for not updating the DRC Website, and that while these are critical times due to “funding issues,” she thanked everyone for their help. “We would not be here if it were not for you and your support.”


Photo provided by Cleft 

JUNE 22, 2007

Cones Removed from City, Engberg Still Missing

Today the DRC removed all cones except one from Ae’gura, and increased the City’s capacity via the Nexus, Public Links to 100 persons. Prior to today, the limit was only 40 persons. The DRC maintains the cone removal was ostensibly  due to their inability to promote explorer safety, yet some believe that the real intent was to reduce lag. The DRC also issued a KI-mail today asking for assistance in locating missing member Michael Engberg, who has last heard from on May 23 uttering one word, “Watson,” before using the Bahro stone to Descent.   

KIs Enabled for Custom Marker Games

In other news today, the DRC activated everyone’s KI, allowing them to create marker games. Many expressed delight at the new feature, while those who experienced the games in Prologue and Until Uru reflected a more cautious hope that customized marker games would not contribute to greater in-game lag. 

JUNE 20, 2007

Second Feast of the Maker, 9663 DE

At approximately 7:47 pm tonight, Cavern time, the D’ni holiday known as the Second Feast of the Maker started, and continues well into tomorrow. In the D’ni calendar today is Leebro 20, 9663 DE, which is the twentieth yahr of the second vailee, 9663 years after D’ni culture was established in the Cavern. While much still remains unknown about the significance of this date, it was the second significant feast day in the D’ni calendar year.

JUNE 17, 2007

Memorial event held in City

Some explorers this morning gathered in the City at the Kahlo Pub where a memorial was erected to Wheely Engberg and Rosette Taylor, two explorers who lost their lives during last month’s episode. A crowd gathered afterwards at Ravenclaw’s Bevin for a eulogy and a call to “stand” and “rebuild this home of ours.”


JUNE 2, 2007

Gametap Describes June 2007 Episode

In an effort to market the popular appeal of Myst Online: Uru Live, Gametap today introduced players to the upcoming episode. “A New Light” is scheduled for release later this month. From new leadership in the DRC to the release of Er’cana, a darkening lake, and the escalation in the civil war, the release is full of activities that one can do alone or with friends.


Cavern Choir needs sopranos

Auditions are now open to sopranos or “high female voices” to sing “exciting and rarely performed repertoire,” says Domahreh, director of the latest musical phenomena to sweep the Cavern. The Cavern Choir is a acapella group devoted to music ranging from the medieval through the modern periods. She also reports that their next concert is planned for winter 2007, and will feature special choruses from the Renaissance, and the Christmas and Hannukah holidays. Forms are due June 13, and actual auditions will be held on June 15–17, 2007. Those interested may visit the Cavern Choir website for more information.


JUNE 1, 2007

June 2007 Sparklie appears

The June 2007 calendar spark appeared today, as the one in Descent disappeared. To find it, look in a cave in a large, wide open place.

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