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In Cavern: December 2006
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DECEMBER 23, 2006

Santa Hat Found

Just in time for Christmas, the Santa Hat is available in Relto only for a limited time for those who login during this season.

DECEMBER 20, 2006

Relto Age Released

Today Myst Online: Uru Live publisher Gametap and developer Cyan Worlds, Inc. released much of the original content of the first beta version of Uru Live, aka the Prologue.

The first Age explorers find themselves in is called Relto, which according to Yeesha its creator, stands for “high place.” It resembles a humble hut on an island nested high above the clouds. Explorers are provided a Relto Book that links them to their own private instance, or version, of Relto to customize as they progress in the game. So it is one’s personal Age in which linking books as well as various other items can be stored. It is said one’s Relto was intended to reflect the “soul” of its owner. For unlike other D’ni linking books, rumor has it that it is a re-creation of the original Myst Island.

Yeesha’s Bio

Cleft Opened, Zandi Welcomes Explorers

The Cleft is a crack in the ground near a volcano, located in New Mexico, and is the first place explorers link to from Relto. There, they encounter an odd person named Jeff Zandi, the property owner, who also tells them that “she” has left a message for them in the Cleft. Their first Quest begins once the Age is solved.

Sources say the crack measures roughly eighty feet long, fifteen feet wide, and thirty feet deep. It served as a rest stop for Anna as she traveled from The Lodge to D’ni. It was the home for Anna and Gehn after the fall of D’ni, and later the home of Atrus, whose mother Keta is also buried there. Since then it was used little, until Yeesha started leaving Journey Cloths and messages, and Zandi started camping near there. According to Richard A. Watson, historian for Cyan Worlds, Inc., the Cleft is a small distance away from Tomahna, the later home of Atrus, Catherine and Yeesha that was established over 200 years ago.


Ae’gura Released

Today the D’ni Restoration Council (DRC) also opened various links to what the D’ni called “the City,” on the island of Ae'gura. Explorers can now access the City via the Nexus, and through a DRC-approved linking book in Kadish.

Referred to by the D’ni as “The Island,” Ae’gura is the largest island in the Cavern where the D’ni made their home for over 10,000 years. The most important buildings in D’ni culture were sited there, from the Great Zero, government buildings like the King’s Palace and the Guild Hall, the Arch of Kerath, public buildings like the Great Library, and some upper-class apartments like the Takotah Building.


Nexus Released

The DRC approved the Nexus also today, a main linking hub with a terminal and hundreds of linking books to various global and more private instances of Ages, such as Ae’gura, the many different Bevins or neighborhoods. However, to use the Nexus, one needs to obtain a personal communication device called a “KI” from Gahreesen, which was also opened today.


Great Zero Antechamber Released

The DRC allowed explorers once again to access via the Bevins the Antechamber of the Great Zero, the structure on the island of Ae’gura that was the central point of D’ni navigation. One can see a glimpse of what is possibly the first structure laid by King Ri’Neref in D’ni over 10,000 years ago. Though the Great Zero is not currently working, records indicate it set a line which corresponded to true magnetic North, and on which many religious D’ni buildings were situated.

During the Prologue or the first beta version of Uru Live, the DRC sought the help of explorers to calibrate the Great Zero. The attempt failed and the Cavern was closed due to lack of funds.


Bevins Released

The “neighborhoods” otherwise known by the D’ni as Bevins were also opened up to explorers today. The Bevins are small districts far away from Ae’gura, which can be shared by explorers. Explorers can even create a Bevin of their own, and invite others to join them as “neighbors.” Each Bevin comes with a community room, fountain, light garden, imagers, a mysterious “egg room,” a classroom, an Ahyoheek table and a small bookroom with linking books to the Great Zero, restricted access to Gahreesen, the Nexus and one of the rest Ages. Some Bevins also come customized with special features like a D’ni clock, lanterns, and firemarbles.

Yet other neighborhoods remain private, such as Kirel, the Bevin the DRC uses for meetings.


Kadish Tolesa Released

The DRC also released today Kadish Tolesa, the Age written by the eccentric Guild Master of the same name shortly before the Fall of D’ni. The Age is also remarkably one of the places visited on the first Quest. Apparently Yeesha used the Age with its intricate and complex system of doors, elevators, locks and switches that hide untold riches, to showcase the self-centered exploits of the D’ni. It is also said that Kadish himself wrote the Age poorly because the tree growth is overwhelming the stone structures.


Eder Gira Released

A rest Age called Eder Gira was also released today by the DRC. It is unusual for its combination of steam vents, lava pit, mixed in with a waterfall, huge bone-like structures, and distant forests. The fish traps reveal that fishing was a popular distraction of the D’ni visitors. DRC sources also suggest that the Age was created during the “Garden Binge” period, about 1,200 D’ni years before the Fall of D’ni. This Age is also one of the stops on the first Quest of Yeesha.


Gahreesen Released

The DRC also released Gahreesen, an Age owned by the Guild of Maintainers whose purpose was that of security and the approval of new Ages for public use. Indeed the Age lives up to the Maintainers’ reputation. Explorers find two large, rotating buildings, both impregnable fortresses. The first building, called the well, was devoted to development of the KI. A small area was opened to the public to enable them to receive their KI, a communication device which grew popular shortly before the Fall of D’ni. The second building called the Training Center served to train new Maintainers, who would compete with each other using The Wall. Its upper level housed D’ni prisoners, who would link in using specially-timed linking books, because the buildings were rotating as an added security feature. The only way to the Training Center is by jumping, using a ledge midway between it and The Well. Gahreesen is also part of the Quest of Yeesha, to illustrate how the D’ni built fortresses to deliberately exclude others and thus maintain their exclusivity.


Teledahn Released

The DRC also released Teledahn today, a large Age filled with gigantic mushrooms and old, strange machine system of gears and buckets, and a solar antenna which powers the Age. The upper levels contain offices and a control room from which the supervisors worked. Yet the Age is also known for its harboring of prisoners. One also notices strange animal life, including the presence of a gigantic sea creature Douglas Sharper called “Shroomie.”

From Sharper’s research, Teledahn was created for the Lord of the Guild of Caterers, Hinahsh, in the D’ni year 8890. It shortly passed to the Guild, who industrialized the place to harvest the mushroom spores to make a delicacy. Later Manesmo bought the Age and used it for slave trading. Slaves were transported to the Age of Rebek, where games much like the Roman gladiators were held for D’ni sport. Sharper never reported the details of the slave trade to former DRC chief Richard A. Watson, and supported Zandi’s willingness to explore areas without DRC approval. Sharper spent most of his time working in Teledahn before being recalled to work on areas of the City.


Relto Pages from Prologue Released

Today Myst Online: Uru Live publisher Gametap and developer Cyan Worlds, Inc. released a number of Relto Pages from the first beta version of Uru Live, aka the Prologue, as well as some new features, a sign that the latest version comes with some new twists.

Also called Yeesha pages, or treasure pages, they can be added to one’s personal Relto book, and can be turned on or off with a touch. The unique drawings on each of these pages demonstrate the mastery of Yeesha’s writing style, that exceeds that of the D’ni writers of Ages, who used D’ni script and followed complex and still unknown rules and procedures. Unlike the writers of D’ni, Yeesha has demonstrated that it is possible to write new changes to an existing Age without altering or damaging the Age itself.

Veterans familiar with the Prologue also found: The Hut Decoration Page from Eder Kemo that adds décor and a rug to Relto; the Logs and Stones Page near the KI machine in Gahreesen that adds rocks and firewood; the Pillars Page found in the cave at the Cleft; the Rain Page found in the imager of the rainy Cleft; the Rooftop Page from the Baron’s Office in Teledahn which repairs the hut roof; the Waterfall Page from the Gahreesen prison cells; and the Sapling Page from near the Pyramid of Kadish Tolesa.


Bridges and Spiral Page Found

People noticed a new, never-before-seen Bridges and Spiral Relto Page found in the Cleft that adds an engraved plate to a Relto island, and bridges that connect to the main island. The plate depicts a sun-like engraving, with twelve rays.

Butterfly Page Found

Another new Butterfly Page found in the alternate Vault of Kadish Tolesa adds butterflies to Relto.

Bahro Stones from Prologue Found

Players who remembered the first beta version of Uru Live, aka the Prologue, also found the familiar Bahro Stones that, unlike Relto Books, do not link with you.

Attached to each stone is a cloth which probably is the same material as the Journey Cloths of Yeesha’s first Quest. It is widely believed that Yeesha and the Bahro put these stones there to provide explorers access to areas not yet approved by the DRC. Bahro Stones are similar to Relto Book in that unlike regular D’ni linking books, they enable explorers to link to moving targets in Ages, such as the Training Center in Gahreesen. Attempts to remove Bahro Stones were unsuccessful, as they are known to mysteriously re-appear in the same location.

The Bahro Stones from the Prologue found so far include:

  • The Ae’gura Palace Balcony Link discovered in Kadish Tolesa by one of the telescopes;
  • The Ae’gura Palace Rooftop Link from the Training Center in Gahreesen;
  • The Ae’gura Tokotah Rooftop Link from Eder Gira;
  • The Bevin High Balcony Link from the Gahreesen locker room;
  • The Bevin Classroom Rooftop Link from Eder Kemo;
  • The Gahreesen Prison Cell Link located in Teledahn; and
  • he Teledahn Mushroom Stump Link found in the Baron’s Office in D’ni


Clothing Items from Prologue Found

Veterans of the first beta version of Uru Live, aka the Prologue, also found some familiar Clothing Items that are rewards for progress in various Ages and Quests. The list at this time includes:

  • An official DRC Hardhat from the Tokotah Rooftop;
  • Old D’ni goggles from the Cleft which some say may have belonged to Atrus;
  • An unusual D’ni Mask from the alternate Vault of Kadish;
  • The Shirt of Yeesha found in the rainy Cleft after completion of the first Quest; and
  • The Aloha Shirt of Jeff Zandi from his Airstream in the rainy Cleft

Baron’s Office in D’ni Released

Also released today was a link to a small office on Ae’gura which served the owners of Teledahn, one of whom as a slave-trader named Manesmo. During the Prologue, Douglas Sharper used the room to keep documents and his famous journal, especially since relations with the DRC were tense at the time. So the room remains a sought-after place for news, especially since Sharper may still be updating his journal from time to time, which may yield further clues on other hidden areas, or on his latest exploits.


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