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In Cavern: February 2007
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FEBRUARY 28, 2007

New Content Found, Bevin Clocks Start 

Explorers also found another Bahro Stone on the outside perimeter of the Library which took them to the top of the Pyramid in Kadish Tolesa. The purpose for this link remains unknown.

And in other areas, reports circulated that the D’ni clocks located in some Bevins started working today, the same day the barricade to the Museum Door that was there since Feb. 19, 2007 was finally removed. Once inside, explorers also noted the Negilahn Creature Map. Could all this news be more than simply coincidence? Is Negilahn the next Age to be released?

 FEBRUARY 20, 2007

Winter Starts in Eder Delin

An unexpected climate change occurred in neighborhood instances of Eder Delin today. Explorers took KI shots of the light layer of snow which covered the age. This weather pattern confirms recent DRC indications of fluctuations in the climate within the Age.

 FEBRUARY 15, 2007

Eder Tsogal Age Released

Another rest age called Eder Tsogahl was released today, much to the delight of veteran explorers who managed to solve the first Bahro Door puzzle in Eder Delin, and were clamoring for the next one. Yet speculation and mixed feelings continue as to the significance of the “prize” they attained. Is it worth all the trouble to open the door? And what is that mysterious thing being constructed in Relto? These are a few of the questions explorers continue to ask as they participate in the restoration of D'ni.

 FEBRUARY 9, 2007

DRC Website Relaunched

After several years of silence, the DRC Forums were put back online by DRC member Michael Engberg. He also announced that DRC member and chief fundraiser Cate Alexander approved hiring a few new Restoration Engineers or ResEngs to serve as full-time forum moderators. These new hires would take place within the next week.


FEBRUARY 1, 2007

New Sparklie Found in Kadish Tolesa

Explorers solving other puzzles also discovered another “sparklie” this time in the pillar room at Kadish Tolesa. Others noted that the first sparklie disappeared from Gahreesen. Explorers witnessed the same results as last month: a new lamp was added in Relto. Could the island and these lamps be a calendar of some sort? A future portal? Speculation continues.

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