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In Cavern: March 2007
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MARCH 30, 2007

Cavern Choir Auditions Held

Auditions for the Cavern Choir start today and end tomorrow. The Cavern Choir is building a reputation for acapella choral musical pieces that range from the medieval to the modern periods. Even those without a choir background are encouraged to audition. “We hold live concerts at various times throughout the year in the D'ni cavern in celebration of its people and its history, past and present,” says Domahreh, its director. Those interested may visit the Cavern Choir website for more information.

Eighty-five people were present at one of the two concerts held on March 4, 2007 in A Beginner’s Bevin.


MARCH 29, 2007

Pod Age Map Found in Ae’gura Museum

After the recent discovery of Dereno in the Museum, explorers today found another interactive item. A map was made available which raised even more questions than answers. So some knowledge of the D'ni language is required. What do the red lines represent? If all the so-called Pod Ages are part of a larger age, will explorers soon get to go outside? How will one travel from island to island? Why is each pod numbered? What do those figures on the ocean signify? The map also signals that more pods are to come.


MARCH 27, 2007

First Feast of the Maker, 9662 DE

First Feast of the Maker started approximately 4:21 am today, Cavern time. It is a D’ni celebration which is said to pre-date their arrival on Earth. While much is not known about this holiday, in the D’ni calendar it falls on Leenovoo 10, which is the tenth yahr of the tenth vailee, or month, 9662 years after the D’ni migrated to live in the Cavern. One D’ni day or yahr is roughly equivalent to over thirty hours.

MARCH 23, 2007

New Entry in Sharper's Journal 

Sharper wrote another entry in his journal, showing a bit of admiration for Cate and her decision to keep Negilahn open, and his determination to solve the animal disappearance problem with Rils and Nick.

MARCH 22, 2007

New Entry in Sharper's Journal

Sharper jots a note about the dead reepah found ripped to shreds in Negilahn yesterday, and about sending his first report to Cate on the incident. What could have done such a thing

MARCH 21, 2007

New Ae’gura Link Found in Bevins

A Bahro Stone reappeared today in all of the Bevin book rooms. It was reported to have first appeared on March 1, 2007, but then disappeared the next day and remained missing until today. What is unique about this stone is that it takes explorers to private instances of the Great Stairs in the City. Instancing is yet an unknown part of D’ni linking technology. What is known at this point is that there are private instances (such as one’s personal Relto), neighborhood instances (like the Bevin each player is assigned to, and which is shared with a small number of other players) and the global instances, which are accessible to all, like the City. However, this Bahro Stone gives players access to a private instance of the City.


Mac Users Welcomed to Uru Live

Yesterday Gametap announced the release of Myst Online: Uru Live for the Macintosh platform, which uses technology from TransGaming Inc., a leading developer of software portability products for the gaming industry. TransGaming, Inc.’s Cider portability engine enables PC games to run on the Macintosh Intel OS. Future content and software upgrades will be provided simultaneously and thus unite users from both PC and Mac platforms in the same gaming experience. Rand Miller, CEO of Cyan Worlds, Inc., and the creator of the Myst series, stated, “We’re excited that as the Myst universe continues to expand online, so does the accessibility to our unique world.”


MARCH 15, 2007

Dereno Age Released

A second Pod Age appeared in the Museum today. Dereno has a pod similar to that of Negilahn’s only this time one observes an icy body of water teeming with life. There is the Kamkenta which resembles a stingray. Then there are the small grey “icefish,” the red-and-black “angelfish,” the more chunky and armored “rockfish,” curious globe sponges which emit streams of bubbles, and a unique species of coral that is able to survive the frigid temperatures. On the surface there are also large, spiny “iceberg trees” which appear to have long branches. Perhaps outside access will be permitted in the future to allow for closer study of such life forms.


MARCH 12, 2007

New Entry in Sharper's Journal

Sharper records that D’ni translator Nick White finally found the right one to accompany them to Negilahn to solve the animal disappearance problem. Yet he has misgivings about taking them along, due to their inexperience in survival skills training.

MARCH 9, 2007

New Entry in Sharper's Journal

Sharper wrote another entry in his journal today. The DRC asked him to hunt down whatever creature is allegedly killing off the animal population in Negilahn. He also mentions Nick’s distraction with women and his search for the one who is interested in joining the expedition — apparently Rils of the D’ni Zoological Society.

Sapling Page Found Again

The Tree Page veteran explorers recognized in the Prologue or first version of Uru Live appeared today for the first time at its familiar spot in Kadish Tolesa. The discovery fueled speculation as to its rate of growth, which as yet remains unknown.

MARCH 7, 2007

St. Patrick’s Day Hat Found

A large green hat appeared in Relto closets today to commemorate St. Patrick’s Day coming March 17, 2007. Remember to wear green!

Imager Page Found Again

The Imager Relto Page that was familiar to players of the original version of Uru Live aka the Prologue finally appeared today in its familiar location in the Great Zero. Explorers at last have a place to upload their own KI shots to showcase their own feats to Relto visitors.

New Entry in Sharper’s Journal

Sharper is back from the surface, according to the latest entry in his journal today after a three-year hiatus. 

MARCH 4, 2007

Cavern Choir Debuts

Cavern Choir

Today the first Cavern Choir Concert was held at A Beginner’s Bevin. Eighty-five gathered to hear the fifteen-minute acapella event, which featured our very own Dadguy. Other Greeters assisted with crowd control. The crowds encouraged the group to hold a second event, which drew fifty people.


MARCH 1, 2007

Sparklie Found in Eder Gira

The third sparklie appeared today in Eder Gira, adding another lamp to their Relto. Others also noted that the February sparklie also disappeared today. Sounds like a pattern where these sparklies are associated with different months of the year.

Negilahn Age Released


A new age appeared in the Museum today. Negilahn is referred to as a Pod Age, a place where D’ni used to summon and observe wildlife from a safe place that protected them from the risks associated with wild animals. Explorers noted however a large crack near the top of the observation pod, yet that did not stop the DRC from releasing the Age to explorers.

Negilahn is a jungle age which harbors unique fauna and flora. One immediately sees massive stilt trees which resemble mangroves here on Earth. There is also a unique “snake plant” which is tall and slender.

It also showcases a host of different animal life as well. The Kiri resemple fireflies and are food for Urwins, large, flightless birds with toucan-like bills filled with whale-like baleen plates. Then there are Reepahs, large gorilla-like animals with tails like scorpions. Rumors also circulate of creatures known as Tarpin Shals, which drop down on prey from the trees. Then there are also Panuhdoys, two-tailed monkey-like creatures who love to jump between the stilt trees.


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