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In Cavern: May 2007
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  MAY 31, 2007

Delin Books Reappear

Reports circulated on the mysterious re-appearance of Eder Delin linking books in nine Bevins today, since their disappearance started on May 19. Some like the Guild of Greeter’s Bevin reported having them for the first time. Before the disappearance, Delin books were accessible in fifteen Bevins.

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Episode 6 Update on MO:UL Site

Today a new introduction to Episode 6: A New Light was updated on the “Story So Far” and “Coming Soon” pages on the official Myst Online: Uru Live website. Browsers now get a glimpse of intriguing shots of Er’cana and the Watcher’s Sanctuary. The storyline also features a new wrinkle, that of DRC fundraiser Cate Alexander’s leadership being called into question due to her “constant drive for progress” possibly “blinding her to the safety concerns” raised by the DRC.

Episode 6: A New Light is scheduled to begin on June 23, 2007.

MAY 30, 2007

Rand Miller Interviewed by Inside Mac Games

Inside Mac Games (IMG) chatted briefly with Cyan Worlds CEO Rand Miller on the recent release of Myst Online: Uru Live, who attributed the game’s success to “being at the right place at the right time,” and remarked at how some aspects of adventure game genres are now being “incorporated” into the more mainstream first-person shooter types of games. At one point Miller clarified for the IMG audience that the reason the beta version of Uru Live failed in 2004 was not because of a lack of subscribers, but because “we never actually started it.”

On the lighter side, Miller when asked described himself as 6’2”, 210 pounds, Hatch chilies, Macs, Mars Rovers and taking pictures while citing an aversion to liver, humidity and BMWs. Is he a Mac enthusiast? At home he uses a 128k Mac, uses a G5 Tower, G4 Tower, an iMac and an iBook for a music client, while at work he uses a G4 Powerbook.


MAY 29, 2007

Rand Miller Interviewed by Just Adventure

In an interview by Just Adventure magazine today, Rand Miller, CEO of Cyan Worlds, Inc., fielded questions about how his company continues to stay alive and solvent in a time when the adventure genre of massive-multiplayer online games (MMOGs) still remains, to use the familiar Uru term, unexplored territory. “Adventure game MMOs just aren't done. So we're the guys who are kind of really trying some new stuff."

When asked about how the latest release called “Scars” fared, his response was that of excitement, over finally seeing something he and the team at Cyan envisioned six years ago. “This week is when we turned the corner.” Players can expect to see more of such episodic content in future releases.

As to how the business is doing, “At this point anything that keeps people employed here is a good day at Cyan,” he replied. Resources for Cyan remain a challenge, which is why the fabled Book of Marrim and the Book of Yeesha have not yet been released, and why no one is yet selling DRC T-shirts and Bahro plushies. “It’s purely a resource issue. We just do not have the time or expertise to do it right.” He also added, “We would love to put lots of expensive graphics and music in there as well. But we’re having to work very efficiently and, and think smart about what we’re doing.” And as for increasing the population of the City and Bevins, Miller suspected it may have something to do with their game engine, yet was confident that “we may be closing in on exactly what that issue is.” And as for a movie, he replied, “I think that's a long shot.”


MAY 25, 2007

Soccer Ball Found

A simple run south from the remotest cave in a sandy Age and one should find it. You’ve heard of beach volleyball. Now try a soccer match on sandy turf. 

MAY 24, 2007

Gallery Theme Playable in Relto

A new Cannen was placed in the Ae’gura Gallery that now adds the “Gallery Theme” by composer Tim Larkin to one’s Relto player. So while relaxing in Relto, play with the Cannen and see what happens.

The “Gallery Theme” was awarded Best Original Vocal Composition (Choral) for 2003 at the second annual Game Network Audio Guild (G.A.N.G.) awards on March 25, 2004 at the 2004 Game Developer’s Conference.


Cate Alexander: Minkata Release Tonight

Minkata Books

DRC leader Cate Alexander announced in front of the Library that Minkata, which means “heavily scarred,” in D’ni will be released tonight. “This week has been full of tragedy. Our wounds are deep, and our scars will never completely heal,” she began. She admitted that the restoration may fail if one’s own sorrows and fears are not overcome. Yet she says the opening of Minkata is a sign that the DRC is moving forward. “May the scars of Minkata be a constant memorial of all we have lost.”


Photo provided by Ayli 



Bevin Appearances, Part 1: Greydragon, Ryan Miller in Safety First Bevin

Ryan “Greydragon” Warzecha, Community Manager for Cyan Worlds, Inc. and Ryan Miller, brother of the creator of the Myst Series, chatted briefly with explorers in the Safety First Bevin, who were trying to get into A Beginner’s Bevin for tonight’s “Meet n’ Greet” session. “I guess I am in here for more personal Greydragon questions. not Cyan questions…though some work questions are fine,” he laughed.

The Bevin’s OOC mood was very light, even celebratory, contrasted with the recent IC mood of the DRC and in-game explorers who even earlier today mourned the loss of Wheely Engberg, and received reports of a Bahro civil war and that a Bahro was the Negilahn predator, and the disappearance of DRC member Michael Engberg.


Bevin Appearances, Part 2: Rand Miller in Various Bevins

Rand Miller visiting Bevins

From about 6:00pm till about 8:00pm Cavern time, Rand Miller, CEO of cyan Worlds, Inc. and creator of the Myst Series visited and chatted briefly with explorers in the DRC5156 Bevin and the Gameboomer’s Bevin before heading to the planned “Meet n’ Greet” at the Beginner’s Bevin. He thanked everyone for their support and took a few questions, from a new Uru CD to asking Jeff Zandi to stop by the Cavern.

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Photo provided by Inzilbeth




Bevin Appearances, Part 3: Rand Miller in A Beginner’s Bevin

Tonight over 180 explorers filled A Beginner’s Bevin to get a virtual glimpse of Rand Miller, CEO of Cyan Worlds, Inc. and creator of the Myst Series, as ResEngs were on hand to help people stuck at the link-in point. Overall, nearly 500 were in the City and various Bevins last night, while dozens more experienced concurrency issues and the so-called “Black Screen Age” before crashing to their desktops. During his brief twenty-minute appearance, Mr. Miller thanked over 180 people gathered in the Bevin for their support, asked them not to get lost in Minkata, and stated the next episode will be “lighter.” “There's been some tragic events... but let's move on and celebrate the future!” He ended the occasion with “Let's dance and crash this thing!!!!!”


New Grass Page Available

Do you believe in “greening” your Relto? Look for the Grass Page in — where else, but a grassy environment! 

“Pink” Hiking Boots Found on Minkata

Its true color lies in the eye of the beholder, but these boots are hardy for trekking across the hot, gusty Minkata sands. Use your nifty KI light to find it in a place where you can put them on without getting sand on your feet.

MAY 23, 2007

Cyan Servers Updating

In yet another sign of the impending release of the never-before-seen Age of Minkata scheduled for tomorrow, Ryan “Greydragon” Warzecha of Cyan Worlds, Inc. announced today that the servers are being updated, thus restricting game access until 11:00am Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) tomorrow. PDT is also known as Greenwich Mean Time — 7 hours or GMT-7. Explorers also downloaded a 7.8 MB External Release 5.649.


Cate Alexander Reopens Damaged Kahlo Area

In the midst of today’s mourning of two women who reportedly died in the City recently, today DRC chief fundraiser Cate Alexander announced the removal of barriers to the Takotah building in the Kahlo Pub area, as structural review showed “there is no clear danger to explorers.” Yet she cautioned that being in the Cavern will be “at your own risk,” and the DRC remains “concerned” based on what was found yesterday. This announcement applies to only the global instance of Ae’gura as private instances remained unaffected by recent tremors. She also advised everyone to be mindful of Michael Engberg who is mourning the loss of his daughter. “Again, we are all mourning with Michael and our hearts are with him.”


DRC Member Engberg, Explorers Mourn Tragedy

Mourning in the Cavern

Many explorers joined with DRC member Michael Engberg in mourning and for moments of silence today, after wreaths and flower bouquets were placed at the site where his late daughter Willow “Wheely” Engberg and her friend Rose “Rosette” Taylor perished after a rock collapse inside the stone structure known as the Tokotah building, near the Kahlo Pub area.

Wheely maintained contact with rescuers via her KI late last night until she fell silent after one last encounter with the Bahro. Details on the women’s exact cause of death were not revealed.


Photo provided by Ayli

Sharper Returns, Reports Predator, Bahro War

Bahro predators? A civil war amongst the Bahro? Tonight, veteran hunter Douglas Sharper returned and recounted his experience albeit with some trepidation at the D’ni Zoological Society’s Bevin. “I should not be alive right now,” he began. He says he watched one Bahro strike the Urwin swiftly and cut off its head. He notified Nick White, then he followed the Bahro until he was ambushed by “at least thirty, maybe dozens” who were watching him the whole time. Then loud piercing screams were heard, followed by the appearance of Bahro everywhere, “in the skies, on the ground, in the trees… I now know it was a war.” They vanished and appeared as they slashed one another. Two Bahro saved him and he was able to link to Relto. Could there be a direct connection between the Negilahn Bahro predator and Wheely Engberg’s death? “I don't know. I am happy to be alive,” a stunned Sharper concluded.


Michael Engberg Missing

Tonight as DRC member Michael Engberg continue to mourn the loss of his daughter yesterday, explorers who maintained their distance out of respect for his privacy heard him utter one word, “Watson.” He then linked to the Eder Tomahn known as Descent from the Tokotah Alley. Others reported seeing him in various Ages, looking distraught and withdrawn, muttering broken phrases. Is Mr. Engberg going to follow the path of Dr. Richard A. Watson, the former DRC leader who remains missing and whose journal still lies in Descent? The DRC released a KI main shortly afterwards asking everyone to report his whereabouts if they have any information.


MAY 22, 2007

Nick White Visits Uru Obsession Bevin, Sharper Update

Nick White at the Uru Obsession’s Bevin circulated reports of a mysterious Bahro symbol inscribed on the wall of the second floor of the collapsed Kahlo Pub building, around the same time as Dr. Marie Sutherland made her announcement on the progress of the rescue effort this morning. Citing his source as the DRC “rumor mill,” White claims that this symbol, described as “a [vertical] line — circle on the top and a circle on the bottom on the other side,” was similar to what he found etched on a tree in Negilahn. Curiously, the symbol also would not show up in his pictures. White also hinted at a possible connection between the animal death in Negilahn and Wheely’s present encounter with the Bahro. “Have you wondered why the predator has never been seen around the Pods? I think the symbol may have something to do with it,” he speculated. White was also puzzled at why Wheely was feeling good. And as for Sharper, he is still in Negilahn, with nothing new to report.


Wheely Part 1: Wheely Speaks, Then Goes Missing, Laxman Indicates KI Anomalies

Has Willow “Wheely” Engberg now been healed by the Bahro? New developments occurred this morning as the voice of Wheely Engberg, trapped with a friend during a rock collapse on the first floor of the Kahlo Pub building two days ago, crackled on her KI while Dr. Sutherland was making an announcement that rescue teams have reached the second floor after working through damage on the third floor. She also hoped they would get to where she was “within the next 6 – 12 hours.” As Sutherland spoke, Wheely’s voice came through, sounding stronger than the night before. When her father, Michael Engberg asked what happened, she said she was “not even thirsty,” the eyes were still watching her, that she can hear the rescuers above her, expressed regrets over Rose’s death, and that the tingling feeling in her leg is gone.

As she urged them to hurry, she then said that the eyes were gone. Explorers then heard a linking sound, after which explorers noticed that Wheely was suddently in Kadish. Then Gahreesen. Then Relto. Laxman expressed that these anomalies were strange because her KI coordinates show her as still trapped under the building. After a futile attempt to re-establish contact, Mr. Engberg linked to the other Ages that were indicated on his daughter’s KI. Still no word on whether his search was successful.


Wheely Part 2: Rescue Teams "Several Days" from Trapped Women

Around 12:56 pm Cavern time this afternoon, an hour after the DRC first heard from trapped explorer Willow “Wheely” Engberg, DRC member Marie Sutherland briefly announced that recovery teams have worked all night to rescue the two women still trapped in the collapsed rubble, and that it may take at least several days to reach them. While the rescue remains top priority, recovery teams also noticed “the damage to the building is extensive, but almost completely limited to ceilings and floors.” The structural analysis of the building will be reviewed. She also expressed confidence in the DRC and ResEngs’ ability to handle collapses and rescues of this sort. She also reported that Wheely was found and that her father is anxious to get to her. Referring to Wheely’s earlier conversation with the DRC via her KI, “it seems that she sustained only minor injuries,” yet she reports her friend may not have made it. When asked what explorers can do to help, Sutherland replied, “For now, your prayers are the best help you can give.”


Wheely Part 3: Wheely, Rose Confirmed Dead

Late tonight, rescue teams lowered ropes into the first floor of the Kahlo Pub building and confirmed that both Willow “Wheely” Engberg and Rosette “Rose” Taylor were not alive. Yet Wheely was in communication with her father, DRC member Michael Engberg until the final moments. She made vague references to a Bahro which kept saying something that sounded like “Noloben” louder and louder, and which she said crowded around her. Sounds were heard, and then — silence. Cate Alexander immediately ordered medics on-scene and that all DRC communication be put on a private channel.

Shortly afterwards, Dr. Sutherland announced that rescue teams have regrouped, entered the room where they were trapped, and confirmed both have died. The Bahro was also nowhere to be found. Sutherland described the scene as “horrific” and that “it is certain that Wheely was not killed by the collapse.”


Sun and Moon Page Found

Veteran explorers today found another Relto Page which adds a Sun and Moon to their private Age, another reappearance of an item that was familiar to all who were part of the Prologue, the first beta version of Myst Online: Uru Live.

Pith Helmet Found

Protect yourself from the sun! Explorers today found another clothing article, a Pith Helmet which was also found in the Prologue, and comes in handy if the desert environment of Minkata is anything to go by! It is made of cork or a similar plant and covered with cloth. It is also used in tropical environments.


Lush Vegetation Page Found

Explorers also found a new Relto Page that adds lush green vegetation to their private Age, another reappearance from the old Uru expansion pack called The Path of the Shell (TPOTS). The location? Try a lush jungle environment!


MAY 21, 2007

Myst Online: Uru Live is featured in PC Gamer (July 2007)

PC Gamer picReaders of the May 2007 edition of PC Gamer Magazine glimpsed a shot of the Guild of Greeters Bevin, as a representation of what to expect when playing Myst Online: Uru Live. Writer Chuck Osborn highlighted some of the community features of the game — from mini-games, socializing, town hall meetings, orientations to comedy nights. “The game is unlike any MMO you’ve ever played.” Yet, he concludes the game is a “mostly solitary experience” which allows players to travel worlds and solve puzzles on their own.


Photo by Chuck Osborn/PC Gamer 

Trapped! Part 1: Wheely Alive this Morning, Says Friend Died from Collapse

The main City instance was reopened to explorers today, although the entire Kahlo Pub area was cordoned as off-limits.

Around 11:30 am Cavern time DRC Victor Laxman reported to Cate Alexander and the other DRC members present that the KI of Willow “Wheely” Engberg, trapped during a rock collapse last night in the Kahlo Pub building, was successfully activated remotely. Mr. Michael Engberg and the other DRC members called out to her for about twenty minutes.

Then around 11:56 am Cavern time, Wheely responds. Explorers witnessed a passionate exchange between DRC member Michael Engberg and Wheely via their KIs as she recounted the night’s events. Wheely reported that Rose was cold, and expressed remorse, even blaming herself for her friend’s death. She also apologized for wanting to explore the crack inside the Kahlo Pub. They saw the “rough carvings” on the walls that “glowed” when touched. “Rose touched a carving and we heard a loud scream.” She says a Bahro then jumped towards them, and touched their books while screaming, removing the linking picture, rendering the books inoperable, and that the cave-in occurred when the Bahro screamed. Cate Alexander and explorers present tried desperately to try to keep her awake out of concern that her dehydrated state may cause her to lose consciousness.


Trapped! Part 2: Rescue Teams Still Working to Reach Trapped Women

Marie Sutherland briefing explorersAround 12:56pm Cavern time this afternoon, an hour after the DRC first heard from trapped explorer Willow “Wheely” Engberg, DRC member Marie Sutherland briefly announced that recovery teams have worked all night to rescue the two women still trapped in the collapsed rubble, and that it may take at least several days to reach them. While the rescue remains top priority, recovery teams also noticed “the damage to the building is extensive, but almost completely limited to ceilings and floors.” The structural analysis of the building will be reviewed. She also expressed confidence in the DRC and ResEngs’ ability to handle collapses and rescues of this sort. She also reported that Wheely was found and that her father is anxious to get to her. Referring to Wheely’s earlier conversation with the DRC via her KI, “it seems that she sustained only minor injuries,” yet she reports her friend may not have made it. When asked what explorers can do to help, Sutherland replied, “For now, your prayers are the best help you can give.”


Photo provided by Ayli

Trapped! Part 3: Wheely Heard from Again, Scared of Blue Eyes

Around 5:00pm Cavern time today, trapped explorer Wheely Engberg spoke again with her father, DRC member Michael Engberg, as rescue efforts continued. It also seems Bahro were present, as she reported seeing a pair of “blue eyes” blinking and staring at her, that it scratched, and at one point moved towards her. She also remarked that she was thirsty.

Around 7:00pm Cavern time, she talked to her dad again, complaining of wanting to throw up, that her head hurt, and that her feet were numb. To alleviate her thirst, Mr. Engberg and explorers suggested she draw the symbol for rain. She did, then told everyone that the Bahro took her drawing away. A few minutes later, she decided to lie down due to headache pain and exhaustion, leaving Mr. Engberg panicked and distraught as he and others desperately urged her to keep talking. The other DRC members also had to get Mr. Engberg to calm down. Then around 11:30 pm Cavern time, the signal on her KI was lost.


Trapped! Part 4: Vigil Held for Trapped Explorers

Explorers flocked to the City, which remained completely full throughout the evening as many held a vigil for the trapped explorers Willow “Wheely” Engberg and Rose “Rosette” Taylor, presumed dead. Meanwhile, all DRC representatives including Cate Alexander were present, trying to re-establish contact with Wheely via her KI while rescue teams started working from the roof down, and are presently on the third floor of the building. The DRC also sent out a KI mail to all explorers, informing them of the rescue effort so far, and that work is expected to continue well into tomorrow evening.


MAY 20, 2007

Tremors, City Closed, Wheely Engberg Missing

Wheely before disappearingThe DRC sent out a new KI-mail message tonight about “a crack” discovered in the Kahlo Pub area yesterday, and added that a collapse occurred in the same area around 8:40pm Cavern time tonight, prompting them to close the City. “We have not yet determined the exact cause of the collapse, or the severity of the damage, so we are closing down the main City to explorers until we have more information.” The DRC also advised explorers accessing other parts of the City to “please be extra cautious” because what happened at the Pub area may also happen elsewhere.

In other news tonight, the DRC confirmed that Willow “Wheely” Engberg, daughter of DRC member Michael Engberg and her friend Rosette are missing. Both their Kis were off when they disappeared, so DRC member Victor Laxman is working to turn them on remotely. If anyone has any information on their whereabouts, please contact the DRC or any Restoration Engineer or “ResEng.”

Other explorers reported seeing a Bahro on the roof of the Library. Then three large cracking sounds were heard, several minutes apart, then at 8:40pm Cavern time a low rumble was heard in the area of the Kahlo Pub. Around this time the Bahro on the roof presumably emitted a loud scream. The DRC members present at the time shortly told all explorers to evacuate the City. So Ae’gura remains closed at this time.


Photo provided by Dadguy

Nick White Off AM to Hunt with Sharper

Nick White in GoG HoodNick White appeared in the Guild of Greeter’s Bevin this morning before heading off to Negilahn to hunt down the animal predator with Douglas Sharper. He stated that their stay will take “a few days,” and that the Urwin that Sharper captured and is apparently using as bait to lure the predator into the open has been “acting weird,” a sign that their strategy is working. He also appeared oblivious about last night’s tremors in the Cavern, and that the crack he saw in the Kahlo Pub area was new. He also confessed he came by for a “go get ?’em” encouragement. His explorer friends obliged, and he linked away.


Photo provided by J’iim

Nick White Returns from Negilahn

Ex-DRC member Nick White returned late tonight to the D’ni Network’s Bevin from the Negilahn hunting expedition, leaving Douglas Sharper all alone to track the mysterious predator. It was Sharper who told him to return to the City after both were notified by the DRC regarding today’s tremors and the disappearance of Willow “Wheely” Engberg and her friend Rosette. He described Wheely as much like her mother, who loved to climb, and hoped that Engberg would not be faced with a second family loss, the first of which occurred when Wheely was a little kid. He also spoke of a “ResEng rumor mill” which claimed that Laxman has “picked up a coordinate” while remotely working to turn on the Kis of the missing women, and that it was located “in the rubble,” and “behind the wall,” a direct reference to the collapsed area of the Kahlo Pub. Nick said he would try to confirm these rumors.


Laxman Announces New KI Upgrade

DRC member Victor Laxman made a brief announcement in the Guild of Greeter’s Bevin today that one of the KI upgrade machines has been fixed. He encouraged them to find this machine that “enables the KI to emit light.” The light presently lasts “only a few seconds” yet he remains hopeful that it can be improved later. “We’ve decided to release it now, even though it’s a bit early,” Laxman added. As to the location, he asked explorers how specific a hint he should give. After holding them in suspense for a few minutes, he said “its one of the KI devices that was previously not functioning.” Yet he seemed unaware that Willow “Wheely” Engberg was missing.


DRC Members Lock Library

DRC member Michael Engberg visited the City today and informed explorers that the Library doors are locked due to “suspected damage” inside as well as in other parts of the City. When asked if the private City instances were inspected, Engberg said they were not, because “there is an endless number.” So it seems that recent tremors affected only the global instance of the City. Engberg says he will continue to assess the damage, but left explorers with this stern warning: “Please do stay out of the building. Please.”

 MAY 19, 2007

“Scars” Opening Day reaction

Was enough content released today, the opening day of Episode 5: Scars? Ask most anyone in the Cavern. The mood? Disappointment and frustration, partly because the much-discussed Age known as Minkata was not released today. So goes the initial reaction of some to a KI-mail message from Victor Laxman who today stated that Minkata will be released “next Thursday” (May 24, 2007), the same day that Rand Miller, CEO of Cyan Worlds, Inc. is scheduled to make a Cavern appearance.

Yet many other explorers took Laxman’s KI-mail message in stride. Ae’gura remained full for most of the day, and many more congregated in various Bevins. Explorers reminded one another that it was not Cyan’s intent to activate all new content for an entire month within one day. Rather new content will be released throughout a one week period each month. Ryan “Greydragon” Warzecha of Cyan Worlds, Inc., made this statement last week: “By having a set schedule of updates, players can be ready when major events will be happening in the cavern. That means that the release of all of an episode's content and story (e.g. new Ages, pages, clothing, character interaction, story revelations, artifacts and intrigue) will be packed within a single week each month, rather than spreading out the releases over the entire month.”


Cannen Page Found in Descent

Today the Cannen or Gehn’s musical recording device appeared in the Eder Tomahn or “house of rest.” Veteran players also noted that the Cannen was also available in the Prologue, or the first Beta version of Uru Live. The Cannen was made by Gehn, the father of Atrus, as a way to mimic the Amad technology and to record his own performances with the Maral-obe, a D’ni woodwind instrument similar to the oboe. It is said he played in order to better concentrate while attempting to write new Ages. He kept one in his home and office in Age 233. Explorers also hope to use it to play their favorite music files.

Source 1
Source 2

Ex-ResEng Nick White in Various Bevins, City

Later today, explorers saw ex-DRC member Nick White for the first time since he was fired. In the Great Tree Bevin, he chatted with many who were there, and at one point was slapped by Sydney who says he “stepped on my heart.” In Jazz’s Bevin, he said he was going hunting early in the morning with Douglas Sharper to find the predator in Negilahn. This time Rils won’t accompany them. When asked about Minkata, he said, “You’ll love it” and described it as “safe as Tetsonot.” Later still in the Kahlo Pub, he continued to converse with others about his expedition with Sharper. At one point he also hinted that the Wall may be due for release “in the next few months.” He also described Minkata as “large,” a “desert,” where one can “get lost,” a place where people were trained. He also made a vague reference to a big, “smart creature” that lived there, but who died long before the DRC arrived.


Victor Laxman in A Beginner’s Bevin

DRC member Victor Laxman visited A Beginner’s Bevin today to chat with explorers and “to say a couple things.” First, “good progress” is being made on the calibration of the Great Zero. When asked why so many marker missions had to be done, Laxman replied that the more missions that are done provides more data towards accurate calibration of the Great Zero. Secondly, he told everyone to watch their Kis for more information regarding Minkata. Third, he also confirmed that the DRC will limit their contact with explorers to "a scheduled week" each month. And fourthly, a ResEng was “slightly injured" while working on the Wall, which upon release “will work better than ever.”

He also fielded other questions. He reported having no further knowledge of the Bahro than any other explorer, yet admitted that they have been more “visible and more unpredictable” of late. He said he has a few questions for Yeesha too. And while he said he liked Nick, he refrained from what he called the “company politics” regarding his release from the DRC, deferring such corporate matters to Cate.


Engberg Warns About New Cracks in the Kahlo Pub

Michael Engberg in the CityDRC member Michael Engberg appeared twice in the City tonight, warning explorers to stay away from the Kahlo Pub, because new cracks in the stone structure were noticed. “If anyone happens to notice new cracks — hard to do in an area like this — I would love to know.” He also asked explorers to report to any of the Restoration Engineers, or “ResEngs” as they are commonly known in he Cavern. Engberg appeared again later and told everyone to “spread the word” to stay away from “the bar area, the alley here, the entire building,” even though he himself did not believe significant damage existed. He also stated a KI message was going to be sent regarding the warning. And he also referred to the Bahro as “friends” when asked about a report of a loud Bahro scream in the Pub area.


Photograph by Inzilbeth 

 MAY 18, 2007

Anticipation for “Scars”

Anticipation continues to build for the imminent release of the latest online “episode” of Myst Online: Uru Live entitled “Scars.” Players logging in yesterday downloaded External Release 5.648 and saw a message saying, “Welcome to Episode 5: Scars.” Ryan “Greydragon” Warzecha, of Cyan Worlds, Inc. also urged everyone to login and download the new update this Saturday, May 19, 2007. Cyan also updated its servers on May 17, and updated its Support Ticket System on May 14, signs that the release is likely on schedule.


Cyan Website has a New Look

Cyan Worlds, Inc. featured a new look on their website today to emphasize the latest news developments in Myst Online: Uru Live.

May 4, 2007

Cyan News Announcement

Cyan Worlds, Inc. today released an official statement to fans of Myst Online: Uru Live through the online forum. According to Ryan “GreyDragon” Warzecha, Uru Live Community Manager for Cyan Worlds, Inc., Myst Online: Uru Live shall move towards monthly releases of “regularly scheduled episodic content” which includes new Ages, pages, clothing items, interaction with popular characters, artifacts and intrigue. This new content is to be released within a one week period each month, instead of lots of small releases scheduled throughout the entire month. The first monthly episode entitled “Scars” is scheduled for release on Saturday, May 19, 2007. The highlights include:

  • The inability of the reportedly cautious D’ni Restoration Council (DRC) to save the life of someone very close
  • A never-before-seen new Age with a vast landscape to explore by yourself or with friends
  • The emergence of a pending conflict which will forever change the course of the restoration

In between episode releases, greydragon encourages explorers to continue to explore at their own pace, “create your own events, explore with your friends, discuss and dissect everything that took place,” and to prepare themselves for the next month’s release.

For a full Announcement, go here

Greydragon visits Canadian’s Bevin — Q&A on Announcement

Following today’s official announcement that Myst Online: Uru Live shall move towards monthly releases of “regularly scheduled episodic content,” Ryan “GreyDragon” Warzecha, Uru Live Community Manager for Cyan Worlds, Inc. visited the Canadian’s Bevin to take questions, and where he received mostly affirmative responses from fans.

He remarked that Cyan and Gametap will use the new content to market the game to an even larger audience. This means more explorers are anticipated. He also asked everyone to “be nice and help” the new explorers, stay informed about game progress (just like the Greeters do, so they can help others), and to play and solve puzzles at their own pace.

GreyDragon also gave more details. First, he hoped that the timed monthly releases of content would decrease lag, or the long response delays explorers encounter in game play that they continue to monitor. Second, the monthly sparklies will continue to be delivered on the first of each month, whereas the monthly episodes are released on the middle of each month. Third, the DRC will make limited appearances during the monthly “sweeps” or episode releases, but Cyan still plans to visit during the off weeks. He also makes a distinction between pre-planned content and more unplanned content that depend on interactions with other players. The new content may also involve the use of some fan-created stories, although he was silent on whether the story of each episode is self-contained or not. “I’ll let you wait for that one,” he said.


MAY 5, 2007

Opening of the Common Library, 9663 DE

Today in D’ni calendar marks Leefo 12, 9663 DE, which is the celebration of the opening of the Common Library in Ae’gura. In the D’ni calendar today is the twelfth yahr of the first vailee, 9663 years after the D’ni moved to the Cavern. The holiday started approximately 5:23am Cavern time. The Common Library was the place where many Descriptive Books for Ages the D’ni visited were housed. This opening date is also considered one of the major holidays of D’ni culture.


May 3, 2007

Nick White Fired

Cate Alexander visited the Guild of Greeter’s Bevin today to announce that D’ni translator Nick White “is no longer with the DRC,” citing a breach of trust while he was on probation. “We wish Nick the best of luck in whatever he pursues but, unfortunately, that will not be the restoration of the D’ni civilization with us” and that Nick knows and understands their decision. As to a replacement, Cate said a search is in progress, but that presently no translation is needed, and added that Nick was not doing any work in translation. She also hinted at possible changes in how the DRC intends to communicate with explorers.


GreyDragon in The Meeting Place Bevin

Ryan “Greydragon” Warzecha, Uru Live Community Manager for Cyan Worlds, Inc. made another appearance in The Meeting Place Bevin late today to talk to explorers. He said that a pending announcement from Cyan about the future of Myst Online: Uru Live (MO:UL) is still being reviewed but should be out shortly. The changes are apparently part of a new marketing strategy to bring more people into MO:UL, to bring about “the full version of Uru we all hoped for.” He assured some that the changes will not affect neither current online play nor game access by international subscribers. He concedes that some players “might not like it,” he also claimed that the new view will engage fans and provide them with lots of fun and exciting things to do. Some notable quotes: “I think you will love Minkata”; “the more you play Uru the more you will see the canon of Myst V come out”; and “people who play non-stop may find themselves in less and people who don’t know when to come in might come in more during certain times.”


New Entry in Sharper’s Journal

After nearly six weeks, Douglas Sharper wrote another entry in his journal today. In it he observes that while recent animal deaths in the Pod Ages appears to have “dropped quite a bit,” some concerns remain about it leading to the possibility of a greater drop in the future. Yet he also rules out sickness or disease as possible causes. He also expressed some remorse over the firing of Nick White, and signaled that while it may not affect their friendship, it may affect their ability to work together.

May 2, 2007

GreyDragon in the City

Ryan “Greydragon” Warzecha of Cyan Worlds, Inc. visited the City today to talk to the explorers. Between moments of light conversation about his job, he revealed that he tested out “a prototype of a new age” what many speculate as Minkata. Yet this prototype does not involve animal hunting, and no “Mario carts,” then he baited them with talk of “some exciting things ahead.” There’s a forthcoming important announcement, another appearance tomorrow in the Cavern, and talk about putting Er’cana on “the list,” also known as Cyan’s whiteboard. Pending the announcement, he challenged everyone to “help out Laxman,” apparently a cue to veteran explorers to help others finish their Great Zero Calibration Marker missions.


MAY 1, 2007

May Sparklie Found

As predicted, another sparklie appeared today while the one for last month disappeared. This confirms that each sparkliie is associated with a particular month. Yet many questions remain. If all these lamps are needed to solve some sort of puzzle, then what about those who missed sparklies for certain months? For instance, will the one for January 2007 only reappear in January 2008, or will it appear sooner?

Last Updated ( Friday, 28 December 2007 )
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