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In Cavern: April 2007
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April 30, 2007

Cate Alexander Visits Guild of Greeters BevinCate Alexander in the GoG Bevin

DRC member and chief fundraiser Cate Alexander visited the Guild of Greeter’s Bevin today to field questions from explorers. She reports that Sharper is still investigating the animal disappearance problem, and clarified that not all of Nick White’'s statements were “DRC sanctioned.” Those present were also glad to hear that Minkata, the next promised new age, may be approved within less than a month, that more of Teledahn may hopefully open in the next three months, and that “upgrades” to the Kahlo Pub are planned, although no schedule exists to open more of the Great Shaft.

Photo provided by J'iim

April 25, 2007

Bahro stone to Desent

Descent Link Found

A new Bahro Stone appeared in the rubble of Tokotah Alley in the City today. It links explorers to an Eder Tomahn, which means “rest house” in D’ni. This Eder Tomahn connects to the Descent, also known as the Great Shaft. The D’ni originally constructed the Great Shaft to connect their vast network of air tunnels to the surface. According to the Book of Ti’ana, it required the four largest stone processors the D’ni possessed, and took the Guild of Surveyors four months to complete it.

Explorers also found Dr. Watson’s Journal in the Eder Tomahn. In it he describes that this particular rest spot was where Ti’ana rested with her son Gehn on their way to the surface, and where Gehn rested with his son Atrus on the way to D’ni. He also writes he has gone back to the surface to follow the Quest of Yeesha. Yet rumours circulate that he climbed down the Great Shaft and is somewhere down there, still.

For more information, go here

Photo provided by Ayli

APRIL 21, 2007

D’ni New Year, 9663 DE

Today at approximately 8:54am Cavern time marks the start of the D’ni new year’s day, Leefo 1 9663 DE. In the D’ni calendar, Leefo 1 is the first yahr of the first vailee of the new year, 9663 years after the colony known as D’ni was established in the Cavern. Some explorers on various forums took this occasion to wish others well.

APRIL 20, 2007

In Game Mysterium Shirts

The time has now come for those who attended Mysterium 2006 and Mystralia 2006 to claim their in game shirts. Once claimed, it takes four to six weeks before the shirts will be added to one’s Relto closet.

Mysterium 2006 claim site   |    Mystralia 2006 claim site

APRIL 19, 2007


Tetsonot Age Released

A new book appeared in the Museum today, which takes explorers to an unknown place known to the D’ni as Tetsonot. It is also known as one of the Pod Ages or observation chambers for the D’ni. Despite protests from a few explorers that the age is unsafe and leaking, and reports from the D’ni Zoological Society that it may be situated in an abyssal zone, Cate Alexander of the DRC maintains that it has passed all safety tests.


APRIL 13, 2007

Final 7 Great Zero Markers Activated

Great Zero Calibration Center is opened for Calibration Great Zero Markers (CGZMU)

Got markers? That is what explorers were finally challenged to find today as four—no, seven new Great Zero Markers or GZMs were activated in the Bevins, enabling them to now access the Calibration Chamber. If you think that was the end of that, think again. The third stage of calibration involves solving fourteen more Calibration Great Zero Markers (CGZMU) missions. Each mission has its own set of markers, from eight to twenty-five, scattered throughout the Bevins and the City. Experienced explorers find that accessing one’s personal City instance to do CGZMU missions not only minimizes lag but reduces the time needed to finish them. Explorers also noted a few strange images in the Calibration Imager, which apparently indicates that more need to complete their missions for the Great Zero to work properly. Perhaps that explains Laxman’s recent KI-mail to all explorers.

The Great Zero itself is located at the pinnacle of the island of Ae’gura in the Cavern. It was laid in the year 0 DE (over ten thousand Earth years ago) by Ri’Neref who also wrote the Book of D’ni (Earth), established D’ni culture and became its first king. The Great Zero was established along a line that corresponds to true magnetic North, and along which D’ni religious structures were sited. Later kings disputed the line until King Rakeri in 3112 DE confirmed for all time the original determination as accurate.

Source 1
Source 2

APRIL 6, 2007

Maple Tree Relto Page Found in Eder Delin

Explorers found another new page in Eder Delin today, which substitutes the customary pine trees in one’s Relto with more deciduous trees. Some have debated whether the leaves are truly maple or oak. Most now believe they are maples because the leaves have five points, not nine like oak leaves.

Day of the Circle, 9662 DE

The Day of the Circle started approximately 6:10 am today, Cavern time. It is the D’ni holiday that marks the completion of the eighteen guilds on Earth. In the D’ni calendar, it occurs on Leenovoo 18, or the eighteenth yahr of the tenth vailee, 9662 years after D’ni culture was established in the Cavern.

APRIL 5, 2007

Payiferen Age Released


A new Pod Age opened up today in the Museum, taking explorers to Payiferen. It is one of the three ages released so far that the D'ni used to summon and observe wildlife. The pods also protect from wild animals and harsh climate conditions. Payiferen is known for its windswept deserts and sandstorms. Yet at the right time, one might hear and get a close-up view of a sandscrit, a wingless pelican-like bird which filters sand for the nutrients within.


Eder Delin’s Winter Storms Cease

The winter environment in Eder Delin also suddenly ceased today, leading explorers to believe that though the age retains its dawn-like atmosphere, it nevertheless is subject to sporadic changes in weather patterns.


APRIL 2, 2007

New Sparklie Found in Gahreesen 

A fourth new sparklie appeared, this time in Gahreesen, adding another lamp to Relto, while on the same day the one for March 2007 disappeared.

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