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Gahreesen — Walkthrough
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This walkthrough is for Myst Online: Uru Live 

Where are the Journey Cloths located?    | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |
Where are the Relto Pages located?    | 1 | 2 |
Where are the Bahro linking stones located?   | 1 | 2 |
Where do I go from the KI dispenser room?
What do I do with the rotating wall?
How do I turn on the power?
What do I do after turning on the power?
I can see another rotating building. How do I get to it?
I’m inside the second building. What do I do here?
I’ve located 5 Journey Cloths and can’t find any more despite looking carefully. Where are they?
I’ve arrived in what looks like a cell. What do I do next?
Finally, I have all 7 Journey Cloths. What do I do next?

Gahreesen Main Building map (pdf file)    |    Gahreesen Training Building map (pdf file)

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Gahreesen book as it appears on your Relto bookshelf.

Relto Bookshelf

In Myst Online: Uru Live, instances are different versions of the same area. An example of an instanced area is Gahreesen. Explorers have access to two different instances of Gahreesen. The instance to which you link using the Gahreesen book in a Bevin’s linking book room, provides access to a very limited area. It’s purpose is to facilitate getting a KI. The second instance is the one you reach using the book that initially is in one of the four pillars (sometimes called hydrants) on your Relto island. That book is transferred to your Relto’s bookshelf after its first use. In this second instance you have access to all parts of Gahreesen that are currently open for exploration.

4 Pillars

Link-in point

You arrive at the center of a five-sided room that is familiar because you traveled here earlier on your way to get your KI. You hear the sound of machinery and notice a pattern of shadows and light sweeping around the walls. The room and its building are moving. Birds sing cheerful songs, belying the sinister purpose of this facility.

Turn and take the only exit from the room, passing through a security station, currently unused, on your way to a corridor that extends around the perimeter of the building. The doors in the corridor won’t open, so follow the route that you took to retrieve your KI by turning right in the corridor and walking through the open door to the cones and barricade, then turn right and walk through the open door.


There are several things in this room that you may not have noticed on your first visit to Gahreesen: lockers along the wall that contain maintainer suits, a maintainer helmet and a couple of maintainer marker lights are on the floor.

Lockers room

The door of one locker, to your right as you enter the room, is open and in it there are several books and a Bahro link stone that you will want to use later. It links to a high balcony that overlooks your Bevin. Note where it is and return to use it later.

From the door you used to enter the room turn left and enter the room where the KI dispenser is located. On your last visit to Gahreesen a barricade prevented you from walking further. On this visit the barricade has been moved aside allowing you to walk through the door to the next room.

Ki Dispenser

Stop in the doorway and look around. There is a deep, narrow crack in the floor close to you and, farther on, rubble from a collapsed section of the second level’s wall. You can easily do a running jump across the crack, but you may want to jump down to see what might have fallen into it. If you do, you will find a Relto Page that delivers logs and stones to your island, but then you will have to use your Relto book to get out of it. There is no other way. 

Relto Page

You can collect this Relto page later, if you are anxious to continue your Gahreesen journey, but be sure to note the location of the page so you can find it easily when you return.

If you collect the Relto page now, you will return to Gahreesen using the linking book on your Relto’s bookshelf, then walk through the KI dispenser room to the one with the cracked floor. This time do a running jump over the crack, along the wall where it is narrow, and examine the pile of rubble. Perhaps something else of interest is hidden there. Jump and walk over fallen beams and rock, and look around carefully. There is a  Journey Cloth (1) attached to the rock on the right. It is in a dark area and can be easily missed.

Journey Cloth 1

Touch it, then jump back out to continue on your way. Walk through the open door, turn right, and proceed along the corridor. The door ahead of you is open, but the next one is locked. Retrace your steps and look sharp, because there is a crack in the wall on the left that leads to the next room. Go through it to enter a room with decorative wooden panels.

Beetle Ink room

Once again, look around and up and down (right mouse button to look up and down). If you walk to the end of the room you will be able to look through a latticed window to the security room. It is the one with the sign that points explorers toward the KI dispenser. Look up to see a Journey Cloth (2) (visible in the screen shot above) above a narrow ledge on the wall that is opposite the room’s entrance. Look for a way to climb to the ledge to reach it. There are places along the wall with rungs that look like a ladder. Use them to climb to the ledge, then walk the Journey.

Journey Cloth 2

From this vantage point, look around to see where else you might go, since you’re at a dead end on this level of the building. As you stand on the ledge looking in the direction room’s entry point, you will see a plank that spans the crack.

2nd level

Climb down the way you came, climb up the ladder on the opposite wall, turn left and walk to the plank. Walk across it; turn right and walk/jump up to the ledge above. Turn left and walk carefully across the plank, then stop to look around again. Through an opening on your left you can look down into the five sided room into which you linked. Look right to see a crack in the wall and the corridor beyond.

Walk through the crack into the corridor. From here you can see the crack continues through the opposite wall exposing a rotating object just beyond a barricade. Walk past the barricade and into the crack. The rotating object is a very large gear. If you stand and watch long enough you will get a quick look into a bluish fracture in the gear.

Gear Entry

Your next step is to jump into the fracture. Move close to the gear and prepare to take a running jump the next time the fracture appears. The gear makes one complete rotation in about 50 seconds, and a damaged area in the gear provides the cue that the fracture is approaching. There are no audible cues.

One technique for making this jump successfully is to have your avvie run at the gear as it turns, then press the space bar one or more times quickly as soon as you see the opening.

Turning Wall

If you jump successfully you enter a small, dark area from which there is no apparent exit. Turn around to face what now appears to be a rotating wall, and watch again. Soon a larger crack appears that leads to a large room. Walk to the rotating wall and prepare to make another running jump. You may have to use the running avvie technique described above to negotiate this jump.

If you miss the large opening on its first pass, take care not to jump back into the room from which you just came. That room will pass you first. Let that narrow opening pass. It is the second, larger crack that you want to use.

Gear Room

With a successful jump you enter a large room that has, among other things, a control panel with four handles on the opposite wall. Walk to it and notice a Journey Cloth (3) on the wall (abutment) to its left.

Gear Room

Touch it to be able to return here without having to negotiate the two jumps. Take a close look at the control symbols, that are dark. From left to right they are associated with:

  • Left: power on or off
  • Next: power to the gear
  • Third: power to the up elevator
  • Right: power to the down elevator

There is an indicator associated with the doors that doesn’t have a control handle.

Nothing happens when you lower the levers. They need power, so look around the room for a power source and to see what else is there. There are four devices on the floor of the room. One of them is a very large gear that is flush with the floor and locked down by four sturdy dogs (tabs).


There are two foot pedals on the floor near it and, on the opposite wall to the left of the control panel, a rusty metal grate. Step onto it and a large weight rises.

Gear Room: weight

Step off the grate and the weight slowly lowers to the floor. OK. This is a timed puzzle and you have the length of time it takes for the weight to lower completely to do all, or a part, of it. You can raise the weights repeatedly by standing on the grate, but you cannot let it settle all the way to the floor before raising it again. It takes about 18 seconds for the weight to move from its highest to its lowest position. The objective is to raise the weight to its fullest extent, then while the weight descends, run to raise control handles and step on floor pedals in the right order. As the weight descends white lights flash on and off near the foot pedals.

Here’s the solution:

1. Stand on the grate to raise the weight as far as it will go and prepare to run
2. Run to the control lever on the left and lower it. It’s indicator light glows white
3. Return to the grate and stand on it until the weight rises as far as it will go
4. Run to each of foot pedal and step on it. White flashing lights make them easier to locate.
5. Run to the control lever second from the left and lower it

(Note: If you are fast and accurate you can lift the two levers and step on both foot pedals after raising the weight just one time, or if necessary, you can raise the weight between steps 4 and 5 to give yourself more time).

If you do the steps in that order in the allotted time, a large gear will rise from the floor and engage with the rotating gear behind it. Now take your time and the lower the controls for the up and down elevators.

Gear Room: Controls

Another way to solve this puzzle is to invite a friend to accompany you to Gahreesen. Then, one of you stands on the grate while the other lowers handles and steps on floor pedals. Working on puzzles together with one or more friends can be fun. You have someone with whom you can talk over a puzzle’s logic and arrive at a solution. Read about inviting someone to your ages here.

Leave the gear room through one of the two doors and you’ll be back in the corridor. Now you can walk completely around the building. Doors will open as you approach them and close behind you. Walk far enough and you will come back to the gear room. Obviously you will need to do something else to proceed. Leave the room again using the door on the right as you face the rotating gear. Proceed to the barricade and look right into the room on this level with the plank that helps you go back down. Jump or climb back down to the lower level and leave the room through the crack you used to enter it a while ago.

Turn left and walk along the corridor until you see a door on the outside wall with a glowing green button.

Elevator UP

Turn around to see that it is opposite the door to the KI dispenser machine that opens now that the power is on. Touch the green button to enter an elevator and be transported upward. Leave the elevator on the roof of the building and look and walk around. Across from your elevator there is another one that goes down. To your left there is a metal arch at the proximal end of a short ramp.


You will see a second and larger rotating building with six ramps extending from its core. You will also see rock pillars of various sizes. Two of them are between the buildings.

Building 2

Run to the end of the ramp on your building and stand there as it rotates and approaches the largest and tallest of the three stone pillars. Observe the landforms and trees around you while you are waiting. They are quite distinctive.

Journey Cloth 4

As your ramp passes the largest stone pillar jump to it. Journey Cloth (4) is attached to it. Touch this Journey to be able to return here and then look around. Looking down and you will see Gahreesen’s Bahro door in the face of the cliff on the mainland. You will nave to return here to jump to it after you have collected all seven Gahreesen Journeys. Walk carefully to the edge of the rock pillar where you can see the approach of a ramp from the second building, and do a running jump to it as it swings past you. This is a rather tricky jump that may take you more than one try.

Following a successful jump run toward the building. The armored door opens automatically to admit you to a lockout chamber. Once inside a second door opens to admit you to the interior of the building. Walk up the stairs, through another door into to a corridor that runs around the perimeter of this building.

From this corridor 6 doors open to various areas of the building’s interior and 6 doors lead to the ramps outside. Begin your exploration of this building by walking to the door directly ahead of you. Depending on the ramp you used you will enter one the following rooms. Explore all of them.

1. A conference room with a DRC notebook containing Simpson’s notes on Gahreesen, and a Journey Cloth (5) on the wall near the window. Touch it to link back to this room.

Conference Room

2. A conference room with a DRC notebook that contains instructions for using a KI to set up Marker training games, and a Bahro link stone that links to the roof of the palace overlooking Ae’gura’s plaza.

Gear Room 2

You will want to use the stone now, then use the Journey Cloth in your Gahreesen book to return to a conference room in this building.

3–4. One of two rooms that provide access to the Maintainer Training Wall. One of them also has a Maintainer suit in its rack.

Maintainer's Room

5–6. One of two rooms with a control panel for the Maintainer Training Wall.

Training Wall Control

You can not get into The Maintainer Training Wall now, but it may be open in the future.

Periodically a sparkly appears in the corridor of this building that adds a stone and flame to the calendar device on your Relto island.

Sparkle 1

Once you have touched the Journey Cloth, used the Bahro linking stone, read the DRC notebooks and, possibly, collected the sparkly, you have done all there is to do here building. You have:

  • Touched five of Gahreesen’s seven Journey Cloths
  • Located a Relto page that delivers logs and cobblestones to your Relto
  • Located two Bahro linking stones and used one or both of them
  • Located Gahreesen’s Bahro cave door

You still have to find two Journey Cloths, but where are they?

The way to complete your journey through Gahreesen is not readily apparent. You will have to think about other Ages you have visited and if they may contain clues or links to Gahreesen. That age turns out to be Teledahn.

But before going farther, take these steps to prepare to enter Gahreesen’s Bahro door. Leave the large rotating building and run to the end of the ramp. Do a running jump to the rock pillar between the two building; the one with the Journey attached to it. Touch the Journey so you can return to this location easily.

Completing Your Journey in Gahreesen

You may recall, or you may discover, that in Teledahn there is a Bahro link stone located under the ramp that leads to Teledahn’s Bahro cave door. Once you have completed your journey in Teledahn, and begun your journey in Gahreesen, return to this Bahro linking stone and touch it to link to a small cell-like room. Linking to this room adds a linking panel to it on a page in your Gahreesen linking book.

Look out the window. The room is in a building that is rotating and the distinctive rock pillars and trees outside tell you that you are somewhere on Gahreesen. Search the room and you will find bones, chains and manacles, a Journey Cloth (6), and two sleeping platforms.

JC 6

There is a Relto Page on one of them that adds a waterfall to the island. Touch the Journey and the Relto page, then continue to search the cell. Look down and you will see a hole in the floor. Jump down and look around. You are in a dark area with two tunnels that circumnavigate the area. The outer one has floor to ceiling bars that block the way. There are skeletons near some of them. The inner tunnel has green ceiling lights.

Prision Corridor

Walk around the inner corridor, making sure to explore all of the areas in both of them. Eventually you will see a ladder in a small side tunnel in the interior wall of the building. Climb the ladder.

You emerge in a courtyard that is surrounded by a very high, stone wall. Fortified, locked doors lead from the courtyard into the area of the building. One of them will open as you approach it. Enter the building and look around. 

Maintener’s Room

There are two armored maintainer suits and a machine resembling the one you used to obtain your KI. None of the equipment in this room works, but there are two ladders that lead to the roof of the building. Climb one of them and walk to the perimeter and then around this area, looking around carefully as you walk. Eventually you will see Gahreesen’s seventh and final Journey Cloth (7) attached to one of the support columns.

JC 7

It is time now to return to Gahreesen’s Bahro cave door and collect a Bahro pillar.

Return to Relto, and from there return to Gahreesen using Journey image in the book. You should be on rock pillar near the door.

Walk carefully from the top of the pillar to a lower level on the side that faces a smaller pillar below and do a controlled running jump to the pillar below. If it appears you will jump beyond the far edge of the pillar, use the down arrow of your keyboard to shorten your jump.

Jump to JD-1

Once you are safely on the pillar, change to walking mode and position yourself for the jump toward the Bahro cave door below. Line up, then change to running mode (caps lock key pressed) and do a running jump toward the right edge of the area that leads to the door. The picture below will help you line up correctly.

Jump to JD-2

Open the door and walk until you link to the Bahro cave.

Yeesha may begin talking to you right away, but if not, press the glyph that represents a figure with a spear to listen to the next part of her story. Then press the Journey symbol to transport a pillar to your Relto island and jump into the hole in the center of the cave.

You have completed your journey in Gahreesen.

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Written by Lial.  Photographs by Lial. Design by Ayli.


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