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Cleft — Walkthrough
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This walkthrough is for Myst Online: Uru Live

Opening sequence

Where are the Journey Cloths located?   | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |
Someone told me I should visit the desert and the Cleft. How can I do that?
I am in the desert, now what do I do?
I talked to Zandi, and climbed into the cleft, what do I do next?
I am in the imager room, and I have pushed buttons, but nothing happens.
The windmill is turning and I pushed the blue button, but Yeesha appears for only a couple of seconds and then vanishes. What did I do wrong? What should I do?
I listened to Yeesha’s speech, what do I do next?
I pressed the green imager button and a Relto page appeared, but I couldn't collect it. Why?

Yeesha’s Cleft Speech

I have collected all 7 Journey Cloths, what do I do next?
Where are the Relto Pages?   | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

I am back on Relto, but I forgot to collect the Relto page in Zandi’s fire pit. How can I go back there to get it?

Closing sequence

I have four Bahro Totems on Relto. Should I do something with them?
I have returned the Bahro Totems to where I got them, and now there’s as large hole in the center of my Relto island. Why is it there? What should I do?
I returned to the imager room and pushed the blue button, but Yeesha gives me the same speech that I heard on my first visit to the cleft. Is that supposed to happen?
Is there anything else I should do here?

Cleft book as it appears on your Relto bookshelf.

Relto Bookshelf

The Beginning

Your journey in Uru begins on your Relto island. Outside the hut there is a large brown object resembling a tall fire pillar that bears a symbol that looks like a hand. From Relto you can travel to several locations. You can go to your neighborhood or Bevin by using the blue book on the bookshelf and from there to Gahreesen to retrieve your KI, a communications device. From Relto you also can go to the desert where the story of Uru begins. You should go to the desert soon after arriving on Relto and before exploring many other locations because it will help you understand Uru and why you are there.

To reach the desert, open the brown pillar (“hydrant”) outside your hut by touching the “hand.” It opens revealing a linking book with a linking panel that is a picture of a volcano. Touch the linking panel.

Cleft hydrant

You arrive in the desert in Eddy County, New Mexico. As you look around you see the volcano directly ahead of you and a trailer parked in the distance off to the right. Walk to the trailer to you meet Jeff Zandi, who goes by the name Zandi. Jeff Zandi's father, Elias Zandi, discovered the cleft more than 10 years earlier.

Cleft link-in


Zandi has been helping explorers begin their Uru journeys for several years. Talk to Zandi if you have questions while you are in the area.  He will give you help and hints. When you first meet him, Zandi gives you a cryptic message that begins: “She’s left a message for you in the cleft.  Listen to it well.”

After listening to Zandi, look around a bit, especially near his fire ring where you will find a piece of paper with green symbols on it. It is a Relto Page, one of several in Uru, that adds a feature to your Relto island. This one adds a stone bridge. Touch the page. You will see the effect in a little while.

Note: It is important to collect this page before you complete your journey in the desert and Cleft and return to Relto.  After you complete this part of the journey you will not be able to return to the desert until you complete journeys in other Ages.

Relto Page

Walk around to the other side of Zandi’s trailer and up the hill toward the wooden fence that surrounds the Cleft. There is a stationary windmill next to it.


Climb down the ladder into the Cleft and look around. You will see several rooms carved into the walls, one with a closed door. The door is open to the larger room next to it, so walk to the wood and rope bridge that leads there. The bridge breaks under your weight leaving you at the bottom of the Cleft. Turn right and walk to another broken bridge and climb up. Turn left and then step down to a makeshift bridge made of three planks. Cross to the other side, turn left and climb upward to the open door.

In this room, the projector room, there are several things of interest. Immediately to your left and also straight ahead of you there are two hologram projectors. The one ahead of you has a blue button at the center and a "dial" with symbols on it. The symbols on the dial change if you press them, but nothing happens when you press the blue button. Examine the objects on the bench and on the walls. On one wall there is a charcoal drawing of four symbols. A plank partially covers it. Push the plank out of the way and make a sketch of the symbols. Their relationship to one another is important.

Imager Clue

Return to the imager and press the quadrants until the pattern on the imager matches the pattern on the wall, then press the blue button again. Still, nothing happens. Perhaps it needs power. 

Walk to the doorway that leads to the second room, a kitchen. You may have to make a running jump to get through it. Once you are in the kitchen, you will see a metal shaft coming through the ceiling from the windmill above. There is a clamp (brake) on the shaft, and there is a long lever on the floor near it. Pull the lever to release the brake. Nothing happens. Perhaps Zandi knows why. Climb out of the cleft and ask him.

Windmill brake

Zandi will tell you that sometimes the windmill seizes up and you should try turning it by hand. Walk to it and, push the horizontal shaft so it starts rotating counter-clockwise, then return to the projector room.

Windmill start

When you enter the room this time, the projector blue and green lights of the projectors are on. Walk to the one with the blue light, review your sketch to be sure the symbols match, then press the button.

Imager controls

A holographic image of Yeesha appears. Listen carefully to what she says for its historic references and for instructions. Near the end of her speech Yeesha reveals a Journey Cloth, telling you there are 7 of them in the Cleft and 7 of them in each Age. After Yeesha leaves, walk to the Journey Cloth (1) and touch it.

Note: If Yeesha's image appears for just a couple of seconds it is because the sequence of symbols on the imager does not match exactly the sequence on the charcoal sketch.  Check it again, change symbols if necessary and, press the button again.

The green button of the second imager is also lit.  When you press it a Relto page appears for a few seconds, but you cannot collect it now, but you will be able to collect it later as described in the section below titled The Conclusion.

Journey 1

Your next objective is to locate the remaining 6 Journey Cloths in and near the Cleft. You may remember seeing one in the room opposite the one you are in. You can see it from the open door. Go there and press that Journey Cloth (2).

Journey 2

If your explorations fail to reveal more Journey Cloths return to the trailer and talk to Zandi. He will tell you where to look. On the way to his trailer from the Cleft you will see a Journey Cloth (3) attached to it.

Journey 3

Zandi will tell you:

“The Riven remnants have a Journey.” Journey Cloth (4).

Journey 4

Among the Riven remnants you will also find a Relto Page for two hawks.

Birds Relto Page

Zandi will also tell you:

“Check for a Journey where your journey began.” Journey Cloth (5).

Journey 5

The remaining two Journeys are located in the Cleft. It takes keen eyes and some experimentation to locate them. One is attached to a water bucket that can be lowered to the floor of the Cleft with a foot pedal. Journey Cloth (6).

Journey 6

The last one is on the door to the projector room. You have to go to the room, close its open door, walk to the kitchen and open its door. Touch the Journey Cloth (7) on the door. When you do the entire Journey lights. Remember what Zandi said when you first met him? "Find the Journeys, and then, enter the tree."

Journey 7

As you traversed the cleft you may have seen a metal door bearing the Journey Cloth symbol at one end of it. The door is the entrance to the tree. Climb down to the bottom of the Cleft and walk to the door. When you touch it the door opens allowing you to climb down a ladder into the tree.

Tree door

As you enter the tree you hear loud animal screams made by the Bahro. Follow a short path to a pedestal where there is another Relto Page.

Pillars Relto Page

When you touch it you are transported back to your Relto, where Explorers find that the single, tall pillar has been replaced by four others that also bear the same hand Journey symbol. You open them by touching each symbol and use the books to continue your journey.

Look around your Relto island before leaving it, and you will see the stone bridge that was added when you collected the Relto page that was in Zandi's fire ring.

Four hydrants


The Conclusion

After you have collected the four Bahro pillars from Teledahn, Gahreesen, Kadish Tolsa and Eder Gira/Eder Kemo, you need to return them. Remember, Yeesha told you they would be on Relto for only a brief time, and also that it is important to return what you have taken. You return the totems by re-entering the Bahro Door in each Age and touching the Journey symbol on the cave wall.

You can return the pillars in any order, but there is one thing you must do. As you return a pillar make a sketch of the symbol that is on the floor near the pillar's base, and note its relationship to the other symbols.

When you return the first pillar a fissure begins to form on Relto. With each pillar returned the fissure becomes more fully developed until finally a section of the Relto island falls completely away. If you jump into the fissure you land back in the desert near the Riven remnants.

From here return to the Cleft, climb down and enter the projector room. You need to enter the symbols from the Bahro cave on the controls for the projector with the blue button. Starting at the top enter the symbol from one section of the cave’s floor. Enter the remaining three symbols making sure they are entered in the same relationship to one another as they appear on the cave floor. One possibility is illustrated below.

Imager Symbols

Push the blue button. Yeesha’s hologram appears to give you more information. She will offer you a linking book and give you a gift of clothing that will be in the wardrobe when you return to Relto. Use the linking book when Yeesha offers it to you. It adds a Cleft Linking Book to your Relto’s library shelf. After Yeesha finishes talking about the rain, push the blinking green button on the second hologram projector and collect a Relto Page that you can use to make it rain on your Relto island.

Rain Relto Page

Climb out of the cleft. As you reach the surface, turn around to see several Bahro run up the slopes of the volcano and disappear into it.

Walk to Zandi’s trailer. He has left, but his shirt is there. Collect it for your wardrobe.

Congratulations, you have finished this portion of Myst Online: Uru Live. But this is only the beginning. There are many more places to visit and more journeys to take.

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