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Eder Tsogal — Walkthrough
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This walkthrough is for Myst Online: Uru Live

The puzzle in Eder Tsogal is a multiplayer puzzle.  You can work out its logic on your own, but you will need at least one other person to help you complete it.

Where are the Journey Cloths in Eder Tsogal?
Are there Relto pages in Eder Tsogal?
How do I complete Eder Tsogal’s puzzle?

You arrive in Eder Tsogal on a small plaza from which you can see almost all of the age that is accessible. Eder Tsogal is a garden age, Eder is the D’ni word for garden, and the accessible area is a small valley that appears to be in the age’s temperate zone. Trees that could be maple trees display colorful autumn leaves and there are mountains in the distance.

Journey DoorCloser by are a gazebo near a pond on your left and wooden platform with a stand near a second pond and fountain on your right. On the stand is the book that links back to the Bevin. At the far end of the valley there are more ponds with more stands of cattails, their seeds floating away lazily in the breeze. Walk around the rocks at the far end to find a Relto Page attached to one of them that adds grass to your Relto island.

Tall Grass

Attached to the left top stair rail post is one of Eder Tsogal’s Journey Cloths that bear the same spiral symbol that is found on the Journeys in its companion age, Eder Delin. Recalling Yeesha’s statement that there are seven Journeys in each age walk around Eder Tsogal and locate the remaining six Journeys.

There is a large brown metal door, also like the one in Eder Delin, in the cliff on your right. Walk to the door and touch it. Doing so triggers a response that includes the sound of a mechanism being activated and the spiral lighting up seven times. Each time a different length of the spiral lights up. This same sequence repeats four more times as the dial in the door rotates, eventually returning to its original position. As you might have guessed this is a timed puzzle and the amount of time you have to complete it is the time it takes the spiral to complete one rotation — about two minutes.

Journey Cloth

You can see the door from nearby Journeys. Touch them and turn or move so you can see the door. You are right if you reason that differing lengths of line light up as you touch each of the seven Journeys.

To complete the puzzle the Journeys must be touched in the correct sequence in the allotted time. It’s easiest to think of the line lengths as representing the numbers 1 through 7. The sequence of lighted segments changes each time the door is touched. The number represented by each Journey differs in the instance of Eder Tsogal to which you link from each Bevin.

Sequence 1

Sequence 2

Sequence 3

Sequence 4

Sequence 5

Sequence 6

Sequence 7


Next get together a team to complete the puzzle. An ideal team has eight members, but it can be done with fewer people. You can often find explorers to help you in the Guild of Greeters, Uru Obsession or another established Bevin.

Here is one approach to coordinating the work. There are other ways to execute this puzzle, and your team may decide to do it differently. Teams need to agree how they are going to do it and be sure all team members understand their role. It takes patience and attention.

When all are gathered decide who will be stationed at each Journey and who will be the caller stationed at the door. The first task the team must do is map the Journeys to the lighted sequence, that is to identify who is touching Journey number 1, Journey number 2 and so forth. Next the caller touches the door to activate the dial.

The caller watches, quickly types out the sequence of lighted segments (numbers), and then calls them out one at a time. The caller must call for the various Journeys to be touched as the rotating pointer approaches each of the 7 dots on the circular perimeter of the door.

Each Journey tender presses a Journey when their number is called, then makes their way to the door after the next number is called. It is important to wait until the next number is called, as occasionally a touch is not recorded by the door mechanism and you have to press the Journey a second time.

Assuming all touches are recorded in the allotted time and the sequence is correct, the door will open and the team will must scramble through it. The door does not stay open for long, so be ready to run through! If a Journey is touched out of order the mechanism will reset so you can begin again. Old machinery being what it is, the mechanism occasionally resets on its own for no apparent reason.

Once through the door you link to a cave that contains a stone ring divided into two sections. One of the sections is added to the set of rotating stones on the mysterious device on your Relto.  The Tsogal ring segment is positioned directly above the ring segments corresponding to Eder Kemo/Eder Gira.

The locations where Journey Cloths can be found are shown below.

Tsogal cloth

Tsogal cloth

Tsogal cloth

Tsogal cloth

Tsogal cloth

Tsogal cloth

Tsogal cloth









Written by Lial. Photographs by Ayli. Design by Ayli.

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