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Kadish Tolesa — Walkthrough
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This walkthrough is for Myst Online: Uru Live

Where are the Journey Cloths located?   | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |
Where can I find clues to solve the puzzles in Kadish?
What am I supposed to do with these sighting scopes?
What do I do if I cannot get the scopes to solve because a ring will not rotate?
How can I solve the puzzle of the floor in the cylindrical room?
I have pressed the blue button in the pyramid but nothing happens
How do I get to the Journey Cloth in the pillar room?
How do I set the pillars to continue my journey?
How do I determine the correct combination to the vault?
How do I get to the Journey Door?
Are there Bahro Stone link stones in this age?
Are there Relto pages in this age?  | 1 | 2 |
I am in the vault, there is a strange book there, where does it go?

Kadish Gallery Clues (pdf file)

Acrobat Reader

Kadish Tolesa book as it appears on your Relto bookshelf. 

Relto Bookshelf

(From the brown book in the bookcase on the right as you enter the hut on Relto) 

Yeesha’s Journal


Only the way a man is when he is
hidden is how he is. A shallow
glimpse can deceive. Look deep, ponder
and recognize all that is hidden

– Sayings of Regettavok Oorpah — Book 9
Entry 221, Item 77


Starting from your hut in Relto, walk to the last pillar on the right and press the handprint to open it. The hand glows with a light purple hue and the pillar opens to reveal a linking book to the Age of Kadish Tolesa. Touch the book to link there and begin your adventure.

Kadish Hydrant Location


You arrive in an open area surrounded by giant trees. You see leaves falling gently from above, a linking pedestal with a Nexus book and two pathways with broken stone arches, one lit and one unlit. Take the path through the unlit arch.

Beginning Paths

Follow the path through trees and up a short flight of steps to a pavilion cut out of the center of a tree trunk. The floor around the pavilion has collapsed except for a narrow section around the outer edge. Walk around to the left as far as you can go, being careful not to get too close to the edge. Turn around, and on the base of the last buttress you will find Kadish’s first Journey Cloth (1). Touch it and then return to the stairs going up into the pavilion.

JC 1

Scope Pavillion

On the pavilion there is a telescope-like object and a pedestal with a linking book. Look through the scope but don’t touch the control buttons for now. Try to remember what you see. Turn around and examine the linking book.

Linking Book to Kadish Gallery

Use it now, for it leads to many clues to help you on your journey.

You link to what looks like an art museum of stained glass panels, ornamented columns and a rotating display: the Kadish Gallery in the city of Ae’gura (the area in Ae’gura in the canyon below Tokotah Alley and the Concert Hall and viewable from the Palace Balcony). There is a pedestal at the center of the gallery with a linking book back to the first pavilion in Kadish.

Kadish Gallery Entrance
Kadish Gallery

The puzzles of Kadish Tolesa are among Uru’s more difficult ones. Not only do you have to figure out how to solve them, you must also figure out how to interpret the clues. All of the clues are in this gallery. Study the panels, then make detailed notes and sketches or take KI pictures of them. Be prepared to return here to look at panels as you go through the age.

An important thing to keep in mind for all Kadish puzzles is the fact that Guild Master Kadish was known for his careful omission of information in order to seem more powerful to others. Thus, the basis to solving the puzzles lies in discovering what is missing rather than what is seen. We will point out this theme periodically in the walkthrough.

The Telescopes (Puzzle #1)The solution to the first puzzle is found in the panel below.

KG Scopes Clue

After studying it, link back to the telescope device and look through the viewfinder again. This is the first of three similar telescope devices in Kadish that together comprise the sighting scope puzzle. Call it telescope 1. Telescope 2 is located on a pavilion that’s reached by taking the path from the link-in point that passes under the lighted arch. Telescope 3 is near telescope 2 on the ground in a clearing.

Each telescope has three buttons along the bottom and each button turns different parts of the rotating rings of the device. Each push of a button rotates the associated parts of the telescope rings 1/8 of the circumference of the circle. In order to set each scope properly, you need only to push the buttons until you get the setting that corresponds to one of the stained glass panels above: Telescope 1 to the top panel, telescope 2 to the middle panel and telescope 3 to the bottom one.

If you have not previously changed the initial setting for this device, the correct alignment is achieved by pressing the left button 4 times, the center button 1 time, and the right button 5 times.

KG Scope 1 solved

Once the scope is set, descend the stairs and walk back to the link-in area and then follow the path through the lighted arch. Continue along through a second ring arch until you reach a T-junction leading left and right. To the left is another pavilion where telescope 2 is located, and to the right there is a standalone telescope (#3). Turn left, and go to the pavilion.

Follow the base of the pavilion around to the right and you will find Kadish’s second Journey Cloth (2).

Scope 2/JC 2

Walk back around the platform to the left and up the short spiral stairs. As you go up the stairs, look for a  Bahro linking stone in a niche in the tree to your left. Note its location to use later. This link takes you to the Palace balcony in Ae’gura, but you do not have to go there now.

Continue up the stairs to Telescope 2. The proper setting for this device is illustrated in the center panel in the Kadish Gallery.

KG Scope 2 solved

Look through the viewfinder of the scope to see the three buttons that control the rotation of the device. From the initial state, pressing the right button 3 times sets the correct alignment for this device. You do not have to touch the other buttons.

Once the scope is set, descend the stairs and walk to the standalone device you saw in the clearing. From this point you can see the device at which the scope is aimed and, behind it, a closed door in the trunk of a tree.

Scope 3 Door Closed

Look through the viewfinder of telescope 3. From the initial state, the proper setting is achieved by pressing the left button 3 times, the middle button 7 times, and the right button 3 times.

KG Scope 3 solved

If telescopes 1 and 2 are set properly, you will see movement in the background when this third telescope is set, and when you step back from the viewfinder you will see that the door into the tree has opened.

Scope 3

Occasionally, after resetting this puzzle, one of the outer rings of one scope will not rotate to its original position. If that happens return to the 1st telescope, run it all the way around to the solution again, and do the same with telescopes 2 and 3.

Moon Room Floor (Puzzle #2)Enter the tree and look for a wooden stand with a blue light to your left. Push the blue light to reset the scopes and close the outer door in the tree. Once the doorways have rotated to the closed position, walk back into the doorway chamber and where you will find Kadish’s third Journey Cloth (3).

JC 3
  •  moon room  

Turn back and walk into a large cylindrical room with an elaborate hanging sculpture. Take the spiral walkway down to the floor of the room. Near the bottom you reach a landing with six balconies, five of which have blue buttons on the railing. Pressing each button causes different patterns of light to illuminate the floor of the room. Hopefully this reminds you of a stained glass panel in Kadish Gallery. The panel gives you the pattern of light and dark that you need to create using the five buttons.

Number the buttons 1-5 as you come to them on the way down. The proper light pattern is displayed when you turn on lights using buttons 2, 3 and 5. This information is found in the stained glass clue panel from the Gallery (above). Note the 5 blue buttons on the bottom of the picture. 3 appear to be on (bright blue) and two off (dark blue).

KG Clue

When the correct path is lit, walk down the stairs to the floor. Without stepping out onto the floor, look around and you will see a door at the end of the lit path. Logic would imply that you should walk the lit path over to the door, open it and proceed. However, remember that the key to progress in Kadish is to find what is unseen or not obvious. In the clue panel for this puzzle in the Gallery, you will see a small red dot immediately opposite the blue circles representing the buttons.

Walk around the room on the perimeter, without stepping onto the floor, to position yourself directly across from the buttons. If you are in the correct spot, you will see a prominent dark path leading to the center of the floor. To find the room exit, walk on the dark path without touching any part of the lighted area. Once you reach the center of the room, the exit is revealed as the floor gives way to a staircase.

Moon Room 


Walk down the stairway and go through the door to continue your journey. You will pass another blue button on your right that resets the floor, but there is no need to push it unless you want to do this puzzle over again later. Eventually you find yourself outside next to a large foggy lake. Turning left you see an entrance to a pyramid-shaped building with a large sphere containing a lens on top.

Straight ahead on a ledge, over a crevice that you can cross with a running jump, there is a Relto Page that adds an evergreen tree sapling to your Relto.


Pyramid Floor (Puzzle #3)Go up the stairs and enter the pyramid-shaped building. There you find a stairway leading up to a small balcony with a blue button and, on either side, two small stairways down to a small circular room ringed with doors and floored with hexagonal tiles. None of the doors open and there appears to be no way out other than the way you entered.

Go up the stairs to the balcony and press the blue button. Pressing the button makes the sphere on the roof rotate and the lens shine a concentrated beam of light down on the floor. The gallery clue for this puzzle seems to show that shining a light on the floor will make the pattern on it change, but nothing happens immediately and nothing happens when you press the blue button a second time.

Pyramid light

Once again, you must find what is not seen; that is, you need to leave the bright light on for a minute or two before pressing the button a second time in order to photoelectrically charge the floor.

Kadish Gallery clue

While you wait, walk out of the building and to the left as you leave the doorway. In the side of the pyramid is a large support pillar for the sphere on the roof. This pillar makes an indentation on the sloping side of the building, and in it you will find Kadish’s 4th Journey Cloth (4).

Return to the balcony. By now the floor has been charged for a time. Press the blue button to turn off the beam of light. If sufficient energy has been absorbed by the floor tiles, the patterns on them change and glow with a bright aqua blue color. You may recognize the tile patterns from rotating display in the gallery.


Now the question is which path to take? Since Kadish Tolesa is an age of giant trees, the best course is to cross the floor following the path of tree-like patterns.


When you walk the correct path across the floor tiles, the exit from this room is revealed. As you step on the last tree pattern on the far side of the room, it will descend like an elevator.

Pyramid floor path

pillars room 

When the elevator reaches the bottom, quickly walk or jump out into the passage before the elevator rises again. On your right there is a blue button on the wall to reset this puzzle. There is no need to push it unless you want to do this puzzle over again later.

The 5th Journey Cloth (5) is farther along on the right wall. Press it as you go by.

JC 5

The Pillar Room (Puzzle #4)Continue into a large cylindrical room where there is a row of 4 levers, a blue button, 4 large stone pillars buried in the floor, and several counterweights hanging from the ceiling. You’ll see a small doorway high up on the back wall. The tasks here are to collect the 6th Journey Cloth and open an exit way to the next area of Kadish Tolesa.


Experimenting with the levers will show you that the left lever raises the pillar that is closest pillar to you, and the right lever raises the one farthest away. The pillars have ladders of varying lengths embedded in them. Pressing the blue button lowers the pillars and raises the counterweights.

If you work the levers while observing the pillar heights and the lengths of the embedded ladders, you will find a combination that lets you reach the doorway high on the back wall. One combination that accomplishes that goal is to pull the lever on the right 4 times, lever to the left of it 3 times and the lever to the left of that one 1 time. That is if you number the levers 1, 2, 3, 4 from left to right:

Lever 1 = 0 times
Lever 2 = 1 time

Lever 3 = 3 times

Lever 4 = 4 times

Climb up the ladders in the pillars, then walk up the stairs leading to the doorway. Directly in front of you is the 6th Journey Cloth (6).

JC 6

Press it. Then turn left and go down the stairs. At the bottom you find a closed door and a lever on the right. Pull the lever to open the door. You are back in the pillar room rather than in the hoped-for next area of Kadish Tolesa! What to do next? The solution is in raising the pillars in the right combination.

Kadish Gallery Clue (pillars)

Using the clue from the gallery, and using the what’s missing idea to interpret it, you will come up with a new combination of pillar settings.

Red: 2, 3, 4 — Missing 1
White: 1, 2, 3 — Missing 4
Green: 2, 3, 4 — Missing 1
Blue: 1, 3, 4 — Missing 2

The levers from left to right match the clue from left to right, so after resetting the columns by pushing the blue button, pull each corresponding lever the number of times indicated by the missing number: 1, 4, 1, 2 from left to right. When you do so, an exit from the room is created. Climb the pillars and go up the ladder to exit through the roof. There is no need to press the button on the right unless you want to reset this puzzle.

the vault 

Once you reach the top of the pillar room, go forward until you arrive at a massive stone chamber in which a large, box-like structure is suspended by a number of large struts. This is Guild Master Kadish’s treasure vault.

Kadish Vault

The Vault (Puzzle #5) — Turn left and walk along a narrow ledge then up the suspended bridge to a landing with a control panel. Examine closely the panel’s symbols. Should you continue on to the vault, you will see the same symbols on the vault door. The symbols match those on a clue in the gallery — the display of 6 columns with rotating “boxes” on the top.

Kadish Gallery Clue (vault)

There is a group of 4 symbols associated with each light on the vault door and with each button on the control panel. Each symbol is associated with a number from the clue in the gallery. The button on the left is marked as number 1 in D’ni.

Kadish Vault Control Panel

So far, clues for puzzles in Kadish Tolesa have worked by figuring out what is not seen or what is missing, and the same is true for this puzzle. Assuming button one will be pushed first, and knowing the clue numbers associated with each button, we eliminate the number 1 from the list of numbers associated with the other buttons to determine the next button to push. Continue this process until the sequence for all six buttons is determined. You will find the order to be: 1-5-2-3-4-6. Once you enter this code, the vault door opens.

 There is more than one way to arrive at the solution. The simple elegance of the pattern is:

The 1st button to push is the button with 2 but not 1
The 2nd button to push is the button with 3 but not 2
The 3rd button to push is the button with 4 but not 3
The 4th button to push is the button with 5 but not 4
The 5th button to push is the button with 6 but not 5
The 6th button to push is the only button that's left

Here is a detailed explanation of another way to determine the order in which to push the buttons.

Button 1 includes: 2, 3, 4, 6 — Missing 1, 5
Button 2 includes: 4, 5, 6 — Missing 1, 2, 3
Button 3 includes: 2, 5, 6 — Missing 1, 3, 4
Button 4 includes: 1, 2, 3, 6 — Missing 4, 5
Button 5 includes: 1, 3, 4, 5 — Missing 2, 6
Button 6 includes: 2, 3, 4, 5 — Missing 1, 6

We need to make one assumption and work with the list of what’s missing. Assume button 1 is pressed first since the D’ni number 1 is written on it. Then remove the number 1 from the lists for the rest of the buttons.

Button 1: — Place in sequence = 1
Button 2: — Missing 2, 3
Button 3: — Missing 3, 4
Button 4: — Missing 4, 5
Button 5: — Missing 2, 6
Button 6: — Missing 6

Now we know button 6 is the 6th button to press, so remove the number 6 from the other groups of numbers.

Button 1: — Place in sequence = 1
Button 2: — Missing 2, 3
Button 3: — Missing 3, 4
Button 4: — Missing 4, 5
Button 5: — Missing 2
Button 6: — Place in sequence = 6

Following this thought pattern, button 5 becomes the 2nd button to press, and the number 2 is removed from the remaining lists.

Button 1: — Place in sequence = 1
Button 2: — Missing = 3
Button 3: — Missing = 3, 4
Button 4: — Missing 4, 5
Button 5: — Place in sequence = 2
Button 6: — Place in sequence = 6

Button 2 is the 3rd button to press. Remove the remaining instances of the number 3.

Button 1: — Place in sequence = 1
Button 2: — Place in sequence = 3
Button 3: — Missing = 4
Button 4: — Missing 4, 5
Button 5: — Place in sequence = 2
Button 6: — Place in sequence = 6

Button 3 is the 4th button to press. Remove the remaining instances of the number 4.

Button 1: — Place in sequence = 1
Button 2: — Place in sequence = 3
Button 3: — Place in sequence = 4
Button 4: — Missing = 5
Button 5: — Place in sequence = 2
Button 6: — Place in sequence = 6

Button 4 is the 5th button to press, and the sequence is complete.

Button 1: — Place in sequence = 1
Button 2: — Place in sequence = 3
Button 3: —Place in sequence = 4
Button 4: — Place in sequence = 5
Button 5: — Place in sequence = 2
Button 6: — Place in sequence = 6

Written in order by button from left to right the numbers are: 1, 5, 2, 3, 4, 6

Continue up the suspended stairs and enter the vault. Inside there are piles of treasure, the skeleton of Guild Master Kadish and a note written in D’ni on which Yeesha has made some notes and a linking book to Kadish Gallery. The 7th Journey Cloth (7) is located on the back wall. Climb up the pile of boxes and touch the cloth. There is no need to use the Gallery linking book.

 Kadish Vault panorama

JC 7

You are now ready to locate and use the Journey Door, but before you leave the vault, check behind the stack of boxes located to the right of the door as you are looking at the door from inside the vault. You will find another linking book. This book links you to this vault at another point in time. Make a note of its location so you can come back to use it later. You will want to return to get the rewards it offers and the information it contains to advance the story of Yeesha and the D’ni. If you don’t touch any other cloths in the age, you can return directly to the vault at any time using the journey cloth on the first page of the Kadish Tolesa linking book.

Leave the vault and go back down to the landing with the control panel. If you look over the edge back toward the place where you entered this area, you will see the Journey door below you in the wall of the shaft. To get to it note that a support beam runs very close to the door and passes under the landing on which you are standing. Carefully walk to the edge of the landing and step off onto the support beam. Walk along the beam and jump off onto the ledge in front of the door. There is another way to get to the Journey door that some explorers use. From the ledge near the entrance to the chamber make a running jump along the wall to land on the ledge in front of the door.

Journey Door

Touch the handprint on the door and enter the cave to be linked to the Bahro Cave. Listen to Yeesha’s speech and then press the handprint on the wall to send the Bahro pillar to your Relto. Jump into the void to leave the cave and return to your Relto.

Once you have collected the Bahro pillar from the bahro cave, you can use the bookmark link in your Kadish book to return to the vault and continue your exploration to the alternate vault.

Linking Book to Alternate Vault

When you use the Alternate Vault linking book, you are linked to a vault that is similar to the one you just linked from. However, the alternate vault has quite a few differences from the standard vault: it has different doors, it's not connected to the cavern entry cave, it has no Bahro door outside, the treasure has been removed, and the skeleton of Guild Master Kadish and the Gallery linking book are gone. There are a few scraps of paper lying on the floor of the vault with writing as well as interesting square patterns that appear to be related to a certain type of combination code that Atrus used in the fireplaces on MYST island and Tomahna, as well as a Yeesha Relto Page that will bring butterflies to your Relto Age, and a viking helmet that is resting on a sack. Visiting this location adds a linking panel to it on a page in your Kadish linking book.

Relto Page in Alternate Vault

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Photographs by Lial, J'iim, Ayli. Map of Kadish Gallery by Devon. Design by Ayli.

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