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Eder Gira/Eder Kemo — Walkthrough
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This walkthrough is for Myst Online: Uru Live 

Where can I find the Journey Cloths? | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |
How do I get the Journey Cloth above the link-in point?

How do I get the Journey Cloth on the cliff overlooking the lava?

How do I get to the other part of Gira I can see from the stone arch?

How do I get to the upper cave without a light?

How do I keep the fumerol covers from all blowing open again?

How do I keep from losing the fireflies?

How do I collect the Relto page I can see on the ledge?

How can I get to the upper cave without going through water?

Where can I find any Bahro linking stone tablets?
What rewards are there to find in this Age?

Eder Gira Map (pdf file)    |    Eder Kemo Map (pdf file)

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Eder Gira and Eder Kemo books as they appear on your Relto bookshelf.

Relto Bookshelf

Four Pillars

Starting from your hut on Relto, walk to the first pillar on the left and press the handprint to open it. The hand glows with a light green hue and the pillar opens to reveal a linking book to Eder Gira. Touch the book to link there and begin exploring the garden ages of Eder Gira and Eder Kemo.

Eder Gira 

Eder Gira is a volatile, desert age with active lava flows, steam vents (fumeroles) and drought-tolerant plants. Eder Kemo is rainy and greener with many unique and interesting plants, Bahro glyphs of archaeological interest, and strange plant-eating animals resembling large scorpions that hang from the cliffs. This phase of your journey takes you to both garden ages.

You arrive in Eder Gira near two fumeroles that are equipped with covers. There are several other fumeroles in this age. Stand at the link-in point and use your right mouse button to look around. You will see a Journey Cloth located high above one of the fumeroles. Leave the cover for that one open and close off the other one by stepping on the foot pedal next to the cover. Your objective is to close vents to direct enough steam to the one beneath the Journey that you can use it to be propelled onto the ledge by the Journey Cloth

Gira link-in

After you have closed the vent, walk up along the path around the outside of the area (go right at the top of the hill). At the point where the rock wall with a large pitcher plant comes up on your left side, turn left and walk carefully to the edge. Change to first person (F1 key) and, using the right mouse button, look down toward the lava flow below. You will see a small ledge below where you are standing.

Gira ledge-island

Slowly walk off the edge to land on it, turn around and press the Journey Cloth (1).

Gira ledge-Journey1

Turn around again and put your back to the rock wall. Your next goal is to jump to the fumerole on the rock pillar around which lava flows. A standing jump works best and pressing the down arrow key after jumping shortens the length of the jump and keeps you from jumping too far. Once you reach the pillar close that vent.

Gira Island fumerol closed

To leave the pillar, turn 180 degrees until you see a slope under the rock arch and do a running jump to it. Close the two vents that are directly in front of you then turn around, walk up over the stone arch and follow the path to reach the last vent you have to close. From this vantage point, you can look down to the link-in point and see the Journey you have to collect.

Gira Island jump

Once you close most of the covers, they flutter and rattle, as there is quite a bit of pressure built up beneath them. Walk back to the link-in point to the vent below the Journey Cloth (2). Stand on the fumerole to be propelled upwards to the cloth.

Gira Journey2

Your next objective is to find a way to get to the rest of Eder Gira. Standing on the path near where you collected the first Journey Cloth you can see several landmarks in the distance including waterfalls and the stone arch. Looking under the arch you will notice an area where the rock wall is low and fractured near two of the fumeroles you recently closed. That is the way to the next part of Eder Gira. You can use steam from the adjacent fumerole to propel yourself over the rocks just as you used is to get to the rock ledge to collect the first Journey Cloth. Closing all of the fumeroles at one time creates too much pressure beneath their covers, and all of them will blow their covers open. If you do that, you will have to close all but the one near the rock rubble again.

A better way is to walk to the vent you will use to jump over the rock and open it, go back to the link-in point to close the open vent there, and then return to the vent near the low rock wall. Use its steam power to jump up and over the wall.

As you walk, you will see waterfalls spilling into a plunge pool. The stream that leads from the pool plunges over another falls that is out of sight below you. Interesting fish swim in the pool. Look around to see a linking book on a pedestal that takes you to Eder Kemo and a Bahro Link Stone on a rock near the falls takes you to Tokotah Rooftop in Ae’gura. At some point you will want to use the Bahro Link Stone to collect a link to the Rooftop for your City Book, but not yet.

Gira: Eder Kemo book

Gira: Bahro stone to DRC Roof

There is a Journey Cloth located nearby that you reach by walking up a dark tunnel behind the falls. You will need to find something to light the tunnel. Your next task here is to create a way that you can walk from the linking book to the area behind the falls without getting wet. You will know why in a few minutes. You cannot complete that goal yet, but you can make a start. Walk behind the waterfall on the right side as you face it. In the hollow behind the falls there is a fish trap that you can push around that resembles two stools tied together. You will also see two cylindrical devices with curved pipes and a round button. One of these devices is located at each end of the hollow behind this falls. They are steam lamps that are activated by pushing the button at the base of the curved pipe. Now you can more easily see what you are doing.

Gira cave light on

Next, push the fish trap into the water and over to the stream at the far end of the plunge pool. Wedge the trap between the banks of the stream where it is narrowest to make a bridge across it. Test your bridge by walking, not running, across the top once or twice. If you get wet, readjust it. Once you can walk, not run, across it safely, use the linking book to go to Eder Kemo. 

Gira trap bridge1

Eder Kemo

Kemo fountain

Walk along a path into the first section of the age that I will call the fountain area. There are two Journey Cloths (3 & 4) in the fountain area. The first is quite easy to find attached to a tall rock pillar to the right of the path in the middle of some trees.

Kemo Journey1

The second cloth is located in the stand of bamboo trees next to a nearby gazebo. The cloth is located on the rock wall a short distance away through the trees.

Kemo Journey2

Two more cloths can be found in this age, but they are in other areas that I will call the troom and puffer sections.

Kemo Puffers

As you walk along the path, Eder Kemo’s Journey Door will be to your right.

Kemo Journey Door

Continue through a tunnel and emerge into the troom section of Eder Kemo. Trooms look like large red brain corals on stalks. If it is sunny, you will see a cloud of fireflies swarming around the trooms somewhere to the left. 

Kemo fireflies

Remember where they are for later and make your way to the three-way split in the path. Take the rightmost path and walk to a levitating stone object. 

There is a Bahro Link Stone behind the levitating stone that provides a link to the classroom roof of your Bevin. You can use it now and return to Eder Kemo via its linking book that has been added to your Relto’s bookshelf, or you can remember where it is to use it later. Using this Bahro Link Stone will add a page to your Bevin or Neighborhood Book.

Kemo Rotating Statue/Bahro stone

Walk back to the path and turn right to see an alcove with Bahro glyphs and a light fixture. Walk there and look around. If you look up (right mouse button) you will see a Journey Cloth (5) attached to the light fixture.

Kemo Journey Cloth3

Walk up the stone ledge to collect it, then go down the stairs to the puffer section. Find the gazebo in this area, face it, walk behind it on the left side and turn left to see a Journey Cloth (6).

Kemo Journey Cloth4

You can climb and jump to rocks and ledges in this section. On the arched ledge over the next tunnel you will find small Bahro glyphs and Nick White’s DRC journal that tells the story of King Shomat. If you look around from this vantage point you will see a Relto Page on a ledge on the opposite side of the path from the Journey Cloth you just touched.  To collect it continue along the ledge where King Shomat’s journal is located to the end where there is nearby, freestanding rock.

Kemo Shomat Notebook

Your objective is to get to the top of the freestanding rock and jump from there to the ledge to collect the page.  Here are two ways to do it.

Kemo Jump ready

Method One: From the base of the rock jump to the top of it (tap the space bar once or twice).

Method Two: From a point near the end of the ledge do a running jump to the top of the freestanding rock. I found it easier to make the jump in third person mode.

Once you are standing on top of the rock, turn right to face the ledge. Take a running jump to the ledge and collect the Relto page, which adds decorative paint and a rug to your Relto’s hut.

Kemo Jump/Relto Page

Jump back down the path and continue along it to its end where you will enter a small cave with a linking book to take you back to the falls area of Eder Gira. You have collected all of the Journey Cloths in Eder Kemo. Now it is time to collect the seventh one that is located near the falls at the end of a tunnel. You will need a light source to get to it. Remember the fireflies? They are the light source. It is important to know a few things about the fireflies. They do not like to get wet, and they cannot keep up with you if you run or if you jump more than once.

Walk back to the troom section, and look for the fireflies. Walk, do not run, through the cloud of fireflies to collect a nice swarm of them around you, then walk — no running — to the Eder Gira link book.

Kemo walk

Kemo walk

If it starts to rain, stand in a gazebo, under a ledge or in the tunnel until the storm passes. Walk with the fireflies through the puffer section, through the tunnel, and to the little cave with the Eder Gira linking book. Use the linking book to take yourself and your friends back to Eder Gira.

Kemo to Gira with fireflies

Back to Eder Gira

As you arrive turn 90 degrees to the left to avoid walking through the nearby fumerole.

Gira with fireflies

Remember, the fireflies do not like water of any kind, steam, streams, falls, rain.

Walk to your fish trap bridge and cross the stream. If you fall or step into the water, you will have to go fetch more fireflies, so be careful. Once on the other side, walk along the rock wall and do a standing jump, not a running jump, to the cave behind the waterfall. This will jostle the fireflies a bit, but some of them should stay with you. You have to make your jump where the distance to the cave behind the falls is shortest. Once you are in the cave, walk left to the tunnel that leads up and away. The fireflies provide just enough light so you can see where you are going. At the end of the path is a small cave with another steam lamp. Turn it on, then open the door in this area and walk up and out to the upper waterfalls.

Gira top tunnel

The fireflies will leave you as you enter the water, so you will have to go fetch more of them in a few minutes.  Your next task is to build a bridge down below so you can walk behind the lower falls where you just had to jump.

Walk through the waterfall into its plunge pool, go left and behind a second fall. Look for two more fish traps that you can move and push both traps over the edge of the plunge pool and into the water below. This is easy to do if you run at them. Once you  have pushed them into the pool below jump to the pool or walk back the way you came.

Make another fish-trap bridge so you will not have to jump to get into the cave behind the waterfall. Push both traps side-by-side in the location where you made your jump.

Gira traps2

Test both bridges to be sure they are securely seated, then go back into Eder Kemo, get more fireflies, come back, and walk up the tunnel to the third steam lamp. When you reach it, turn left and continue along the tunnel to a very narrow ledge. Walk along, use your one jump to cross the small stream in your way, and continue into another cave. Look for a fourth steam lamp on your left, turn it on, and then press the final Journey Cloth (7) and collect the pith helmet that is on the floor next to it.

Gira Journey7

You have almost completed your journey through Eder Gira and Eder Kemo. Link back to Eder Kemo and enter the Journey Door. Pay special attention to what Yeesha says this time because it provides an essential clue to what you must do next. When you return to your Relto walk outside to see that two more sections have been added to the rotating, levitating object on your island. 


Relto Bahro totem

Relto Bahro wdges


Written by Lial. Original credit to Rabbit (coelho_buda) with thanks to J’iim for proofreading. Photographs by Lial. Design by Ayli.

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