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Teledahn — Walkthrough
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Teledahn book as it appears on your Relto bookshelf. 

Relto Bookshelf

Starting from your hut in Relto, walk to the first pillar on the right and press the handprint to open it. The hand glows with a light orange color and the pillar opens to reveal a linking book to Teledahn. Touch the book to link there.

Four Pillars

The link-in point for Teledahn is inside a small hexagonal hut inside the stump of an enormous mushroom. There is a manhole in the hut that is locked, so walk out the door and around the hut. On the backside you will find Teledahn’s first Journey Cloth.


Walk the rest of the way around the hut and onto the metal ramp that runs around the perimeter of the mushroom. From there you can see water below the hut and an elevator track and controls. The elevator needs power. Are you seeing a pattern?

Turn left and walk along the metal ramp to a section on the right that leads outside. Among the things you will see outside are several large mushrooms, a sun that quickly sweeps the sky horizontally, machinery, strange looking birds and an organism that resembles a Frisbee that rises quickly into the air and settles back to the water.


Keep walking past giant mushrooms until you see a large piece of machinery to your left.


Take the ramp up to it. There are three levers on the platform that you will want to pull, although one of them does not move.

Power lever

After you pull the levers, you will see a yellow flashing button with the D’ni number 3 on it. Push the button 3 times to raise a large umbrella-shaped panel.

Power on button

Antenna Up

Go around to the other side of its pole to find a telescope. Your goal is to center the sun in the ring in the middle by making the telescope rotate at the same speed as the sun. When you have done this, the solar umbrella always faces the sun providing a constant source of power to the machinery and the elevator.

Scope sun

Go back to the walkway and go left until you see another lever.

Pull it and quickly turn left and run down the steps and to the right and enter the large bucket. The bucket will carry you up to the control center. If not, keep trying. You have about 12 seconds to jump into the bucket after pulling the lever. 


When your bucket enters a large mushroom the bottom will open and you will be dumped out onto the floor. Walk over to the wall to your right, where there is a Journey Cloth between two telescopes.

The telescopes provide interesting views of Teledahn, but are not used to solve its puzzles. As you look around you will see the elevator and next to it a large control console. Click on the seat to sit down at the controls.

Control Panel

Three buttons on the right turn on the lights. Pulling the lever in the middle drains the water under the hut at the link-in point. The red button to the right of it unlocks the manhole in the hut. Note: this must be done in the correct sequence. 1st drain the water, then unlock the grate or the drain lever will lock up. The control on the left stops the buckets and closes the door through which they enter the mushroom. You do not have to stop them, but it is quieter if you do. Next walk to the elevator. There is a lock on the floor to the right of the elevator. Step on it to release the elevator platform, then take the elevator up by pressing the blue button on the right.

On the top floor there is another Journey Cloth just inside the area known as Mushroom Baron’s office.

After you touch the cloth, open the windows using the lever on your right so you can see what you are doing. Telescopes in the room provide additional views of Teledahn, but like those on the level below, they are not involved in solving its puzzles. Also in the room there is a desk with papers and models on it, a bed, an aquarium and the packing box in which it came, and a pedestal with a Nexus linking book. Sit down at the desk and examine the papers on it.

Sharper’s Shroom Office Desk

Two of them contain essential pieces of information: the instructions for the Fry Man Safe Haven 3 and a sketch that looks like a map. Read the Safe Haven instructions to learn how to access the safe under the aquarium, then set it down. Pick up the map and note on it the D’ni numbers from 1 to 7 written next to 7 rectangles.

Prison Map and Safe documents

Copy this map, you will need it later. After you have read these documents, leave the desk and walk to the aquarium. Look down at the packing crate left of the aquarium to see a Relto Page that changes the style of you hut’s roof.

Fry Man Safe

Follow the Fry Man directions to access the safe, which exposes a linking book to Douglas Sharper’s office in Ae’gura. This may not work on the first try. The first attempt to click on button often moves the avatar to the correct position, then you are able to hold the mouse button down for the 3 seconds you need to start the light and unlock the safe.

Sharper’s Office in Ae’gura

There you will find a linking book back to Teledahn, a journal describing Sharper’s ‘adventures’ in the DRC, and a dead-end link back to a giant mushroom stump in Teledahn (via Bahro stone). You can follow this link if you want to, but it is not necessary for the game. 

Bahro stone

Be sure to read Sharper’s Journal as it contains interesting information about Uru.

Sharper’s Journal 1

Then use the linking book to return to Teledahn and take the elevator down two levels to the hut where you linked in. The manhole is unlocked (its red button is lit), so open the hatch and go down the two ladders to enter a large diameter drainpipe.

Lit hatch

Walk along the pipe until you see a hole in the right side and stairs leading up. Conveniently there is a Journey Cloth at the top of the stairs.

Teledahn Prison Cell

This area is a prison with seven rectangular plates on the floor and two bamboo doors that are closed.

Look through the doors to see a second room containing what looks like a control device and another bamboo door that is open. On the floor around you there are rocks, bones and stools that you can push around the room. Does the layout of the plates remind you of anything? Perhaps the map you found in Baron’s office? Each pressure plate is assigned a number from 1 to 7. Remember the map?

Take this opportunity to learn to read D’ni numbers, you will need to know them later.

D'ni numbers

Look through the bars on the right side of the room, to see a series of seven paddles on the wall, either raised and yellow or lowered and grey. These paddles correspond to the pressure plates on the floor of the first room. Yellow (up) means put something heavy on the plate, grey (down) means leave it alone. Once you get the combination, the bamboo doors will open, but then the next set of doors will close, making it seem impossible to leave the room in that direction.


Before doing anything else, look through the closed door to see a small, rectangular niche in the wall of the next room that contains a Bahro Link Stone. Its destination is not related to Teledahn, so explore where it leads on your own. You will find instructions for getting to this stone at the bottom of the walkthrough in the section Other things to do in Teledahn.


There are a couple of ways to open the bamboo door that is now closed. One is to change the position of the leftmost paddle on the wall. Another is to go back to the first room and use your own body weight, rather than a rock, to press down the plate closest to one of the doors. After the door opens run quickly through it before it shuts. This way, the outer doors open so you can leave the room. Notice, however, that the small, rectangular niche in the wall of the next room is closed. You need to find a way to get to the location of the niche when this door is closed, that is to get there from the opposite direction. The means to do that is explained in the section Other things to do in Teledahn.

Niche closed

Leave the prison through the single door and walk to the end of a short tunnel. Run down the stairs and walk along the walkway, passing a feeder, until you get to a raised drawbridge. Pull the lever to lower the bridge and go across to the next area. What’s that? The lever won’t work? Try it again. Hmmm. Perhaps it needs some encouragement. Back up to get a running start and jump into the bridge. That will lower it a bit, and now pulling the lever will lower it all the way.


In the next area, you will see another very large mushroom with an entry door, and several boxes stacked up next to one another. Go through the door and go up the stairs on the right. Walk down this hallway until you see Teledahn’s Journey Door on your right and a Journey Cloth on your left. 

Entrance to the shroom

Follow the path past the cloth until you reach a telescope device. Look back at the mushroom to see that there is a door high up with a ladder that is secured up and out of reach. There is a Journey Cloth attached to the mushroom and what look like large rocks cradled in slings. Luckily the telescope is actually a long-range artillery piece with a sighting mechanism. It is called a vapor miner and it shoots a very compressed blast of some gas. Look through it and turn it left and up until you see the rocks in ropes slings. Use the slider in the bottom right corner to zoom all the way in. Find the two rocks that are very close to one another, and center the viewer on the one that is closer to you. Once you have it centered PERFECTLY, hit the flashing button to shoot the rock. This will cause a ladder to fall down from above. Go back to the Journey Door and take a right, going back through the room to the outside where the boxes are stacked against the mushroom.

Vapor Gun

Jump to the top of the stack of the boxes and step onto a ledge. Jump over the gap for the doorway and walk around the ledge to the ladder, touching the Journey Cloth as you pass it. Climb up the ladder and explore this room to find the final Journey Cloth on the right side. There is a tie-dyed shirt on a stack of packing crates.

Tie-dye T-shirt

Leave the room via the spiral staircase. At the bottom of the stairs touch the wall in front of you to reveal a secret panel that opens a door to a room you will recognize. Tucked away among the boxes in the room you will see a Bahro Link Stone. DON’T TOUCH IT YET. Look for more information about this stone in the section Other things to do in Teledahn.

Bahro stone to Gahreesen Prison Cells

First go up the stairs and re-activate the Journey Cloth across from the Journey Door. You will know why in a minute. Walk to the Journey Door, open it and walk through into the blackness until you link to the Bahro cave. Listen to Yeesha’s recorded message, and then press the journey symbol to transport the Bahro totem to your Relto.

Bahro Totem Pole

Jump into the hole in the center to land safely back on Relto. When you get there be sure to walk outside to see that a colorful rotating object has appeared hovering above the cylindrical stone base at the end of the island.

Teledahn Bahro wedge

This ends your journey in Teledahn, but you may want to return to learn where the two Bahro Link Stones take you, and visit with Shroomie.

Other things to do in Teledahn

Visiting with Shroomie: You may have heard a trumpeting sound and seen an animal swimming in the water as you walked along the ramp leading to the vapor miner. That was Shroomie, one Teledahn’s native animals. Douglas Sharper talks about her in his journal. You can get a good look at Shroomie, but it takes a little work. First you need to shut down all of the machinery because Shroomie does not like loud noise. Then you need to walk out the walkway where the vapor miner is located. At the very end there is a mushroom spore dispenser. Pull the lever several times and Shroomie will rise to the surface and trumpet. She may even come close to the dock where you are standing.

Shroomie feeder

The Bahro Link Stone under the metal ramp: Link to Teledahn using the Journey bookmark in the Teledahn book (the orange book). If the Journey Cloth near the Journey Door is the last one you touched, you will link to the area next to the Journey Door. Turn left and walk past the Journey Door, and down the metal stairs. Locate the link stone under the ramp and use it. Do you know where you are? Note what you see, explore if you wish, and then link to Relto.

The Bahro Link Stone in the niche: To get to this Bahro Link Stone the niche needs to be open, and you need to approach it from the direction of the Journey Door. The niche is open when the two inner cell doors are open because then the single outer door is closed.

Bahro Stone in niche

Link to Teledahn using the Journey bookmark in the Teledahn book (the orange book). If the Journey Cloth near the Journey Door is the last one you touched, you will link to the area next to the Journey Door. Turn left to retrace your steps to the location of the niche, and go through the open cell door. Go to the paddles, and change the position of the first paddle to be down (touch the control knob below the paddle). The single cell door closes, and the niche opens. Link to Relto, and then back to Teledahn using the Journey bookmark in the Teledahn book. Retrace your steps to the location of the niche that is now open. Use the Bahro Link Stone to see where it takes you.

Creating a shortcut back to the hut: You my want to create a shortcut between the Journey Door and the hut. To do that link to Teledahn using the Journey bookmark in the Teledahn book (the orange book). If the Journey Cloth near the Journey Door is the last one you touched, you will link to the area next to the Journey Door. Turn right, walk past the maintainer mark (the yellow light on the ground) and leave the tunnel. Turn right and walk along the metal ramp to its broken end. Stand near the end of the ramp and jump once or twice to lower the ramp to the mushroom cap that is below it. Now you can continue along the ramp back to the hut.

Broken Walkway down

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Written by Lial. Original credit to Rabbit (coelho_buda) with thanks to J’iim for proofreading and additional text. Photographs by Lial and L’lee. Design by Ayli.


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