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A Guide to Linking
Written by John Lynch   

Linking is how players move from one area to the next in Myst Online: Uru Live. It involves teleporting players from one Age to the next and can be done through a variety of means which are described below.

D’ni Linking Books

linking bookThis is the most common way to link to a different Age, and is also the oldest with it being invented over 10,000 years ago. However, there are some limitations to D’ni linking books which are:

  • A D’ni linking book cannot go from one place in an Age to another place in that same Age.
  • A D’ni linking book is always left behind when someone uses it.
  • A D’ni linking book cannot change something inside an Age.

Bahro Stones 

Bahro StoneBahro Stones are another way to link to another location and, like D’ni linking books, they do not travel with the person using them. However, unlike D’ni linking books they can link to locations within the same Age.

Relto Book

Relto BookRelto book physically resembles D’ni linking books; however, unlike D’ni linking books and bahro stones, there are no rules for a Relto book. Relto book can:

  • Go from one place in an Age to another place in that same Age.
  • Travel with the person using it (but only if that person is wearing it).
  • Change something inside an Age.

Linking Tunnel

Journey DoorThere are tunnels which are located behind a Journey Door in the various Ages. These tunnels appear to have bahro inside them, based on sounds heard inside them, and when the player enters deep enough into the tunnel they are linked to a bahro cave. It is unknown what links them, although it is probable there are bahro inside the tunnel that are linking the players to the bahro cave.


Star Fissure 

Relto FissureStar fissures are rifts in the ground that open up to what looks like space with stars. The only two locations the star fissure can be found is in the bahro cave with the bahro poles, and on Relto as the player progresses on Yeesha’s Journey. When jumping into the star fissure from the bahro cave the player is transported to their Relto, whereas when the player uses the star fissure from their Relto they are transported to the Cleft.

Reproduced with the kind permission of John Lynch. 2007
Last Updated ( Friday, 02 February 2007 )
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