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Uru: The Path of the Shell - Walkthrough
Written by Coelho Buda   
Version 1.1
--- A. Table of Contents ---
 A. Table of Contents
 B. Version history
 C. FAQs
 D. Walkthrough
  1. Relto
  2. The Great Tree Pub (Watcher's Sanctuary)
  3. Ahnonay Cathedral and Ahnonay
    3.1 Water and crab Ahnonay
    3.2 Mist and Crystal Ahnonay
    3.3 Outer space Ahnonay
    3.4 Water Ahnonay revisited
    3.5 Collecting Ahnonay Relto Page
  4. Er'cana
  5. The Great Tree Pub revisited
  6. Myst
  7. K'veer
  8. Myst revisited and Kadish Tolesa
  9. Final Considerations
 E. Expansion Pack Features   1. Bahro Stones
  2. Short Guide to Relto Pages
  3. Hats and Clothing
 F. Contributors
 G. Legal Stuff
--- B. Version history ---
(19.07.2004) - Added the secret room in the Great Tree Pub. Corrected the location for the "2:19" tag in section 3.5. Added the location for two shell markers in Er'cana I had missed. Made some corrections to Er'cana, Added a note about an alternative sequence for accessing Kadish's room in Ahnonay. Updated contributors and site listing.
 Version 1.1 -     (14.07.2004) Added note to section 1. Changed the description of the Ae'gura book on section 1 and made a few changes to the way I was describing each book. Revised the initial bit of section 4. Added notes to section 4. Added clue and tag that I had missed to sections 3.5 and 5. Added a note to section 3.1 Updated contributors list.
(11.07.2004)- Added the Easter egg code. Added a note to section 4 about D'ni time measurements and corrected relevant sections. Updated contributors list. Updated sites list.
(10.07.2004)- Corrected some more errors. Corrected Maker's Words on section 5 and the corresponding clue tags on sections 3.1 and 3.4. Updated contributors list. Update sites list. Updated section 9 and Hats and Clothing section with new item.
(09.07.2004)- Corrected some grammar and orthographical errors. Added a note to section 2. Corrected the first and second notes on section 3.4. Corrected note on section 3.5. Added a note to section 5. Updated list of sites allowed posting the walkthrough. Added size of the download file. Updated contributors list.
 Version 1.0 -     Completed walkthrough with all the sections. (08.07.2004)
 Version 0.2 -     Started walkthrough. Laid skeleton for sections. Completed Relto, Watcher's Sanctuary and Ahnonay. Bahro Stones, Relto Page Guide and Hats and Clothing sections done. (08.07.2004)
All dates are in European format which means dd/mm/yyyy.
--- C. FAQ ---
Q: Where can I get the expansion pack?
A: Through the shops or available as a payable download at:
   ftp://uruxp2-downloadus.ubi.com/mysturutpotstm.exe (USA)
   http://shop.ubi.com/prod_extdesc.asp?catalogid=123&id=89 (Europe)
Q: How big is the download and how big is the game?
A: The download is 447 MB and it becomes a whooping 2.5 GB after installation. It also includes the To D'ni expansion pack.
Q: How do I save the game?
A: Unfortunately, there is no way for a user to save the game when he wants to. :p The game automatically saves any change you make to the Ages, and the Journey Cloths save your position within an Age, enabling you to return to it by linking from Relto. By default the game always loads to Relto Age.
Q: I really want to make a backup of my progress. What can I do?
A: In the Uru install directory there's a subdirectory called 'sav'. Whenever you quit, make a copy of everything in that directory and place it in another location. When you need it, delete whatever is in the original directory and then copy in the stuff you last saved before restarting Uru. This causes it to restart with everything as it was when you last started the game.
Q: Where is (Relto page)? / What does (Relto page) do?
A: See my short guide for Relto pages at the end of the walkthrough. That way you will not read any major spoiler.
Q: Can I change my Avatar's name/sex after I have started a game?
A: No. You are bound to the Avatar you created. If you want a different one, you will have to start a new game.
Q: I want to return to the beginning of an Age but I can only see the Journey Cloth marker in the book. What can I do?
A: Look to the bottom left or bottom right corner of the Age's book. There is a bent corner that you can press to turn the pages. This allows to select whether to return to the last touched Journey Cloth, the beginning of the Ages or other places within the Ages.
I will post more if I come across any more frequent questions.
--- D. Walkthrough ---
Hello. Coelho Buda here (or for those familiar with the Guild of Greeters, Rabbit) back with a new walkthrough. The Path of the Shell is the second and final expansion to Uru: Ages Beyond Myst and it's my pleasure to write my third walkthrough with it being its subject. As always and as in the previous two walkthroughs, any contributions will be gladly accepted. ^_^
Questions, contributions, corrections and general praise ^_^ can be sent to my
Warning: This walkthrough contains major spoilers. It could seriously affect your enjoyment of the game. I do not give out hints or nudges. I simply state how a given puzzle should be solved. That said, read on at your own risk.
This walkthrough assumes you have finished Uru: Ages Beyond Myst and the To D'ni expansion pack before going on to The Path of the Shell. If you haven't done so, some of the things I have written below may not make sense. If you still haven't finished Uru or To D'ni, and need help, my other walkthroughs are available on the Internet.
So without further ado, on to the expansion pack.
1. Relto
You begin the game in your Relto. If you look around, you will notice that a new island has been added to the others ones that already were here and that it seems to have a spiral path on it. When you are finished looking around, go inside the hut. On the lower shelf of the bookshelf to the right you will find several new books. On the left there's a red book with a stylized pen which can be picked up and becomes a journal where you can write notes, and on the right there are 6 blue books containing information you will be needing throughout the game: one that talks about the Maker and how the words from the Maker where handed over and five that are the transcribed words of the Maker.
There's also a new book on the left bookshelf. This is the one that allows you to start The Path of the Shell. Here is the complete list of the books on the left bookshelf and where they link to (numbered from left to right):
01 Desert Cleft     (Tan with green slit)
   01. Rainy
   02. Dry
02 Gahreesen      (Pale green with Maintainer's crest)
   01. Gahreesen
   02. Gahreesen Prison
03 Teledahn       (Orange)
   01. Teledahn
   02. Tree Stump
   03. Dock *
04 Kadish Tolesa    (Purple)
   01. Kadish
   02. Kadish Vault future +
05 Eder Gira      (Red)
06 Eder Kemo      (Green)
07 Ae'gura (1)    (Brown with spiral hand on pink field)
   01. K'veer +
   02. Kadish Gallery
   03. Canyon Alley Balcony view
   04. Kerath Arch Balcony view
   05. Tokotah Rooftop
   06. Tokotah Alley *
   07. Palace Alcove *
   08. Library Courtyard *
   09. Concert Hall Foyer *
   10. Spy Room *
   11. Great Zero Observation Room*
   12. Great Shaft Antechamber *
   13. Baron's Office
08 Bevin Neighborhood (Blue with golden spiral)
   01. Fountain Plaza
   02. Balcony view
   03. Classroom rooftop view *
09 Nexus Book     (Yellow with green motif)
10 The Great Tree Pub (Blue with blue and yellow leaves)
11 Er'cana      (Rust with black motif)
12 Ahnonay Cathedral  (Brown with gears and circles)
13 Ahnonay      (Brown with gear with circles within)
14 Myst         (Brown with Myst written on the spine)
Sentences within brackets after the book's name describe the aspect of the book: color followed by any distinctive characteristics when applicable.
Links with an * are available in To D'ni expansion pack and will only appear after you have linked there at least once after using the appropriate Bahro Stone.
Links with a + are available in The Path of the Shell expansion pack and will only appear after you have linked there at least once after using the appropriate link.
(1) This is the final configuration of this book. During the game, pages will be in different positions depending on what links you already have.
Approach the left bookshelf, select the new book that leads to The Great Tree Pub and link there.
Note: the Avatar can now do something that it hadn't been able to do since Prologue was shut down (well, with the exception of a few benches on Eder Kemo that is). Pressing CTRL+7 allows you to sit anywhere in the game. To stand up again, simply press the forward key.
2. The Great Tree Pub (Watcher's Sanctuary)
You arrive at a room with a holo projector in front of you. It's projecting a drawing and a shell symbol. Make sure you copy the drawing or take a KI shot. If drawing it do it in an 8x6 grid. You will need it later on in the game. There's a double sweeping stairway on the other side of the room and an alcove to the left.
On the alcove you will find three pedestals with books: the one in the center is a journal written by DRC's Simpson describing this Age. The one on the left links to Er'cana, the industrial Age and the one on the right leads to Ahnonay Cathedral. For now, read the journal, but don't link anywhere yet. 
Note: What's in a name? You may ask why am I calling this Age The Great Tree Pub if Simpson describes this Age as Watcher's Sanctuary. It is also known as The Great Tree Pub. If you look at the Uru files you will see it's also called Restoration Guild. I corrected it (previously I was using Simpson's name for it) because both Tweek and BrettM wrote me about this, and told me that the Restoration Guild is actually a different place that didn't make it into the game. The file names, however, where never changed to reflect this decision. There's also another name for it, Rolep, which is found on the first book about the Maker. I don't like this name and I prefer to use The Great Tree Pub though. So to summarize, this Age has four different names:
Rolep, Watcher's Sanctuary, The Great Tree Pub or Restoration Guild. Throughout the guide, excepting the initial references and this note, I'll be referring to it as The Great Tree Pub.
Return to the place where you linked in and you will notice another alcove, this one with a balcony showing a view of the Great Tree. Reaching that door will be one of the greatest objectives of the game. On the handrail you will find your first item of clothing: a Great Tree Jersey. Pick it up to add it to your wardrobe. On turning around to return to the original link spot you will see a piece of paper on the wall with the numbers 1:38 written on it.
You will find clues like these scattered throughout the various Ages and they will help you solve the Path of the Shell. They work like this: the first number refers to the book back on Relto you will have to read and the second number refers to the line you should read. Each book is called a "section", so this clue tells you to read section 1, line 38 which reads, "The passing of time gives the path to the gathered." Make a note of it.
Return to the inside and climb the stairway. On the upper floor there's an alcove with a blue button. Press it to open the door here. Inside, you will find a room with a huge boulder, a button that turns on a light shining on a metal plate with a shell on it and a huge machine on the wall. You can push the boulder if you want to and press the button to see what happens, but for now nothing of importance will occur. This will be the first path of the shell you'll have to solve. Make a note of the clue (1:4) that reads: "The door lies at the end of the path". Then return to the outside and circle around the upper floor.
Opposite the upper alcove you will find another clue on the wall, 1:89. This one says "Be still and the path will be made known". With these three clues it would be possible to solve the first path of the shell, but we are missing some other elements that would let us finish the game. So let us go on. Return to the lower floor and to the alcove with the linking books. Approach the book on the right and link to Ahnonay Cathedral.
3. Ahnonay Cathedral and Ahnonay
You will be seeing a lot of the Cathedral and a lot of Ahnonay too. This is the Age where you will have to do the most linking in and out you have ever done on a Myst game.
You arrive in a cylindrical room with only one exit. Take it. It opens into a corridor with some lovely paintings you have seen before. Cross the corridor to the end. Notice that Ahnonay's symbol is a huge circle with four small circles inside. This will become relevant once you proceed. Before you link to Ahnonay proper, turn around. There's a clue on the wall here, 2:18 which reads "The action of the gathered means nothing." After writing it down, link to Ahnonay.
3.1 Water and crab Ahnonay
Welcome to the island of crabs. Ahnonay is a watery Age (at least this version is, but more on that in a little while) and your Avatar has a new ability. It can swim. With running mode engaged it will swim in crawl style and with walking mode engaged it will swim in breast stroke style.
The main island has trees on it, a lake with a device and a pedestal with a linking book on the other side of the island. You can see some more islands in the horizon and a tower to the right of where you linked in.
Notice that there are a lot of crabs on the island. The island has a large lake in the middle with a device on it. The top of this device has a screen with blue squares. Each square represents a moving being on top of the islands. What you need to do to proceed is to make sure that you are the only thing on top of the islands. Begin pushing every crab you see into the water. You just have to approach them like you were herding them and they will run into the water. You will pass by an opening on the right with a red tree. You can see the tower from here and you will also notice that there's a crab there. We'll let him go for now. Continue forward and keep pushing the crabs.
You will pass by another opening. There's a shell marker on the wall so press it to save your position. Enter the opening and take care of the crab there, to the left. Unfortunately these are very stupid animals and instead of jumping into the water that surrounds the island it will want to go to the lake, so you will have to do some climbing. Notice that there are some stones jutting out from the water. You will have to use those as hoppers to get to the tower. For now, continue with the crab herding.
By the time you reach the book pedestal you should only have two lights on the radar device: one is you and the other one is the crab on the tower island. Let's take care of it. Return to the shell marker opening, turn left and jump onto the closest stone on the water. Jump to the other one. Making sure you are in running mode jump into the water in a north western direction. Keep swimming forward and the current will take you to Tower Island. There's a small ledge all around the island so you can stand on it if you need to and then circle to the stair.
If you miss it, the current will take you to the lake inside the island and you will have to climb out of it and try again. Keep doing it until you get to the tower.
Once on the tower take care of the crab. Climb the stairs and go around the tower. You will pass an indentation that looks like a door, but there's no way of opening it for now. Keep going around and you will find a drawing on the tower wall. Take a KI shot or copy it to paper in an 8x6 grid. Drop down to the ledge around the island and you will find another clue, 3:72 tells you "Take time to understand the path of the shell."
Note: BrettM has sent me this alternative method to dealing with that last crab and avoid diving into the currents: 
"There is another way to get rid of the last quab without swimming out to the tower.  This is useful for players who just can't get the hang of swimming in the currents.  After you have gotten rid of all the quabs on the main island, link to Relto and back to Ahnonay.  The quab from the tower will now be on the island, and he can be chased into the central pool just like the others.  (He's an antisocial quab, and will only come to the island if he can have it all to himself. B-)
The player will still need to see the code on the back side of the tower, but he can do that later, after linking to the tower and turning off the currents."
Quab is the name found on the URU files for the little animals that populate this version of Ahnonay. I prefer to call them crabs.
Jump into the water and swim to the lake. Climb onto the main island and go to the link pedestal. If you only see one blue square on the radar device, use the book and you will be back on Cathedral. If not, you still have a crab somewhere that needs to be pushed. Once on the Cathedral, open the door, cross the corridor and link to Ahnonay again. If all went well, you should be on a new version of Ahnonay.
3.2 Mist and Crystal Ahnonay
This version of Ahnonay is very eerie. The island looks desolate, there are lightning storms all around, and mists fill the air. There is a tower as in the previous Ahnonay and the same device is in the middle of where the lake used to be. This one is detecting crystals though, so you will need to break everyone of them by approaching it. Careful not to fall into the mists or you will link back to Relto.
When you get to the opening where the first marker was, cross it to the other side. There's a path hidden below the mists that leads to the tower. When you get to the tower, climb the stair and press the marker. Make sure to break the crystal tree here and then return to the main island. Keep breaking the crystal trees and when you are done, link to the Cathedral again. Once more, cross the corridor to the linking book and link to Ahnonay.
3.3 Outer space Ahnonay
This is the most stunning of all the Ahnonay's versions. Everything is broken or on the verge of disappearing but the scenery is breathtaking. Speaking of which, how does the Avatar breathe in space, inquiring minds want to know? Anyway, there's not a lot to do here, the radar device is broken and nothing grows here apart from a few weeds. Link to Relto for now.
When on Relto, go to the Ahnonay link book and link via the shell marker, not the picture of Ahnonay. You will arrive at the position occupied by the marker you touched in the Mist version, but you will be in outer space Ahnonay. Press the marker on the stone in front of you and link back to Relto.
Link back to Ahnonay via picture and go to the pedestal. Link to the Cathedral and from there to Ahnonay again. You should arrive on Water Ahnonay. Link back to Relto and use the shell marker to link back to Ahnonay. You should arrive inside the tower.
3.4 Water Ahnonay revisited
The tower has three ladders you can climb to look through windows and see what's out there. It has a lever and a wheel on the back wall and a lever on the front wall. Pulling the back lever once will make you advance one version of Ahnonay, but this will only be seen if you then link out and link in. I don't advise testing this theory by linking out of the Tower after you have pulled the lever unless you like to link in and out of ages a lot, as there are no controls within the tower in mist Ahnonay. 
Note: If you do want to test it, after pulling the lever, link out and link in via marker. You will arrive on misty Ahnonay. There's a clue here 3:66 which corresponds to "The passing of time brings the past to the present." on the book. If you did this you will then have to return to water Ahnonay by using the Relto book and the pedestal on the main island along with the Cathedral. When you get back to the inside of the tower in water Ahnonay you are ready to continue.
Pull the back lever once. You need to do this once because it also powers another lever you will need to use further on. Use the back wheel once. The wheel turns off the water currents in water Ahnonay, which means you can swim to those far off islands. Make sure you visit everyone of them. You will be surprised to see that they are all fake: nothing more than huge paintings. On the back of one of them (it's difficult to describe its location, but from the island it's the panel that will be in a direct line with a tree and stone jutting from the water) you will find a clue (2:32) which says "Seek the path of the shell."
When you are done, swim to the painting that is NW of the tower. Behind it you will find an entrance tunnel. Take it and you will be inside of a harbor. Climb on to the right side and notice the Ahnonay symbol with the D'ni number 1 on it. Enter the corridor and continue past a room with a door and a lever. Go to the other side of the control center and exit to the platform. Press the shell marker there. Return to the door and pull the lever. Link out to Relto and then link to Ahnonay via marker.
You will arrive at Control Center number 4. Notice the clue on the wall near the spot you link in to: 2:30, "Darkness makes the righteous humble and the evil bold.", and continue on to the door and lever. Pull the lever and wait for it to finish its descent. The door will open. Enter the door. There's a long corridor with gears and a picture at the end of it showing the fourth Ahnonay version. By the middle of the walkway you are on, there are two ladders leading down. Take one of them. Once at the bottom, touch the shell marker. After this you can do one of two things: continue the game or go see the fourth version.
Note: to see the fourth version, link out to Relto and link in to Ahnonay via picture. Look around: there's a statue of Kadish being built, the framework for the tower which you can also get to and little else. This also explains how you could breathe in space: all ages were built by Kadish and they are illusions, so that space isn't real space. When you are ready to leave, do so by linking out to Relto. Do not use the pedestal or you will trigger another time travel and have to do two more links instead of just one. Return to the Control Center by linking in to Ahnonay via marker.
There's a chair and a button here. The button doesn't work for now because it's used to call the chair when it isn't here. Sit on the chair and it will lower. You will be in a tunnel. The chair has three levers: one on top that makes the chair go up and down, one on the left that makes it turn around and one on the right that makes it go forward. Operate this one and enjoy the short ride. Operate it again and when it stops, operate it once more. When you get to the end, use the top lever to go up.
You will arrive in a small circular room connected to a corridor that leads to Kadish's Room antechamber. Proceed through the corridor. There's a cot on the right with your second item of clothing: a Kahlo Pub Jacket. Click on it to add it to your wardrobe. There's also a clue here: 5:57 "The path is folly for those who toil."
On the other side of this chamber, there's a button panel with some symbols you have seen before. There is also a door that isn't open. You'll have to open it by entering the right sequence on the panel. The symbols correspond to the paintings in the back top floor of Kadish Gallery.
Note: you can also find the sequence to open the door by looking at the paintings in Ahnonay Cathedral. When you start walking the corridor, towards the link book at the end, number the paintings from 1 to 8. Don't mind the Age symbol paintings. First painting (and the corresponding symbol that will have to be pressed first) is on the right wall, second one (and the corresponding symbol that will have to be pressed second) on the left wall, and so on. This is a direct correspondence to the symbols on the panel and you will end up pressing the same sequence as you do for the Kadish Gallery.
Entering them in sequence opens the door. I'm using the Kadish Gallery sequence. What you have to do is give a number to each painting and note the order of the paintings in Kadish Gallery. Then number each button from 1 to 8, left to right and top to bottom like this:
  1 2 3 4
  5 6 7 8
Matching each painting to a button you get the following sequence: 3 2 1 4 8 5 6 7. Press it to enter the room and see what's inside. There's a central structure with a Bahro Stone. There's a cupboard on the right with a drawing that seems to be an hourglass and a big circle with 625 written on it. There's also some sort of egg timer you can operate.
Open the windows, by pressing the button on the left side of the room and don't forget to press the shell marker. Looking outside you will see a strange machine with four spheres. Each of those spheres contains a version of Ahnonay. You cycle through them by using the levers in Tower Island and the ones by the doors in the Control Center. Also by linking to the Cathedral and from there to Ahnonay. At least I think that's how it works. :p
If you want to you can go visit the Bahro Cavern. According to the drawing there seems to be two caverns stacked on top of each other. This stone links to the bottom cave. Unfortunately the link won't be added to any book so once you leave here, the only way to return to the cave is to link back here. Link to the cave and have a look around. There is a clue on the wall, 5:32, "Roll the stone to know the Deceiver" and some stone squares like in those other drawings, but there are no lines. There seems to be something missing here.
Link out to Relto and from there to Ahnonay. We are almost done with this Age. All that is left to do is getting the Relto page and then return to Kadish Room to set the shell marker there as the one we want to return to.
3.5 Collecting Ahnonay Relto Page
Make sure you are in the water version (if you aren't, use the pedestal with link book and Ahnonay Cathedral to link there). Swim to Control Center number 1 and press the shell marker there. Link out to Relto and link to Ahnonay via picture or swim back to the island. Go to the pedestal book and link to the Cathedral. Link to misty Ahnonay.
Link to Relto. Link to Ahnonay via marker. You should be on Control Center number 2. Make your way to the other side and press the shell marker there. Link to Relto. Link to misty Ahnonay via picture. Go around to the pedestal and link to the Cathedral. Link to space Ahnonay. Link to Relto.
Link to Ahnonay via shell marker. You should arrive on Control Center number 3. From the link in spot, go to the middle of the Control Center where the round door is located. Approach the pipes on the right of the door. Behind them you will see a clue 2:19 with the correspondent text being "The action of the deceived is toiling in vain". After seeing this, return to the link in spot. Exit to the platform and press the shell marker there. Link out to Relto. Link in to Ahnonay via picture. Go around to the pedestal and link to the Cathedral. Link to water Ahnonay. Once more, go around to the pedestal and link to the Cathedral. Link to misty Ahnonay.
Link out to Relto. Link to Ahnonay via shell marker. You should arrive on Control Center number 2 and on the correct side to collect the Relto page. Grab it and activate it. This one adds a D'ni clock to the new island on Relto. If you managed to get here, good work!
Now to return to Kadish room and set the correct shell marker.
Note: what I'm about to do is to make sure you arrive on the inside of the tower if by any chance the door to it is closed. It happened to me once and let's just say it got really ugly. If you don't want to do it, just link until you get to water Ahnonay (ignore my instructions about the shell markers) and swim to the tower. If the door is open, lucky you. If not... well you'll have some more serious linking to do.
Let's go for the final link dance. Link to Relto and link to Ahnonay via picture. Go to the tower and click on the shell marker there. Go to the pedestal and link to Cathedral. Link to space Ahnonay. Link to Relto.
Link to space Ahnonay via marker. Click on marker on the stone. Link to Relto. Link to space Ahnonay. Go to pedestal and link to Cathedral. Link to water Ahnonay. Link to Relto. Link to water Ahnonay via marker.
Pull the lever on the back wall of the tower. Open the door by pulling the lever on the front wall of the tower. Swim to the Control Center. Press shell marker on the other side. Return to the Control Center door and pull the lever there. Link out to Relto. Link to Ahnonay via shell marker.
You should arrive on Control Center number 4. Pull the lever to open the round door. Proceed downstairs. Press the button to call the chair and sit on the chair to travel through the tunnel.
Cross to Kadish's room and press shell marker there. That's it. No more Ahnonay, except for a little visit further on.
4. Er'cana
Link back to Relto and from there to The Great Tree Pub. Go to the alcove with the books. Proceed to the left one and link to Er'cana. You will arrive inside of a tunnel cave. From the link in spot, go forward and deeper into the cave. You will arrive at a chamber with plants growing in the middle of water. Behind them there's a drawing. Take a KI shot or copy it to paper to an 8x6 grid.
Return to the link in spot and from there proceed until you arrive outside. You'll be in a canyon with a two separate train tracks in front of you. There are lots of plants and water puddles around. If you want to, turn NW and start going forward to an opening in the canyon wall. There's a cleft drawing there, with lots of stars depicting the Star Fissure. Clicking on the existing crack on the drawing links you to an area that you will be visiting later: the upper portion of the Bahro Cavern. If you do this you will then have to link to Relto and from there to Er'cana again, so if you want to try, be sure to press the shell marker that is back face of the rail support in front of the entrance to this opening. When you are done return to the start point outside the cavern and go right.
Continue until you get to a machine with a ladder leading up. Climb aboard and go to the front of the machine. Click on the console to get a close up view. There's two levers (one on each side), a central lever on top and a switch. Lift the central lever and then pull the one on the right. Enjoy the ride. When it stops and if you want to, you can climb down and go look for a shell marker. It's on the middle of the wall between the two stairways. To continue, return to the train.
Cross to the other part of the machine and pull the lever there. This small tram will take you inside the water treatment facility. Upon stopping, pull the lever once again, but retreat from the tram. Let it return to the train without you. Turn around. Inspect your surroundings to find the first shell marker on the left. Press it. Go around and find the ladder leading down on the inner railing opposite the marker. There's a stairway leading out but it's a dead end. Climb down to the lower level.
Exit through the opening and before taking another ladder down, lift the switch on the wall to turn on the lights. Go down and cross the steam tunnel. Almost at the end, you will see a clue on the wall, 4:96 "Rest in the light". Continue forward and climb the ladder. Lift the switch there to turn on the lights and then enter into the next room.
This room is identical to the one you just came in through, so locate the ladder on the left and climb to the upper level. There's the tram platform but this one doesn't work. Cross to the other side and climb the stairway. Before continuing to the metal catwalk, turn around and walk back and to the left. On the back of the outside wall on the left, there's a clue (4:81) "The future is always revealed to those who wait.". Make a note of it and proceed to the metal catwalk.
At the fork turn right and enter the building. This building has 4 exits and three huge millstones in the middle of it. On the exit opposite this one, there's a shell marker and a switch. Touch the marker and lift the switch. This will get the generator working. Proceed through this door, up the stairs to the control center. There's a panel on the right showing the areas where there is power (lit in blue) at the station. Opposite there's a control chair. Sit on the chair and click on the left blue button twice.
You will see four blue circles with fans and a red circle in the middle. You will also see four buttons with the D'ni numerals from one to four on them. Clicking on a number selects one of the blue circles and brings up a control display on the right with controls for the fan, the hatch (red) and water release (blue). Number one water release control isn't working, but that shouldn't be a problem. Turn off every fan, open every hatch and drain the water on the ones that can be drained by selecting a number and then the appropriate controls.
Next click on the blue bottom left button so the screen scrolls left. Again you will see four circles (two yellow) and four buttons with the D'ni numerals. Clicking on them makes a yellow button appear on the right panel. Turn off all the yellow circles. When you are done, stand up and go outside.
When you exit, turn left and go to the turbine. Climb down and enter the water pipe. At the end of it you will find Er'cana's Relto page that adds fire marbles to the inside of the hut. Return to the control center and from there to the generator room. Turn to the right and exit through that opening. Continue to the wall to find another clue. This one is 4:52 "The way is made clear at the end of time." Return to the generator room.
Cross the room and exit through the opening. Proceed to the far most metal grate, which is broken. Enter the water tunnel and continue until you arrive at the water turbine. Climb the ladder and continue forward on the metal catwalk. At the junction, turn right and enter the building. Lift the switch there. There is now power on the elevator in here. Press the white button to go up.
Exit through one of the openings and continue to outside. Keep going until you are on the rooftop of the stone pellet machine room. There's a backpack on the rooftop, so collect it. Another nice addition to the wardrobe. Climb down the metal ladder into the room below. Turn right and go to the shell marker. Press it. Go outside and click on the stone slab to make a bridge. Notice clue on the left wall 4:10 "The number of the watcher is six hundred and twenty five." which is the same number on the drawing in Kadish's Room.
Return to the stone pellet machine room. There are two links here: a Bahro Stone to the upper cavern and a book to a location on Ae'gura. Link to the cavern. Observe all the paintings on the walls, the symbols inside each circle and how many spokes there are in each circle. Clue 5:18 reads "The gathered will find rest when the light comes.". Link to Relto and from there use shell marker on Er'cana book to return to stone pellet machine room.
Once there, retrace your steps back to the control room (up the ladder to the rooftop, down the elevator to the four mixers room, through turbine tunnel, turn right once inside generator room, climb stairs). You need to turn power back on, on the yellow circles. Sit on the chair and turn each of them on.
Now return to the room with the elevator and the four mixers. Each of these has three controls and a button. Each control has a symbol that corresponds to the drawings on the upper Bahro Cavern. By setting the controls to the number of spokes on each wheel you will produce stone pellets with the right amount of energy. You will be testing them anyway to see if they are correct.
Go to each viewer. The scales have red (thin) and black (thick) lines: each red line is a one level increment and each black line is a five level increment. Set the controls for 40, 30 and 20 or on the 8th, 6th and 4th black line counting from the bottom. After the fourth mixer has been set, press the big yellow button. Now, remember the 625 number? That's how much real time you will have to wait until the pellets are ready, which translates to 14 to 15 minutes of real time.
A Note on D'ni times: well as I suspected I did convert the time wrong (initially I had a 10 minute time wait)... as it turns out, D'ni time is a lot more complicated then I thought! Thanks to JesusAddict and Bah'tahm for this:
Rather than waiting for 625 seconds, we are forced to wait for 625 prorahntee. Which means that the exact time to wait for the falling pellet and also the ladder is 14.5 minutes. This comes from the D'ni time system:
1 yahr = 30 h 14 min = 5 gahr-tah-vo-tee
1 gahr-tah-vo = 6 h 3 min = 25 tah-vo-tee
1 tah-vo = 14.5 min = 25 gor-ahn-tee
1 gor-ahn = 36 sec = 25 pro-rahn-tee
The D'ni egg timer in the Kadish's room (where you link to the lower Bahro cave back in Ahnonay) rotates once in 1 tah-vo (14.5 min) and the D'ni numbers on the clock give the number of pro-rahn-tee, 625 which in the D'ni number system is 1-0-0 (base 25 number system). That makes it a nice even number, even if it doesn't seem that way to us.
When they are ready go to the pellet machine room and press the blue button. The machine will open. DO NOT PULL the lever in any circumstance unless you want to produce another batch of pellets. Click on the blue button that appears and a pellet will come out. Click on the pellet and link to the city location. 
Note: each pellet is offered for a short limited time (less than 10 sec) so you have to be quick to click on it and link to the desired location before it falls to the ground on the stone pellet machine room.
This is a testing area. If your pellet was correctly made, the meter will fill up and the pellet will release an intense white light when it hits the water down there. Before you leave this location, climb the stairs to the upper level and see the clue there: 3:110 says "The path of the stone is toil for the gathered.". Return downstairs and link to the stone pellet machine room.
Click on the blue button to get another stone pellet and link with this one to the upper Bahro Cavern. The avatar will link there with the stone pellet and drop it in the water. You now have 10 real time minutes to get to the lower Bahro Cavern so, get to it. Link to Relto and from there link to Ahnonay via the shell marker. From Kadish's Room, link to the lower Bahro Cavern.
Note: if you want to, and as there is plenty of time to do this, you can use all of the remaining pellets. Link with them to the upper Bahro Cavern so that they will all drop to the lower portion of the Cavern. You will have to do them one at a time and with several links in between them (Machine room to Cavern to Relto to Machine room) but it will give you more time to look at the drawings in the lower Cavern.
Wait for the remainder of the time you have. Place yourself on a good spot to take a KI shot of the drawing with the four stones. You will see the pellet falling on the water and illuminating the whole room. You have about 5 seconds to see what's around you, so unless you want to go drop another stone pellet on the upper Cavern, return here and wait for it to come, you better get that KI shot at first attempt. There are also some lovely drawings on the wall, but there isn't enough time to see them.
Once you have the KI shot copy it to an 8x6 grid. That's it. You're done with Er'cana. Link to Relto and let us continue to the Path of the Shell.
5. The Great Tree Pub revisited
Link to The Great Tree Pub and go to the upper level. Enter the room. Now, with all the assembled clues, the solution for this room reads as follows:
1:4   The door lies at the end of the path.
1:38  The passing of time gives the path to the gathered.
1:89  Be still and the path will be made known.
2:18  The action of the gathered means nothing.
2:19  The action of the deceived is toiling in vain
2:30  Darkness comes at the end of time.
2:32  Seek the path of the shell.
3:66  The passing of time brings the past to the present.
3:72  Take time to understand the path of the shell.
3:110 The path of the stone is toil for the gathered.
4:10  The number of the watcher is six hundred and twenty five.
4:52  The way is made clear at the end of time.
4:81  The future is always revealed to those who wait.
4:96  Rest in the light.
5:18  The gathered will find rest when the light comes.
5:32  Roll the stone to know the deceiver.
5:57  The path is folly for those who toil.
So, rolling that stone up the path won't lead you anywhere. What you have to do is stand on the metal plate with the shell symbol, turn on the light and wait for another 14 to 15 real time minutes without moving. Stand under the light until you hear the sound. Also, if you look to the bottom middle right side of the screen you will see one metal rod sliding to the position, where it will allow you to climb the ladder, when the sound begins. Wait for it to end. When it has ended, turn around.
If you look to the wall next to the huge boulder, you will see metal bars forming a ladder. Climb it. Once up there walk the path of the shell until the end. Click on the blue button at the end of the path to have a walkway extend to where you are. Cross it to the other side.
Note: if you fall down on your way up the path, you will be behind the rock. If you continue up this way you will arrive at the place where the rock normally stops. The floor will open and you will fall into a room with a tunnel curving upwards. Following this tunnel will lead you back to the room with the lamp and you will enter from behind that huge clock device, which will lift up to let you pass.
You are in a chamber with a stair leading down. Follow it and exit to the Great Tree. Cross the wooden bridge and enter the Great Tree. There's another drawing on the wall, a spiral path on the floor, a blue button and a shell marker on the wall. Press the shell marker. The button turns the lights on and off and makes the walkway you crossed to get here retract. Leave it on for the gathered love the light.
Take a KI shot of the drawing or copy it to an 8x6 grid. When you are done, find the start of the path near the entrance and walk along it until you get to the center. You will be linked to another Age.
6. Myst
You'll arrive inside the fireplace on the Library in Myst Island. Press the red button to open the panel and click on the empty space to exit. Look around, but there isn't much to see. Pick up Katherine's outfit on the NE shelf. Return to the fireplace. Press the red button to close the panel. 
Now, here's the tricky part. Remember all those drawings you have been collecting? Merge them all into one and you will have one of the solutions to the fireplace panel. The final drawing should look like this:



















where X means the panel should be in and O means it should be out. Click on the panel to have a close up view and then enter the above sequence. This is just like the original Myst puzzle. Press the red button and the room will rotate showing you a link to the next Age. Click on it to link to...
7. K'veer
You won't be able to do much here. As soon as you link in you will hear Yeesha's speech. Listen carefully to it. She will also link you to Ae'gura and literally dazzle you. Then you will see the final message for the Path of the Shell and that "perhaps the ending has not been written yet."
Well the game sure isn't finished. We are still missing a couple of things. When you are back on K'veer look in front of you. Go to the desk. There's a Relto page here that adds lovely green plants to it. There's a letter from Yeesha to her parents and on the chair there's Atrus outfit. Collect it. Nothing more to do here, except to link out to Relto.
8. Myst revisited and Kadish Tolesa
On linking back to Relto take a moment to appreciate how beautiful it has become... but we are still missing two Relto pages. Go to the hut and link to Myst. Once you arrive in the fireplace get a close up on the panel. For those of you who played Myst recently or have the notes from when you played it handy, this should be easy. For those of you who like me haven't played it in ten years and don't remember the original solution to the fireplace panel, well here it is courtesy of Tijara:



















where X means the panel should be in and O means it should be out. Click on the panel to have a close up view and then enter the above sequence. Once more, press the red button and the room will rotate revealing a shelf with a Relto page on it. Congratulations, you now have a brand new fireplace on Relto. Enjoy it. Think of all the cookies you can bake! Link back to Relto and you'll see it outside the hut.
Now, remember Yeesha's speech saying something about Kadish's body not being on the vault anymore? And something else about new life? Let's take a closer look at Kadish Tolesa. Open the book to Kadish and link to the marker if the last one you touched was the one inside the vault. If not you will have to make your way there.
Once in the vault, approach the entrance and turn to the right. You will find a linking book there. Touch it to link to a different version of Kadish vault.
Upon arriving notice the red butterflies. Wow! Continue forward to find a Relto page that adds them to your Relto. Now go to the floor of the vault. There are pieces of a letter strewn around. Apparently Yeesha now has the powers of the Gods and has saved Kadish's life. There's also a helmet on top of some sacks. Pick it up to add to the wardrobe. Link back to Relto.
9. Final Considerations
There is something new on Gahreesen. Link there and go to the big rotating building. Once inside go to one of the Locker rooms. Stand under the pipe and you will be equipped with a Maintainer's suit which you can take anywhere. It will be on the head section of the wardrobe in Relto and you will only see the helmet there. When you select the helmet, the full suit will be outfitted on the Avatar.
There's also something to be collected from the dry version of the Cleft. Link there from Relto by using the first book on the left bookshelf. Make your way to the cleft and climb down. Next fall to the bottom of the cleft and make your way to the second fallen wooden walkway that you can climb. When you finish climbing, turn to the room on the right. On the top of the stone table with the  near the entrance you'll see a pair of goggles that can be picked up and added to your wardrobe collection.
An Easter egg has been found by Shangra, in Myst Age. As would be expected, it involves a inserting a sequence in the Fireplace panel. The sequence is the following:



















where X means the panel should be in and O means it should be out. Click on the panel to have a close up view and then enter the above sequence. You will be shown a recipe for D'nied Eggs. Let me just say I wouldn't touch them with a ten feet pole! Is it just me or does this code look like a fried egg, sunny side up? ^_^
I will try to update this walkthrough as I discover new features or new information comes out. Please send me any corrections/contributions that I might have missed.
That is it.
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough and the expansion pack!
--- E. Expansion Pack Features ---
1. Bahro Stones
   Er'cana - Panel off to the side of the stone pellet machine, links to Upper Bahro Cavern. This link isn't stored in any book.
     Ahnonay - Central structure within Kadish's room, links to Lower Bahro Cavern. This link isn't stored in any book.
2. Short Guide to Relto Pages
    Behind a closed door in Harbor Room #2, only accessible via shell marker, adds a D'ni clock to the new island in Relto.
    End of water disposal tunnel #4 (northwest one when exiting from the control room), adds five fire marbles to Relto.
    Shelf on rotating fireplace after original Myst code is inserted, adds a fireplace.
    After finishing the game, on the table with Yeesha's note to her parents, allows greenery to grow on Relto.
  Kadish Tolesa
    After finishing the game, in future version of the Vault. Brings two swarms of butterflies to Relto.
3. Hats and Clothing
  Great Tree Jersey
    The Great Tree Pub: on the handrail of the outside balcony that looks on the Great Tree.
  Pub Jacket
    Ahnonay: top of cot on the right side of Kadish's room antechamber.
  Backpack 2
    Er'cana: rooftop of stone pellet machine chamber.
  Katherine's outfit
    Myst: shelve on Myst library after exiting from the fireplace.
  Atrus' outfit
    K'veer: on the chair behind writing desk with note from Yeesha.
    Kadish Tolesa: (only available after finishing the game) future version of Kadish Tolesa floor of vault room.
  Maintainer's Suit
    Gahreesen: stand below the tube in one of Gahreesen locker rooms.
    Cleft (dry version): on the stone table on the right side of the entrance to the room with Atrus' letter to Yeesha.
--- F. Contributors ---
 - Me. ^_^
 - Tijara: thanks for all the help and support given. Wouldn't been able to do it without you.
 - Bionikai001 for the correct name for Ahnonay Cathedral.
 - Shangra for the help he gave me, for finding the reference to Rolep for Me, for telling me of the secret room in The Great Tree Pub and of course  for the Easter Egg code.
 - G'ildor for sending me the correct tags for clues 2:32, 3:66 and 3:72.
 - JesusAddict and Bah'tahm for their explanations about D'ni times.
 - Kurtg and a player who wishes to remain anonymous for sending me the location to clue 2:19 that I had missed.
 - MrM3FaN for telling me about the clickable feature in the Fissure drawing present in Er'cana.
 - Tweek for a correct description of the symbol on Ae'gura's book spine and for some added material about the names for the The Great Tree Pub.
 - BrettM for some background on the names for the The Great Tree Pub, tips about the last crab in Ahnonay and about using all the pellets in Er'cana.
 - Jodi Moses for the locations and pictures of two shell markers I had missed in Er'cana.
 - Mark Wooge for the corrections he submitted to the Er'cana section.
 - Audrey Muratore and Zerocool867 for another way of finding the sequence to open up Kadish's room.
--- G. Legal Stuff ---
This document is copyrighted to me, Orlando Soares. Please do not alter it or
use parts of it without my permission and without quoting me.
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