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Uru: Ages Beyond Myst - Walkthrough
Written by Coelho Buda   

Version 1.5



--- A. Table of Contents ---



 A. Table of Contents

 B. Version history

 C. FAQs

 D. Walkthrough

1. The Desert Cleft

2. Relto Age

3. Teledahn Age

4. Gahreesen Age

5. Kadish Tolesa Age

6. Eder Gira / Eder Kemo Age

7. Bahro Caves

8. Return to the Desert Cleft

9. Final considerations

 E. Short Guide to Journey Cloths

 F. Short Guide to Relto Pages

 G. Contributors

 H. Live features

1. Bahro Stones

2. Relto Pages

3. Great Zero Marker locations

4. Other Goodies

 I. Legal Stuff



--- B. Version history ---



Version 1.5 -      (25.01.04) Added Live Features Section which includes new Bahro Stones, new Relto Pages, Great Zero Marker locations and some extra Goodies


Version 1.4 -      (01.01.2004) Updated and added an explanation for the third puzzle in Kadish Tolesa. Added information to FAQ section. Updated contributors list.

(23.12.2003) Updated Kadish Tolesa and Eder Gira Ages. Corrected some errors. Added how to reach the Neighborhood in the offline version to the Final Considerations section. Updated contributors list and site list.

(16.12.2003) Updated Return to Desert Cleft with the correct way of solving the final projector sequence. Updated contributors list and site list.


Version 1.3 -      (05.12.03) Added another suggestion for solving the final puzzle in Return to Desert Cleft. Updated Contributors list.

(03.12.03) Added small corrections to Teledahn (wooden plank and metal walkway), added suggestion to hexagonal tile puzzle in Kadish Tolesa, added suggestion to final projection puzzle in Return to Desert Cleft. Updated contributors list. Switched names of Eder Kemo and Eder Gira Ages.

(01.12.03) Added a FAQ to the FAQs section, added an alternative to solving the pressure plate puzzle in Teledahn and added contributor to Contributor list.


Version 1.2 -      (26.11.03) Two submissions to help improve the walkthrough in Teledahn and Kadish Tolesa. One submission on Return to the Desert Cleft. Updated contributors list. Updated list of sites with permission to post this guide.

(25.11.03) Minor update to list of sites with permission to post this guide.

(21.11.03) Minor update: Explanation for the tile puzzle and the pillar puzzle in Kadish Tolesa. Updated contributors list.


Version 1.1 -      Updated contributors list. Updated FAQ. Added a legend to Kadish Tolesa Tile puzzle. Updated Final Considerations with information on seeing Shroomie and new T-Shirt. Updated list of sites with permission to post this FAQ.


Version 1.0 -      Updated contributors list. Updated info on Relto pages. Finished walkthrough for the remaining areas. Finished both Short Guides. Corrected a few more mistakes. Added a FAQ  section.


Version 0.6 -      Updated bookshelf on Relto Age. Corrected a few grammatical errors and a few FAQ errors. Added Kadish Tolesa Age. Added  start of Eder Kemo Age. Added Journey Cloth Short Guide and Relto Pages Short Guide for Kadish Tolesa. Updated list of sites with permission to post this FAQ.


Version 0.4 -      Added Gahreesen Age. Added Journey Cloth Short Guide for Desert Cleft, Teledahn and Gahreesen Ages. Added Relto Pages Short Guide for Desert Cleft, Teledahn and Gahreesen Ages. Updated FAQ with ToC and with some alterations. Corrected a few grammatical  errors. Added list of sites with permission to post this FAQ and contributors list.


Version 0.3 -      First Version. Walkthrough for Desert Cleft, Relto Age and Teledahn Age.



--- C. FAQ ---



 Q: How do I save the game?


 A: Unfortunately, there is no way for an user to save the game when he wants to. :p The game automatically saves any change you make to the Ages, and the Journey Cloths save your position within an Age, enabling you to return to it by linking from Relto. By default the game always loads to Relto Age.


Q: Uru seems to cause my machine to crash once in a great while, so the inability to save is a REAL pain.  Worse, when Uru crashes my machine, it loses track of my game, and I'm forced to start way back at the beginning of the game, recreating my avatar and everything else. What can I do?

A: In the Uru install directory there's a subdirectory called 'sav'.  Whenever you quit, make a copy of everything in that directory in another location.  If you crash, delete whatever is in that directory and then copy in the stuff you last saved before restarting Uru.  This causes it to restart with everything as it was when you last started the game.  Still not great, but FAR better than starting the whole thing over again. (thanks to Andrew Lowry for this suggestion).


Q: Where is ?

A: See my short guide for Journey Cloths at the end of the walkthrough. That way you will not read any major spoiler.


Q: Where is ? / What does  do?

A: See my short guide for Relto pages at the end of the walkthrough. That way you will not read any major spoiler.


Q: Can I change my Avatar's name/sex after I have started a game?

A: No. You are bound to the Avatar you created. If you want a different one, you will have to start a new game.


Q: Why is it my KI device does not work?

A: It will only be fully functional on the Online version of the game. In the single player version it controls the blue doors in Gahreesen Age.


Q: I want to return to the beginning of an Age but I can only see the Journey Cloth marker in the book. What can I do?

A: Look to the bottom left or bottom right corner of the Age's book. There is a bent corner that you can press to turn the pages. This allows to select whether to return to the last touched Journey Cloth, the beginning of the Ages or other places within the Ages.


Q: Due to a bug a puzzle does not work/I want to reset the Age. How do I do it?

A: Link to Relto and go to the bookshelf. Below each book there is a button (it has a square with a dot in the middle). Press it. You will be asked if you want do delete the Age. Answer yes. The book disappears and you will have to go retrieve outside at the corresponding pillar. Resetting an Age resets all puzzles within the Age but keeps the Journey Cloth progress.


I will post more if I come across any more frequent questions.



--- D. Walkthrough ---



Hello. This is my very first walkthrough. I have been to several Uru forums and I am still playing the game. Throughout the game I have been stuck in many of the places where people complain they are also stuck, and so I decided doing this as I way to help out everyone.

That being said, any contributions will be gladly accepted. ^_^


Questions, contributions, corrections and general praise ^_^ can be sent to my e-mail.


Warning: This walkthrough contains major spoilers. It could seriously affect your enjoyment of the game. I do not give out hints or nudges. I simply state how a given puzzle should be solved. That said, read on at your own risk.


So without further ado, on to the game itself.



1. The Desert Cleft



After you configure your avatar, you will appear in a desert setting with a volcano in the distance. Behind you and to your left side there is a metal plate leaning against a barbed wire fence. Go around the plate, and behind it you will find your first Journey Cloth. Touch it and then return to your starting position.


Walk/run towards the trailer. Listen to what Zandi has to say, and when he is finished, circle towards the back of the trailer. Here is the second Journey Cloth, so activate it by touching it.


Now you could go down the cleft, which is to your right, but before you do, let us activate the last of the surface Journey Cloths before going down. Walk towards the volcano and circle it to the left or to the right. Behind it you will find the remains of what appears to be the telescope from Riven and a giant ribcage skeleton from a Whark (one of those whale type sea creatures from Riven). Walk between the ribs of the skeleton and proceed towards the head. The third Journey Cloth is on the left mandible, to your right, when facing the desert or to your left when facing the volcano. Press your hand to the cloth and then return to the Cleft.


Locate the wooden ladder that leads into the Cleft and climb down. You will be on a ledge facing two wooden bridges, overlooking a gully. Walk towards the one on the right, and cross it. It will break, making you fall to the bottom of the gully. Turn to the right and walk until you locate what is left of another broken wood bridge. Walk towards it and climb it. You will be on a ledge with two openings. The one in front of you contains the fourth Journey Cloth, so enter it and touch the Cloth. The second opening has a letter from Atrus to Yeesha. You can read it if you want to. When you are finished, walk outside past the first opening and drop down to a lower ledge.


Cross the bridge made from three wooden planks to the other side. Turn to the left and again drop down to a lower ledge. Climb up using what is left of another wooden bridge, and you should arrive at Yeesha's home. Enter the room. Examine the drawings on the wall to your right, behind a wood plank. Copy those four symbols as you will need them to operate the machine opposite the door. But first, you will need to turn on the power.


Inside this room, turn to the left and climb down the stairs. When you arrive at the first floor, you will see a shaft with a lever and a wheel. Pull the lever to release the locking mechanism. Nothing will happen for now. Return to the first floor, and exit it. Fall down to the gully and walk to the end of it, right to the tree with the hand print on it. This is where you will be exiting his age, by the way. Now, climb to your right, up a small stairway and you should be by the outside of the room with the shaft, wheel and lever mechanism. Cross the gully using the second wooden bridge, the one which is right in front of the door, being careful not to fall through the gap on the bridge. Once you are on the other side, climb out of the cleft and circle it.


Go towards the wind fan generator and grab the wooden pole that sticks out from it. Your avatar will push it and start the generator. Return to the Cleft, climb down, and cross to Yeesha's home by going the same way as you did before. When you enter the room, the power will be on.


Touch the blue button by the door to close it. Go to the machine on the other side of the room, the one with the blue button, not the one with the green button. If you have not touched the machine until now, you will only need to adjust one of the buttons, the one on the right, until it looks like an eye with vertical lines. If not, press the four buttons until they match the ones on the wall. Press the blue button. Yeesha's message should play. She will also activate a Journey Cloth, the fifth. After the message has finished playing, touch the Cloth.


While inside the house, go down to the first floor and open the door by pressing the blue button. Go outside, fall to the gully and again cross to the other side as if going to Yeesha's. On the door you closed will be the sixth Journey Cloth, so touch it. Only one to go.


Fall down to the bottom of the gully, turn to the right and go to the tree. Turn to the right, climb up, climb the small stairs and cross the first bridge, being careful not to fall through the gap at the end. Once across, there is a bucket on a winch and a wooden pedal on the floor. The bucket has the seventh and last Journey Cloth on it. Press the pedal and it should lower the bucket. Once again, fall down to the gully. Walk to the bucket and touch the Cloth. Now you can go to the tree and open the Journey Door. Do so by touching the hand imprint on the tree.


Enter the tree hole and climb down the wooden ladder. Follow the path to the end. In this room there will be a pedestal with a book on it. This is your Relto book and it allows you to link to your personal age, or Relto Age, the island in the clouds. Say goodbye to the Cleft and touch picture in the book.



2. Relto Age



Welcome to the island in the clouds. This Age is a refuge, and the starting point for the rest of the game. When anything bad happens to you, you will automatically link to this age. It will also store the several books you will find throughout the other ages.


The island is not very big. It has a house, four wooden cylinders and sparse vegetation. You will be able to somewhat customize by finding Relto pages in the different ages.


Start by going to the house, and opening the door. Inside, you should see a small lever to your left. Operate it to open the windows and let some light in. In front of you there is a closet that leads to the customization menu, where you can alter your appearance. To the left of this closet there is a book case with a book describing the four ages: Teledahn (the one with the mushrooms), Gahreesen (the fortresses one), Kadish Tolesa (the one with the "clock" mechanisms) and Eder Gira / Eder Kemo (Volcano and Garden ages). To the right of the closet there is another bookcase that will store the different books that you will find throughout the ages. Once you are done checking the house, go outside.


Walk towards the cylinders. Touch the handprint on each one once to open them. Inside each, you will find a linking book. What I did was link to all of them, one at a time, and upon arriving at an Age I linked back to Relto. That way all the books will be stored in the bookcase, and you can then select the one you want to start from. With your back to the house this is their order:


         1      3


         2      4


1 - Eder Gira / Eder Kemo (Green handprint)

2 - Teledahn    (Orange handprint)

3 - Gahreesen   (Cyan handprint)

4 - Kadish Tolesa         (Purple handprint)


I will continue this walkthrough assuming all the books are on the bookcase. Their order will be like this (these are the books I have at this point, but there may be more):


Slot #           Book Age

 1      Desert Cleft (only appears in the end)

 2      Gahreesen and Gahreesen Prison

 3      Teledahn and Tree Stump

 4      Kadish Tolesa

 5      Eder Gira

 6      Eder Kemo

 7      Douglas Sharper's room; City Balcony view from Gahreesen; Kadish Gallery; DRC Area

 8      Unknown*; City Balcony view from Kadish Tolesa


* See Final Considerations below.


Let us start with Teledahn. Press the book on the third slot and link to the







3. Teledahn Age



You will arrive on this age inside a hut. On the floor there is a manhole, but as there is no power yet, you can not lift it. Go outside, and circle around the hut. There you will find this Age's first Journey Cloth. Touch it. Go back to the front of the hut and walk to the intersection. There's an elevator shaft here and the calling button but it will not work because there's no power. Walk outside, and keep walking until you see a fork. Take the left side and go up the ramp.


You should be on a platform with another ramp leading to a dead end as the ramp is broken and works as a one way return from the final area of this Age. There is also a sort of balloon, three levers and a button with the D'ni number three on it. This is a solar powered generator and you will need to activate it to power up the machines for this Age. To do so, you first need to press the button three times. This will make the balloon go up. Walk around the platform to the other side and there should be a periscope. Activate the periscope. You now have to track the Sun to provide the power. Do so by making the periscope rotate to the left at the same speed as the sun and with the sun in the middle of the aiming ring. You can then step away. Of the three levers only two work, so operate those two. The Age should now be powered.


Go down the ramp to the fork and again take the left side. Walk until you get to a lever. To the left of the lever is a small stairway leading to a pathway with a dark patch in front of a big bucket. This is a sort of tram. To activate it you need to operate the lever which is on a timer. After you operate it you have about five seconds to get to the bucket and climb inside, by clicking on it. Once you do you will be taken to the control room and be unceremoniously dumped on a fan.



Note: If you miss the bucket, you will have to reset the mechanism. To do it, you will have to go to the lever and look at the moving buckets. When one of them going up crosses one of the ones coming down, operate the lever. With luck, this will make the bucket that is coming down stop in front of the dark area I referred before. Then you will have to operate the lever again, run to the bucket and climb aboard.



The control room has an elevator to your left, a control console to the left and slightly in front of you, two openings with telescopes to the right and the second Journey Cloth on the wall between these openings. Touch it to save your progress. If you want to, you can use the telescopes to enjoy the view of Teledahn.


Go to the elevator and you should see a pedal to the right of it. Press it to release the brake. The elevator is now operational. Before you use it though, go to the console. You will need to unlock the manhole inside the hut and drain some water from a section of this Age.


The top area of the console shows what is powered, the lever to the left controls the tram and the switch to the right of this lever determines whether the tram will function as a "round trip" or "one way" ride. Leave these alone. What you need to do is operate the middle lever, to drain the section I told you about and to move the rightmost switch so that the manhole becomes



Now walk to the elevator and press the blue button. The blue button makes the elevator go up and the yellow button makes it go down. This will take you to the top floor. This room has another telescope, windows you can open by operating a lever by one of them, books and papers you should read, a bed and a fish tank. Copy the diagram with the numbered squares in D'ni from 1 to 7. You will need it to solve the pressure plate puzzle. There is also the third Journey Cloth which you should activate. Behind the crate, next to the bed is the first of the Relto pages. Touch it to append it to your book. This page allows you to customize the roof of the Hut in Relto. (Thanks to Mark for the information).




Note: As I said before, the Relto pages allow you to customize your personal Age. After the page is in the book, when it is bright green the effect will be applied to the Age. When it is dull green, the Age will not have that effect active.




Anyway, you should now go to the fish tank, and press the top button by the red light for three seconds. A panel slides down and a linking book appears. Touch the picture to link to a room with two divisions. The first division has three paintings and the second division has a desk with some papers and a diary. It is Douglas Sharper's diary. Read it if you want to learn a bit more about Teledahn Age. It is quite a long read. This division also has an opening that leads to yet another telescope. Next to the telescope, on its left, is a linking stone to a Tree Stump, which is a dead end. Link to it, than link back to Relto, and then back to Teledahn (thanks to Nolpscpj and Warren Odgers for the info).


You are now back in the room above the control room. Take the elevator down to the control room, and down again to the hut at the beginning of the Age. Enter the hut. The manhole is now unlocked, which means you can pull the lid to open it. Do so.


Climb down the metal rung ladder until you are at the bottom of the cistern. Get of the ladder platform, circle to the right until you find another ladder and climb down this one too. You will be at the bottom of a water pipe. Run up the pipe and when you get to a level section there should be an opening to your right. Go through it, and climb the stone steps. You are now in the pressure plate room.


This room is a sort of a cell. When you enter turn to your right and activate the fourth Journey Cloth. Now let us deal with the pressure plate puzzle. There are seven pressure plates in the floor. If you read the diagram in the office above the control room, you should know the number for each one. I will try to reproduce the diagram below:


   |---|           |---|
   |   | 4         |   | 2
   |---|           |---|

    |---|         |---|
    |   | 7       |   | 6
    |---|         |---|

     |---|       |---|
     |   | 1     |   | 3
     |---|       |---|

           |   | 5


If you look through the bars of the cell door on the right, you will see a set of square markers on the wall. Three will be down (light grey) and four will be up (orange/dark yellow). Each of these markers corresponds to one of the pressure plates. Assume they are numbered from left to right starting from 1 and going to 7. You need to put weights on the corresponding plates that are up. So, following the diagram you will need to put weights on pressure plates two, four, six and seven. This will open both cell doors. Go through one of them and when you are on the other side, change the position of one of the markers. This will make the cell doors close and the door out of this room open. If by any chance you want to return to the prison, remember the marker you changed so that you know which plate to put/remove weight on/from.



Note: as an alternative you can do the following, as suggested by Andrew Lowry: leave pressure plate #2 clear, but put rocks on the other three.  Then stand on #2, and the door will open.  You can then run through the door before it closes.  This not only saves you the trouble of moving another stone, but it also leaves the room set up for later visits.  To go through again you can leave all the stones as they are, and just run from plate #2 through the

doorway again.



Walk through the now opened door. Proceed down the hallway. Exit to a wooden walkway. Go down the stairs to your right to another wooden walkway. At the end you will find a raised plank and a lever. Do a running jump and slam into it. The plank will lower a bit. Operate the lever and it will lower completely allowing you to cross to the other side (thanks to tcgrant for this correction). Cross the plank and continue forward and up the stone stairs.



Note: if you operate the lever before slamming it, it will only lower halfway. It is still usable, and this was how I was doing it before the correction sent by tcgrant. If you then operate the lever again, the plank will lower completely. Thanks to Dylan Eaton for pointing this out to me. It did not work when I first played the game but it seems to be working now.



You will come to a docking area with crates on both sides of a door, a raised platform and the fifth Journey Cloth. Do not worry about it yet. You will return here in a few moments. For now open the door and go in. This room has a metal stairway, a few crates, some mushrooms, and a linking stone below the stairs. Do not touch the picture on it. It links to the second part of the Gahreesen Age, and you will return here to use it when the time comes. For now, go up the metal stairs, open the door and go through. This hallway has four exits corridors. The one you are in leads back to the dock. The one to your right with the Journey Door, the one in front of you that leads outside to a metal walkway with a lever and a metal wall that you can raise or lower, and finally one directly in front of the Journey Door, which is the one you will now take.


At the beginning of this corridor you will see the sixth Journey Cloth on the left wall. Activate it. Now proceed down the corridor and exit to a walkway above the sea. Continue forward until you arrive at a machine. This is a sort of gun. You will use it to blow some rocks that are holding a ladder up by the fifth Journey Cloth. The controls for the gun are similar to the ones for the Solar Generator. The green knob controls the zoom, and the blue button fires. The other buttons control the movement of the aiming ring. Aim and blow up two rocks, the ones closest to the ladder on both sides. If you want, you can blow up the other two. The ladder will fall down. Before returning to the docking area, make a quick detour. Go the intersection with the Journey Door and, when facing it, turn left. Go outside and walk on the metal walkway until you are near the end, and overlooking a fallen mushroom with another metal walkway that leads to the Solar Generator. Jump on the walkway to make it lower to the mushroom. This way you now have a complete path linking all of the Age. (thanks to Dylan Eaton for this information). Return to the docking area. Climb to the raised platform by using the crates on the left side of the door. Jump across the gap, and continue to the fifth Journey Cloth. Activate it. Continue forward and climb the wooden ladder. Once at the top, you will be in a room with a door that leads down to a secret door on the room below. The seventh and final Journey Cloth is on a wall. Activate it.


Now, to leave this age climb down and activate the fifth Journey Cloth again, so that when you link back here you will arrive at the docking area. This will help solve the second part of the Gahreesen Age. Enter the room with the metal stairway, climb up the stairs and go through the door. Proceed towards the Journey door and activate it, by pressing the hand imprint. Walk through into the darkness and you should arrive at the Bahro caves. Listen to Yeesha and wait until the glowing man on the wall stops glowing. Then activate the hand imprint on the wall so that the totem disappears. To finish Teledahn, jump into the Void or link back to Relto. Next up, Gahreesen.



4. Gahreesen Age


While in Relto, go inside your hut and select the second book from your bookcase. Click on the picture to link to Gahreesen Age. You will appear in the middle of a hexagonal room. Walk through the only exit, cross and exit the next room and then turn right in the hallway.


Go down this hallway, through the next door and continue until you see two signaling cones. To your right is a door. Go through it. You should be in a room with some closets on the walls. Some are opened and some are closed. With your back to the door, turn right and go to the last closet. In here there is linking stone. Touch it to link to your first view of the City. You will appear in a balcony and will have to link back to Relto to continue. Do so. You will also notice that there is a new book on the bookshelf. It corresponds to the link you just found.


Link to Gahreesen again, and go to the room you just left. This time, with your back to the door turn left, and exit through the door. This leads to a room with a KI device dispenser. You must operate it, because you need the KI device to operate the doors and elevators in this level once you have powered up the Age. The other functions will only be active for those of you who have access to the online portion of the game.


Exit this room through the door past the orange cones. This next room has a crevice in the middle. Before going down there to retrieve your second Relto page, jump across and climb the debris. Behind it, there is a recess and the first Journey Cloth for this age is on its left wall. Activate it. Now climb the debris again, and fall into the crevice. Touch the Relto page to add it to your book. This page allows rocks and logs to appear in front of the hut. Again, since this is a dead end, link back to Relto to continue.


Once you are in Relto, link to Gahreesen using the Journey Cloth marker. You will appear in the crevice room. Climb the debris and exit this room through the door on your right. Walk along the hallway and through the door. Continue walking along until you see a crack in the wall. Step through it into the next room. Climb the wall in front of you. Once at the top, you will see the second Journey Cloth to your left. Activate it. Now climb down or jump across to the other side of the room. If you do not make the jump do not worry. You can climb up using the metal grate on the other side of the room.


Walk along the ledge and climb the fallen stone slab until you reach the debris. Climb it (three jumps should be enough). Once you are up there, turn left and walk between the cones. Cross the gap using the wooden plank. Now exit through the hole in the wall and continue in front, going behind the protection barrier. Walk to the end of this tunnel and you should see a fast rotating wall. Keep walking into it. You will enter the hole in the wall and it will carry you around. When you see a large room, exit as soon as you can.


This room has a huge cogwheel on the floor with two pedals. There are four buttons with labels in the back wall, and a bit to the left of them, behind a structure, there is a plate you can step on to power a generator. There are also to doors. This puzzle will take a bit of effort to solve. I suggest you lock on running mode, as it is easier if you do so. Familiarize yourself with the layout of the room and when you are ready, activate the third Journey Cloth on the left of the four buttons.


Go to the plate and step on it until the column is at the highest it will go. Now run to the first button (leftmost, nearest to the Journey Cloth, labelled with three sticks) and pull it. Run back to the plate and step on it until the column is at the highest point. If you let it come down all the way to the floor throughout the puzzle, you will have to start over. When ready, run to one of the cog pedals and operate it. Run back to the plate and let it charge to the top. Run to the other pedal and operate it. Run back to the plate and let it charge to the top. Run to the second button from the left (labelled with a cogwheel) and pull it. You can now let the column reach the floor as the cogwheel will raise giving power to the doors and elevators. Pull the remaining two buttons to give power to the elevators outside. The Age is now powered up.


Exit this room via the door on the left. When you get close to it a blue light will blink and it will open. Doors with blinking green lights do not open. Proceed along the hallway. Pass the green blinking door on your right and go through the door at the end. You are back in the hallway with the tunnel to the rotating wall on your left and a hole to the room with the plank on your right. Enter this hole and fall down near the wooden plank. You will be back in the room with the crevice and the Relto page. Jump across the crevice, go through the door and you should be on the KI dispenser room. This time use the door in front of the dispenser to exit this room. In front of you is an elevator. Press the button on the middle of the door and you will automatically be taken up.


Once you are outside, take a moment to enjoy the view. You are on the top of the rotating building. When you are ready, turn to your left (when your back is to the elevator) and cross the walkway until the end. Wait for the stone with the fourth Journey Cloth to come into view and jump to it. Activate the cloth. With your back to the cloth, if you walk slightly to the left, you will see a stone mesa a bit down. To the right of this mesa, and on a lower level, is the Journey Door to leave this age. You will be returning here, so do not forget this place.


Turn towards the other big rotating building and wait for one of the walkways to line up with the mesa you are on. Jump to the walkway and run across it until you get to the door. Enter the building. This first room is empty. Climb the stairs and exit through the door at the top. You are now in an intersection with a door in front of you, a door behind you and two open corridors to both sides of you. Go inside the room in front of you. This building was built for two teams of Maintainers (as you will find out in a bit). Accordingly, it has two rooms of three different types: control, locker and conference. Now, depending through which side you entered the building, you should be in one of these rooms. What you need to find are both conference rooms. They are on opposite sides of the building.


The conference room has a big round table and chairs in it. The locker room has a suit as if it was in display. The control room has a chair at the end and machines to both sides of it. One of the conference rooms has a handbook about the KI device. The other one has a notebook about Gahreesen and the fifth Journey Cloth. Find the one with the Journey Cloth and activate it. After that you will need to make a small detour to Teledahn to continue our journey. So, link back to Relto, and from there use the Journey marker to return to the Docking Area in Teledahn. If you are following this guide, you should appear near the fifth Journey Cloth, in the Docking Area.


Enter the Docking Area room, and find the linking stone I referred earlier. It is below the metal stairway, behind some crates. Touch the picture to link to the Prison Area in Gahreesen.


You will appear inside a prison cell. To your left is the sixth Journey Cloth. Behind you, on the pillow in the cot is the third Relto page. This one adds a waterfall and lake to the island in the clouds. You can see it behind and to the right of the hut. After adding the page to your book, activate the Journey Cloth and then climb down the manhole.


You are now in the cell corridors. Turn around and walk to the inner corridor. You can now turn left or right and walk towards the green light. You need to find a recess with a metal ladder leading up. When you do, climb it. At the top of the ladder, walk around to your left and enter the door. Go to the middle of this room and climb one of the metal ladders. At the top, you will again be outside. This is the top of the big rotating building. The last Journey Cloth, the seventh, is on the back of one of the outer stone pillars. Find it and activate it. When you do, link back to Relto. Link back to Gahreesen, by using the main link. You can turn pages in the linking books, in case you had not found out by now. Anyway, once you are back in Gahreesen, go to the KI dispenser room. Exit through the door in front of it, and use the elevator to go to the top of the small rotating building. Once there, you will need to jump to the middle mesa where the fourth Journey Cloth is. Press the cloth to save your position in case you fall. Now, with your back to the Journey Cloth, walk a bit to the left of the raised section in front of you. You should see a lower stone mesa down there. Do a running jump to it. With a bit of luck, you should land smack in the middle. Turn to your right and you should see the Journey Door. Line up with it and do another running jump.


Once you have landed, walk to the door and touch the hand imprint. Walk into the darkness and you should automatically link to the Bahro Caves. Listen to Yeesha's story and wait until the glowing man on the wall stops glowing. Press the hand imprint on the wall to make the totem disappear. To finish Gahreesen, jump into the Void or link back to Relto. Next up, Kadish Tolesa.



5. Kadish Tolesa Age



While in Relto, go inside your hut and click on the fourth book to open it and link to Kadish Tolesa Age. This is one of the most difficult Ages to solve. It is also one of the most beautiful ones, at least in my opinion. Fortunately, there are a few clues to help you with the puzzles, in a place called Kadish Gallery. But first things, first.


You arrive on this age on a room with fallen leaves, a huge tree trunk and two exits. One on the left, through a high arch which is broken, and the other, on the right, has an arch with a lamp and is also broken. Go through the left one and walk along the path.


You will arrive at a circular room with a broken walkway all the way around it. Go around this walkway to the other side of the room. On the back of the last pillar is the first Journey Cloth. Activate it. Now retrace your steps to the beginning of the walkway and climb the stairs to the dais. On your left will be the controls for the clockwork machine and on the right, a linking book to the Kadish Gallery. Link to it.


You are now in the Kadish Gallery. This room has clues for most of the puzzles in this age, so I suggest you take a good look around. Also, if you can, do print screens of the paintings (you can even use Paint for this) or copy them to paper. It is also important to note all the figures in the rotating pyramids on the back wall and the corresponding numbers. There is a painting with rotating numbers, a painting with three blue buttons, a red square and a path in white, and a painting with three circles each of which with areas highlighted in white. When you are finished, return to the room with the dais that you just left, via linking book in the middle of the Gallery.


Go to the machine controls and activate them. If you have the print screen of the painting with the three circles this will be a lot easier to explain. If not it will be a bit difficult. You need to get the wheels in the positions shown on the painting. This one corresponds to the top circle. The three buttons control each of the wheels. Do not press any button until you have finished reading this paragraph. The left one controls the outer wheel, the middle one controls the middle wheel, and the right one, the inner wheel. If you have not pressed any button, to solve the puzzle press the left button four times, the middle button one time and the right button five times. Return to the starting room, and take the right path, through the lit broken arch. Walk along the way, through the circular opening, and when you arrive at an intersection, go left. Pass under the large clock like structure and you should arrive at a room with another dais. Climb the stairs and go around to the right. Activate the second Journey Cloth. It is on the dais wall. Afterwards, go around to the left. Near the back wall there is a linking stone. Touch it. This leads to your second view of the D'ni City. You will need to link back to Relto, and back to Kadish Tolesa via Journey Marker to continue. You will appear in the room with the linking stone to the City. This time climb up the dais to another controlling machine. This one corresponds to the middle circle in the painting. To align it press the right button three times.


Climb down the dais and return to the intersection. Go straight ahead into a room with the final controlling machine. This one corresponds to the bottom circle on the painting. To align it press the left button three times, the middle button seven times and the right button three times. If all the machines are aligned correctly, a door will open at the end of this room.



Note: here are the diagrams submitted by Piha to help you with this puzzle.


       /-----------\               /-----------\
     /       |       \           /       |       \
   /         |         \       / \   /-------\   / \
 /           |           \   /    \/           \/    \
|            |            | |       \            \    |
|            |            | |        O            |   |
|           /-\   |       | |           O     |   |   |
|   |---|   | |   |-      | |   |---|    \    |-  |   |
|   |   |   \-/   |       | |   |   |      \  |       |
|   |    \       /        | |   |    \      \/        |
|    \  /  \---/          | |    \  /  \---/  \       |
 \     \           /\    /   \     \           /\    /
   \     \-------/   \ /       \     \-------/   \ /
     \               /           \               /
       \-----------/               \-----------/

     /       |       \
   / \   /-------\   / \
 /    \/           \/    \
|          /---\     \    |
|        /     / \    |   |
|       |   O \   |   |   |
|       |---|\|   |---|   |
|       |   \-/\          |
|        \       \        |
|       /    O    \       |
 \    /      |      \    /
   \/        |       \ /
     \       |       /




Exit through the now open room. Exit the circular room and turn to your left. Press the blue button. It will block you from returning to the section you left, but will reveal the third Journey Cloth inside the circular room. Activate it. If you need to return to the beginning of the Age, you will need to realign the clockwork mechanisms.


Continue forward to a balcony overlooking a cylindrical room with a spiralling downward slope. Proceed down. Near the bottom, there will be a balcony with five buttons. Assuming the one nearest to where you step off of the spiralling slope is number one, you need to press buttons number two, three and five. This will light a pattern equal to the painting with the red square I described above. Go down the small staircase at the end of this balcony and walking on the outside of the room, being careful not to step on anything, walk to the point corresponding to the red square on the painting. You now you are there when you are facing the balcony. You need to walk the dark path in front of you to the centre of the room, without touching any lighted parts. When you do, the path will lower, revealing an exit. Take it. Climb up the stairs and do not touch the blue button unless you want to solve this puzzle again when you return to this age. Continue forward along the winding corridor until you arrive at a large open area, with a lake. Turn left and proceed towards a small staircase. Before you climb it and pass through the door, take a look to your right. You should see a Relto page in the distance. Go and get it by jumping across to the other side. Touch the page to add it to your book. This one allows the pine trees to grow on Relto. It has to be used with the rain making one to have any effect, and even so you will need to wait a while. Mine have not started to grow yet. Jump across the gap and climb the steps. Enter a room with a large pyramid. Go around it to the right to find the fourth Journey Cloth hidden on a recess on the pyramid wall. Activate it. Return to the front of the pyramid and go in. There is a clue to this puzzle in the Kadish Gallery. It is the painting with a circle and a cone shining down from above. There is also a tree above it all. It also has two squares and a circle at the bottom. There have been some explanations for this puzzle based on the painting, posted on the Uru Live forum. (thanks to Dylan for reminding me of this painting, and to Sakshale and Derek for sending me the explanations from the forum and Maztec for coming up with it).


Climb the staircase in front of you and operate the blue button on the balcony overlooking the room. This will light up the floor. Now wait for one to two minutes until the floor has charged. Press the blue button again and the floor will turn to cyan. You will then have to walk a path to the other end of the room. I will try to reproduce the floor and correct path as best as I can:


      |*|/-\| |
   /-\\-/| |\-//-\
   | |/-\\-//-\| |
/-\\-/|*|/-\| |\-//-\            Legend:
| |/-\\-/| |\-//-\| |            E   - End
\-/|*|/-\\-//-\| |\-/            S   - Start
/-\\-/| |/-\| |\-//-\            *   - Path to follow
| |/-\\-/|*|\-//-\| |            /-\
\-/|*|/-\\-//-\| |\-/            | | - hexagonal floor tile
/-\\-/|*|/-\|*|\-//-\            \-/
| |/-\\-/| |\-//-\| |
\-/| |/-\\-//-\| |\-/
/-\\-/| |/-\|*|\-//-\
| |/-\\-/| |\-//-\| |
\-/| |   \-/   |*|\-/
   \-/         \-/


Hope you can make something out of this. Return to the floor and, starting on the right side of the room, look for a tile that has a picture of a tree. You will need to cross the floor by stepping only on tree tiles (the tiles marked above with the *). When you get to the last tile, it should lower taking you with it to the next section and to the next puzzle.



Note - my explanation for this puzzle: the theme for this Age seems to be "What's missing?" but the mood is definitely "Trees". Throughout the game the symbol associated with Kadish is a tree, you start the age in a tree room with fallen leaves, trees are what you see most in this Age and the several representations for tree are present in the paintings of the Gallery and in the spinning triangle for column one. When I saw the first tile with the tree symbol and the other ones next to it forming a path, it was a matter of following it to the end. I agree it was somewhat of a hunch and the solution for this puzzle is extremely subjective, requiring a degree of lateral thinking that borders on insanity. You could say I got lucky with this one. ^_^ It compensates for the time I spent in the pillar room trying random combinations until I got it right. :p  Now for the explanation, originally posted by Maztec, Uru moderator: "From left to right you have a closed sphere above a square, a tree above an open lit sphere above a square, and a closed sphere above a black circle. So, the object is to start with a closed sphere, open it, walk in the light, find the tree, and take the circular journey. Now, lets go to the puzzle.


Now, you first arrive at the puzzle with the top closed and nothing very remarkable about what is in the room. So, your first step as suggested by the hint is to open the top and let some light in. So you do that. Now, you could dilly doodle around and do the wait thing, but why bother? Instead, note the progression of a sphere from open to close. Walk down to the floor and look at it. Do you see a familiar shape? Follow the path of the sphere from one end of the room to the other and taking the SAME PATH follow it back again. Now, go up and press the button again. Walla, the sphere rotates until its closed and lights turn on. This shows another set of patterns on the floor. Now, remember when the floor was lit on top of it was a tree. So look down at the floor. Found the path of trees? Great, walk from one end of it to the other and just hang on. Works every time.


I've done it both running and walking, doesn't seem to be time sensitive. Hope that explains something. Oh, and how to know where the path starts? Well, the first path is on the left because you read the diagram from left to right. The last is on the right for when things are closed and the lights are on and that's the symbol on the right."




Exit the elevator tile, do not press the blue button and proceed forward. To your right will be the fifth Journey Cloth. Activate it. Continue on to the next room.


This room has four pillars, four levers, a button to reset the pillars and four counterweights. There are many possible configurations for the pillars, but you only need to use two. One to get to the sixth Journey Cloth that is near the ceiling of the room and the other to reach the middle of the room and continue to the next puzzle. The counterweights limit the number of times you can pull a lever to raise a pillar. Assume the levers are numbered from 1 to 4, left to right. Each lever controls a pillar: number one controls the closest to you, number four the farthest from you, with two and three controlling the middle ones.


To set the pillars so you can go to sixth Journey Cloth do the following: pull the fourth lever four times, the third lever three times and the second lever one time. The counterweights should now be at the bottom. Climb the pillars, go up the stairs at the top and continue to the sixth Journey Cloth. Activate it. Turn left and descend using the stairwell. Operate the lever at the bottom to open a secret door. Return to the levers and press the blue button to reset the pillars. To set the pillars and continue your journey, pull lever one once, lever two four times, lever three once and lever four two times. Four weights will rise, and some metal rings and a metal ladder will fall from the ceiling to the top of the second pillar. Climb the second pillar. When you are at the top, climb the metal ladder and exit to the next area.



Note - explanation for pillar puzzle (thanks to Chris Bailey and Uriel Klieger). The rotating wheel they are referring to is the one found at the Kadish Gallery.


Chris Bailey wrote: "The colored rectangles in the middle represent the levers that you pull to raise the platforms. They assume you are standing behind the switches, facing the platforms. So the farthest from the reset button is red, then white, then green, then blue.


The bronze-ish colored number panels are just there to confuse you, ignore them. The way this clue works is similar to the vault combination puzzle. Each color has three corresponding numbered panels. I noticed that each of the four colored rectangles has one number that is not on a similarly colored panel. When I figured what each missing number was for each color, I came up with the sequence, from left to right, 1-4-1-2. Red was missing 1, White was missing 4, Green was missing 1, and Blue was missing 2. As you know, this is the combination necessary to advance in the level."


Uriel Klieger wrote: "There are four colored rectangles in the center (Red, White, Green, Blue), which correspond to the four handles in the column room, in order, if you're at the controls.


Around the wheel, there are a number of pointless brown spots and several colored ones corresponding to the four colors. Each has an unique number from 1 to 4. Their order is irrelevant; but they are as follows:


Red:   234       Red: 1

White: 213       So what's missing?        White: 4

Green: 432       Green: 1

Blue:  143       Blue: 2"




Continue to the Vault area, and the last puzzle. Proceed along the path to an area with a console and six buttons. One of them is labelled with the D'ni number I. All you have to do is figure out the order for pressing the remaining buttons. Remember the rotating triangles in the Kadish Gallery? Each had three symbols on it, and the column had a D'ni number. Look at the panel. Above each button there are four symbols. By making a correspondence between panel symbols and column numbers, you have the following numbers represented in each button:    1         2        3        4        5        6

Represented: 3 4 6 2    4 5 6    6 2 5   2 6 1 3  1 4 3 5  4 3 5 2

Missing:       1 5      1 2 3    1 3 4     4 5      2 6      1 6


It is important to know the missing numbers, because they will let you know the order in which the buttons should be pressed. By default, the first button has to be pressed first. Remove number 1 from the other buttons missing list and number 5 from the first button because you already know one is the correct order:    1         2        3        4        5        6

Missing:        1        2 3      3 4      4 5      2 6       6


From this you know that the sixth button will have to be the sixth one to be pressed. Remove number 6 from the missing list:    1         2        3        4        5        6

Missing:        1        2 3      3 4      4 5       2        6


From this you know that the fifth button will have to be the second one to be pressed. Remove number 2 from the missing list:    1         2        3        4        5        6

Missing:        1         3       3 4      4 5       2        6


From this you know that the second button will have to be the third one to be pressed. Remove number 3 from the missing list:    1         2        3        4        5        6

Missing:        1         3        4       4 5       2        6


From this you know that the third button will have to be the fourth one to be pressed. Remove number 4 from the missing list:    1         2        3        4        5        6

Missing:        1         3        4        5        2        6


From this you know that the fourth button will have to be the fifth one to be pressed. Now that you know the code, press the buttons in the correct order and the vault door will open. Go up the path and enter the vault.


Besides the treasure, the vault contains the skeleton of long dead Guild Master Kadish, a note written in D'ni with some annotations in red, a linking book with a one way trip to Kadish Gallery and the seventh Journey Cloth on the back wall. You will have to jump around the crates in front of the Cloth to get to it. When you do, activate it. You are now ready to leave this age.


Go outside and return to the console area. With your back to it, turn a bit to the left and walk to the edge, near the broken part. You know you are in the right place when the camera tilts to give you a view from above. You should see a pipe leading downwards to the Journey Door. Drop down to it and follow it to the end. Jump down to the stone platform.



Note: There are other ways of reaching the Journey Door.


Megadumb sent me this message: "In the Kadish Tolesa Age's final jump to the pipe which leads to the Journey Door, walk down to the bend in the ramp and go continue past it for a short way.  From here you can easily see the Journey Door where it is much easier to line up on the pipe and drop on it."

Foxaroni sent me his method: "[...] If you walk all the way back to the entrance to the console area, hug the wall to your right and walk to the edge of the path, you can see the Journey Door and its ledge straight ahead (and a bit (!) down). You can do a running jump and land on the ledge." Thanks foxaroni!



Press the hand imprint on the Journey Door to open it and continue forward into the Bahro Caves. Once again wait for Yeesha's speech to end (the glowing man stops glowing) and press the hand on the wall to make the totem disappear. To finish Kadish Tolesa, jump into the Void or link back to Relto. Next up, Eder Gira / Eder Kemo Age.



6. Eder Gira / Eder Kemo Age


These are both the most beautiful and most annoying Ages of the whole game, because of the way some puzzles have to be solved and the way your avatar is controlled.


While in Relto, go inside your hut and click on the fifth book to open it and link to Eder Gira Age, land of volcanoes, geysers and waterfalls. Eder Gira has night and day cycles, so depending on the time the Age will be bright or dark.


You will appear in an area with two geysers, two wooden lids, a few plants and a climbing slope in front of you. Begin by turning left and stepping on the pedal that controls the cover of the geyser. Turn around and climb the slope. Turn right and go as close as you can to the edge. Looking down you should see a ledge. You will have to drop down to it very gently so as not to fall into the lava bellow. When you manage to do it, activate your first Journey Cloth for this Age. Turn towards the middle of the canyon and jump to the geyser. If you miss the jump, or get tired of trying to do it, take the long way to the other side of the canyon and jump from there. When you get to the geyser in the middle of the canyon, operate the cover to close it. Turn around and do a running jump to the other side.



Note: Megadumb suggests the following regarding this jump: "In the long jump to the geyser in the middle of the canyon in the Eder Gira Age, back up as far as you can and then execute a standing jump; while in midair hit the down arrow key.  When you land you will be on the edge and will immediately backup to the middle and have a safe landing." Thanks Megadumb!



There are two geysers in this area. Cover both of them. From the geyser farthest from the wall, climb up the slope and cross the natural bridge. Continue along the path until you get to an open area with the last geyser. Cover it also. Continue following the path and eventually you will return to the starting point. By now, the uncovered geyser in the starting area should have enough pressure to lift you up in the air. Step into it to be lifted towards the second Journey Cloth. Activate it and drop down to the starting area.


Walk all the way back to the other place that has two geysers and uncover the one closest to the wall. Once again, return to the starting area and cover the geyser that is not covered. Return to the previous area and step on the uncovered geyser. You will be thrown to the other side of the wall, and to a new area.



Note: there are six geysers in Eder Gira, but only five can be covered at the same time. If you cover all six, the pressure will be too much releasing every cover, and you will have to cover to ones that interest you all over again. That is way you will have to do a bit of back-and-forth on this age.



Proceed along the path through some arches and between some giant ribs. You will get to an area with a lake and waterfalls. You will be seeing a lot of this area as this will be the place for one of the most annoying puzzles of Uru. If you keep on walking you will see a circular area with some wood planking and a wooden plinth with a linking book. This books links to Eder Kemo, the Garden Age. Before you go there, start setting up this area to solve the cave puzzle. Cross the small river that is to the left of the Eder Kemo linking book. Across it, you will find a standing stone with a linking stone in it. This links to a dead end, a DRC area. Do not use it yet. You will get back to it later.


Go behind the waterfalls, and it should be very dark. Go as far left as you can without entering a small tunnel. Walk to the back wall of the cave and turn around so that you are looking at the waterfall. You should be able to see a silhouette of a machine. Move the cursor around the top-middle of the machine and when it indicates you can click on something, do. This will turn on the first steam light generator. On the right side of the cave you fill find another one of these. Turn it on also.


Note: If you can not find the generators, do not worry. Continue from the point where I write about pushing the wooden stool thing. When you return here with some fireflies from Eder Kemo Age it will be easier to turn the generators on.



Now that you have some light, look for something that looks like two wooden stools tied together. You will find it behind the wall between the two waterfalls, inside the cave. You can push it around, and that is what you will have to do. I will refer to it as wood stools. Push the wood stools into the lake and continue pushing it towards the small river. Wedge it between the two banks so that it forms a sort of bridge. The place to do this is in front of the stone that looks like a bone sticking out of the floor, near the beginning of the river. It is very important to test the bridge before coming here with the fireflies, because if you as much as touch a bit of water, they will fly away, making you go back to Eder Kemo. After you are comfortable with the positioning of your bridge, go to the Eder Kemo linking book, and link out of Eder Gira.


You will arrive in this Age on the middle of a stone gazebo. It occasionally rains in this Age. This will only be a problem if you are walking with fireflies, because they do not like water and will fly away if they get wet. Climb the stairs in front of you and run straight ahead, crossing the stone arch bellow you,  until you get to a large open garden with a huge stone, surrounded by trees. This stone has the third Journey Cloth on its side, so activate it. To the right of the stone is a pavilion. Behind it, and to its right, there is a small recess with lots of small trees. Enter this recess and you should find the fourth Journey Cloth on the right wall. Return to the large open area. Take the path between the huge stone and the pavilion, going away from the fountain that is on the other end of the area. You should see the Journey Door to your right. Walk past it and through the small tunnel to the next garden.


Keep walking past the brain like trees, until you get to a fork in the path. Turn right and walk a little bit further in. To your left there is a circular area with lots of drawings on the walls, a stone bench and a lamp high on the wall. Climb the stone ledge that leads to the lamp, and you should find the fifth Journey Cloth on the lamp arm. Activate it. Climb back down, and continue to the Puffer Plants area.


Climb down the stairs to the first Puffers. There's a wood pavilion to your right. Go to this area. When you enter it, go to the left side and turn to around. You should see the sixth Journey Cloth on the wall to your right. Activate it. Now, continue ahead to the next Puffer area, past the lamp on your left and stop before entering the next tunnel. Climb either side of the tunnel and at the top you will find a book about King Shomat. With your back to the tunnel, and while on top of its entrance, you should see a Relto page in a seemingly inaccessible area, to the right, between the two Puffer areas. Still with your back to the wall climb down the right side. Before you go completely down, line up with the stone that is closest to you. You will have to do a running jump to get on top of it. The Puffer closest to it will help you stop. Once you do, turn to the area with the page and do a running jump to it. Click on the Relto page to add it to your book. This one allows for some decorations to be applied to the hut. Climb down from this raised area and go catch some fireflies.



Note: there is another way of reaching that page, and it might be easier. It has been recently post (21.11.03) in the Uru Live forum, along with some screenshots explaining how to, that it is possible to walk/jump up the stone. This must be done with your Caps Lock off. I have not tried it but it seems to work.



Return to the brain trees and find the buzzing firefly cloud. Walk through it once, so that some stick to you, allow it to drift away a bit and walk through again. This will ensure that you have a bigger cloud of flies buzzing around you. Notice that I said walk. One of the other things they do not like is fast movement, so as long as you have them around you do not run or jump (ok, you are allowed one jump, but you will have to use it to cross the waterfalls on Eder Gira). The other thing they do not like is steam, so you will have to be careful when you return to Eder Gira because linking back from Eder Kemo will place you in front of a steam vent. If you step on it, the fireflies will disappear.


Now that you have learned how to care for your fireflies, walk back to the tunnel after the Puffer area. If it starts raining before you get there, find shelter or wait for it to stop and catch the fireflies again. Continue through the tunnel to the other side. Cross the stones over the water. Do not worry about falling in, because you can not. Enter the room at the end of the stone path. Go to the linking book and link back to Eder Gira.


Do not move! If at any time you loose the fireflies, you will have to go back to Eder Kemo to collect some more. If you do, always make sure you collect two clouds.


Now, avoiding the steam vent in front of you, cross the small river by using the wooden stools you have previously wedged in it. Walk around the huge stone jutting out from the floor in front of you, past the other stone with the linking stone in it until you are close to the waterfall and hug the right wall. Get as close to the edge as you can without falling into the water and do a standing jump to the cave. If you have not turned the generators on, do so now. It should be easier to find them with the helping light of the fireflies. Proceed to the left side of the cave. Climb up the tunnel, and when you arrive at the next room, turn the generator you find there on. Find the switch on the wall and open the large door in this room. There is another tunnel leading out from this room, close to the one you used to enter, but do not worry about it now. You can now run again without worrying about loosing the fireflies, because you will loose them in a moment. Run through the open door, up the small corridor. You will arrive at a room behind another waterfall. Exit toward a lake, turn left, and go behind the waterfall you find here. There are two more wooden stools here. Push both of them outside to the lake. Push them over the wall so that they fall to the lake below. Jump to the lake below. You will have to push both wooden stools, one at a time, to the area behind the waterfall to the right, more precisely, to the place you jumped with the fireflies to enter the cave. Push both against the wall so that they form a bridge. They should be side by side with one flat hexagonal top to the wall and the other turned to you. Test them to make sure you will not fall into the water when trying to cross them. You have to do this because you need to use the "jump-only-once-capability-while-surrounded-by-fireflies" on another place. Return to Eder Kemo, collect some more fireflies, and return to Eder Gira. Once again, avoid the steam vent in front of you, cross the small river via first wooden stools, walk close to the entrance to the cave. Using both wooden stools as a bridge, cross to the cave. Walk to the tunnel at the end and climb it. When you arrive at the other generator room, turn left and exit through the dark tunnel. Walk to the end of the tunnel and exit to a ledge with the waterfalls to your left. Follow the ledge around until you get to a small stream that falls into the lake below. This is where you need to do the standing jump you are allowed to do with the fireflies.


Once you are on the other side of the river, continue along the ledge and enter the cave at its end. Locate the light generator and turn it on. Once again, you can now run, and forget about the fireflies. You do not need them anymore. You should now be able to see the seventh Journey Cloth on the wall. Activate it and we are almost ready to leave this age. Return to the lake and go to the place where the linking stone is. Link through the picture.


This is a DRC area, and it is a dead end. It has several tables with books about D'ni Kings, D'ni Society, D'ni Religion and D'ni Customs. It also has an unusable Journey Cloth with a Post-It stuck to it. There is a telescope that allows you to look down on the City. Explore all you like, read the books and notes you find, and when you are ready to leave, link to Relto.


Once in Relto, take a moment to admire the decoration of the hut. When you are done, go inside and link to Eder Kemo via the book on the sixth slot. Link to the starting position, instead of using the Journey Marker. Run to the open area with the huge standing stone and activate the Journey Cloth. This will help you in a bit. Continue forward to the Journey Door. Press the hand imprint, wait for it to open and step in. Walk into the darkness. Once at the Bahro Caves, wait for Yeesha's speech to end (the glowing man stops glowing) and press the hand on the wall to make the totem disappear. To finish Eder Gira / Eder Kemo Age, jump into the Void or link back to Relto. You are almost done with the game.



7. Bahro Caves Age



Remember Yeesha's last speech? She said you should return that which you have taken, so that is what you have to do now. While in Relto, notice that the totems have now raised. To return them to the Bahro Caves you have to go back through the Journey Door of each of the four Ages, and press each hand imprint on the wall. Start with Gahreesen.


If you have been following the walkthrough, using the Journey Cloth marker should link you to the stone mesa between the two rotating buildings. As you have done before, with your back to the Journey Cloth, walk a bit to the left of the raised section in front of you. Do a running jump to the lower stone mesa. After landing, turn to the right and to the Journey Door. Line up with it and do another running jump. Press the hand imprint and walk inside.


The Bahro caves are now orange instead of deep blue. Press the hand on the wall and watch the totem reappear. Notice the symbol on the floor. Copy it to a piece of paper, as well as the name of the Age you arrived through to it. You will need it in a moment. Jump into the void or link to Relto. When you link in, you will see a fissure appear in the area between the pillar totems. Go inside the hut and link to Teledahn.


You should appear in the docking area. Go inside the room, climb the stairs that lead to the area with the Journey Door, and press the imprint. Walk inside and return to the Bahro Caves. Press the hand on the wall to return the totem. Copy the symbol on the floor. Jump into the void or link to Relto. When you link in, the fissure will increase a bit. Go inside the hut and link to Kadish Tolesa.


You will appear inside the Vault. Go outside to the console area and drop down to the pipe that leads to the Journey Door. Open it and walk into the Bahro Caves. Again, press the hand on the wall to return the totem. Copy the symbol on the floor. Jump into the void or link to Relto. When you link in, the fissure will become bigger. Go inside the hut and link to Eder Kemo, via Cloth Marker.


You will appear in the large open area near the Journey Door. Go through the door to the Bahro Caves. Operate the hand on the wall to make the final totem return. Copy the symbol .Jump into the void or link to Relto. When you link in, the fissure will now open completely. Jump into it and you are done with the caves.



8. Return to Desert the Cleft



Welcome back to the Desert Cleft! After landing flat on your face, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, go around the volcano and down the wooden ladder to the cleft. Cross to Yeesha's house and go to the room with the projector. You need to input the code with the symbols on the floor of the Bahro cave to trigger Yeesha's last message. Unfortunately, the code changes each time you play the game, so I can not tell you which symbols to use. Thanks to Steve, I can now tell how the symbols should be placed. I leave the notes below as testament to the players who contributed before to the solution of this puzzle.


When taking note of the symbols on the floor also take note of the Age to which they are associated, that is the Age through which you walked through to get to the symbol you are standing on. Having done that, all you have to do at the projector is to input them making sure their relative positions remain intact, independently of where you actually place them. The relative positions are always the following:



Eder         Kadish




By maintaining their relative positions I mean that as long as Gahreesen is opposite to Teledahn, Eder is opposite to Kadish, Eder is to the left of Teledahn and Kadish is to the right of Teledahn, the sequence will work. That is any of the following sequences will work, in addition to the one above:


         Eder             |        Teledahn       |           Kadish

Teledahn        Gahreesen | Kadish           Eder | Gahreesen        Teledahn

         Kadish           |        Gahreesen      |            Eder


These positions were determined by the pillars outside the hut in Relto. Once again, thanks to Steve for his contribution. When you have placed them right Yeesha will begin her speech "A new ending has been written...".



Note: I think the way you have to arrange the symbols is tied to the order in which you return the pillars to the cave, that is, the symbol that goes on top is the symbol of the first Age you return the totem from. Benjamin Pandjojo suggest that you note all the symbols in a circle formation and that you keep their relative positions intact. That way you will have at most four possible combinations. Thanks Benjamin!


Dylan Eaton sent the following suggestion: "If you watch the first projection you will see her write the symbols on the wall.  She is only writing three of them, she doesn't touch the top one. Therefore the top symbol doesn't change between the two projections and may be used as a point of reference for where the other three go."


I would like to say, however, that this only seems to work for the first projection. In my case, I have had games in which all four symbols change.

Ben Roberts sent me the following e-mail: "[...] One thing I wanted to point out is that the symbols at the end don't need to be written down. 1 click on each symbol once you're back at the cleft will put the right symbols up there, regardless of the order or the rotation of symbols."


I have tried it with all the characters I used to play the game and it never worked. However, in most cases, it does put you very close to the correct configuration. Thanks to Ben Roberts for sending this suggestion.



Listen to the message, and when she offers you a book, at the end, link to it. You will be transported to a different Cleft, and Yeesha will talk about a final gift: rain. When she finishes talking, go to the machine with the green button and press it.


A Relto page will appear. Click it to add it to your book. This is the one that allows rain to fall on Relto. Afterwards, go outside, cross to the other side and climb out of the Cleft. A FMV will start showing the Bahro returning to their cave. Click on the Uru book, listen to Peter Gabriel music, read the credits, and when you are done click outside of the book.


Congratulations! You have finished the single player version of Uru. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.



9. Final Considerations



First off, I can not wait to have access to Uru Live. There is so much more this world has to offer and I would like to discover it.


After you are done with the Uru credits book, you can link to Relto and watch how your tree is doing. There is a new book on the bookshelf (first slot) with two versions of the Cleft: with rain and without rain.


Do not forget to check the closet in the hut. You will have a new addition to your wardrobe: a T-Shirt with the Journey symbol on it. You can now show people that you have finished the game or that you have chosen your faction.


I did not know where the fogged link on the book that is on the eighth slot led to. Thanks to Gregg Pokey, I now know that it leads to your D'ni Neighborhood and will only be available in the Online version.


There is a way to see Shroomie 2 (as the first one got shot, accordingly to Douglas Sharpner Diary). You need to lower the metal gate after the Journey Door in Teledahn. Then you need to stop the generator because the noise scares Shroomie away. You also need to use both feeders frequently: one is to the side of the wooden walkway, after you body slam the plank down and the other is near the gun you use to blast the stones. If you have done all of this, you will occasionally see Shroomie at a distance, while you are near the second feeder, and sometimes she will make a whale like sound. I do not know if she gets any closer.


The following was written by OmniTerra. I have no way of contacting him/her to ask for permission to put his on my guide so if he/she does not want me to have it on my guide email me and I will delete it. "To get into the neighborhood in Uru Prime (offline, it is normally only accessible online), link in to the balcony view of the Neighborhood. It is the second page of the book with the swirly image. Turn around and face the stone tablet. Walk (don't run) into the tablet and jump. You should now be standing on the base of the statue. Don't stop running or you'll fall off.


This part is very difficult. You must quickly turn around, turn on the caps lock to run, and jump. You are aiming to jump to the part where the circular railing meets the straight. If you do it right (it took me several tries), you'll just go over the balcony and fall into the city. If you are still having trouble, try to use the sidestep key to turn complete around and jump." Thanks to OmniTerra for writing this and to mike for sending me the link to it. It is posted on the Codes & Secrets section of GameFAQs on Uru.


That is it.

Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough, and I hope to see you in Uru Live! 



--- E. Short Guide to Journey Cloths ---



Desert Cleft

1. Behind the metal plate near the starting point.

2. On the back of Zandi's trailer.

3. On the left mandible of the Whark skeleton, behind the volcano.

4. On the right wall of the opening in front of the first fallen bridge you have to climb in the Cleft.

5. On the wall to the right of the projector, activated by Yeesha.

6. On the outside of the door to the projector room.

7. On the bucket, near the tree in the Cleft.

Teledahn Age

1. On the outside and back of the hut where the Age starts.

2. In the control room, on the wall between the two telescopes.

3. On the wall of the room above the control room.

4. On the pressure plate room (Prison).

5. On the outside wall of the room in the Docking Area.

6. In front of the Journey Door.

7. On the room above the room in the docking area.

Gahreesen Age

1. Behind the debris on the first floor, in the crevice room.

2. Above the scarab shelves in the room where you have to cross the stone slab.

3. On the room with the huge cog wheel that powers the Age.

4. On the mesa that serves as a bridge between the two rotating buildings.

5. Inside one of the conference rooms of the big building.

6. On the wall of the small cell.

7. On the back of one of the outer stone pillars on top of the big rotating building.

Kadish Tolesa Age

1. On the other side of the room with the first clock mechanism, near the beginning.

2. On the left wall of the dais for the second clock mechanism.

3. Inside the circular room, after you solve the clock mechanism puzzle (need to press the blue button outside the circular room).

4. Outside, on a recess on the right side of the pyramid.

5. On the corridor after the elevator tile puzzle.

6. Near the ceiling of the Pillar puzzle room.

7. On the back wall, inside the Vault.

Eder Gira Age / Eder Kemo Age

1. (Eder Gira) On a ledge you have to drop to in the wall of the lava canyon.

2. (Eder Gira) On a high ledge accessible through geyser steam in starting area.

3. (Eder Kemo) Side of huge stone in open area near starting area.

4. (Eder Kemo) On a recess to the side of pavilion in open area near starting area.

5. (Eder Kemo) On the arm of the lamp post above circular area near brain trees area.

6. (Eder Kemo) On a wall, next to the pavilion in Puffer plants area.

7. (Eder Gira) On the wall of the last dark cave after the waterfalls.



--- F. Short Guide to Relto Pages ---


Desert Cleft

Obtainable near the end of the game, controls raining in Relto Age.

You need to press the green button on the other machine in the projector room, and then click on the image of the page.

Teledahn Age

Behind a crate, next to the bed in the room above the control room.

Allows you to customize the roof of the Hut. (Thanks Mark!)

Gahreesen Age

First one, at the bottom of the crevice room. Allows the addition of boulders and logs to the Age.

Second one, on a pillow in one of the cots of the prison cell. Allows the addition of a waterfall and lake to the Age.

Kadish Tolesa Age

Before entering the area with the pyramid, jump the gap to the other side. This one allows the trees to grow.

Eder Gira / Eder Kemo Age

On a raised area in Eder Kemo Age, in the Puffer Plants area. Allows the addition of outside decoration to the hut as well as a rug on the inside.



--- G. Contributors ---



 - Me. ^_^

 - Nolpscpj and Warren Odgers (help with the dead end link to the Tree Stump in Teledahn)

 - Mark (for letting me know what the Relto page found on Teledahn does).

 - Gregg Pokey (for letting me know where the fogged link in the eighth book leads to)

 - Chris Baley and Uriel Klieger (for explaining the logic behind pillar puzzle in Kadish Tolesa).

 - tcgrant (correction to stuck plank in Teledahn)

 - Piha from Uru Live (ASCII diagrams for clock mechanism puzzles in Kadish Tolesa)

 - Benjamin Pandjojo (suggestion for Return to Desert Cleft)

 - Andrew Lowry (backup question in FAQ section and Teledahn suggestion for pressure plate puzzle)

 - Dylan Eaton (Teledahn: correction to lowering wood plank; how to lower metal walkway near the end of the Age. Kadish Tolesa: painting clue for hexagonal tile puzzle; Return to Desert Cleft: suggestion for placement of the four symbols for the final projection sequence).

 - Ben Roberts (Return to Desert Cleft: suggestion for placement of the four symbols for the final projection sequence)

 - Steve (Return to Desert Cleft: correct solution for placement of the four symbols for the final projection sequence)

 - Megadumb (Kadish Tolesa: alternative way of reaching Journey Door; Eder Gira: suggestion for making the jump to the geyser in the middle of the lava canyon)

 - foxaroni (alternative way of reaching Journey Door in Kadish Tolesa)

 - mike (sending me the link to OmniTerra's secret)

 - OmniTerra (for writing how to reach the Neighborhood in offline Uru)

 - Sakshale, Derek and Maztec (Kadish Tolesa hexagonal tile puzzle: the first two for for sending me the explanations from the forum and Maztec for coming up with it)



--- H. Live Features ---




1. Bahro Stones



    Ferry Terminal tunnel, links to Teledahn Dock


    Chair of Conference Room, links to small Tokotah Rooftop, near Palace    Stairs






2. Relto Pages




A sliver of white on the right side wall of the left window, in the Light Garden. Adds a lot of Islands to your Relto.


End of a wooden dock in Teledahn, only accessible by linking in through Bahro stone in Ferry Terminal tunnel or by shared link from someone else his book. Adds a wooden dock to Relto.

Great Zero

On the back of the niche to the left of the Great Zero stairs when facing them. Allows the addition of an Imager to your Relto.





3. Great Zero Marker locations



The quest to calibrate the Great Zero ask you to find 30 markers. A first set of Green markers and then a set of Red markers. The ones you pick up for the Green set will not be available for the Red set. The ones available in the Neighborhood are the same in all Neighborhoods. If you pick them in one, they will not be available in any other for you. When you collect the first 15 markers, you need to return to the Great Zero Observation to calibrate those and proceed to the next 15 set.


The locations for the available and known markers to this date (25.01.04) are the following:


01 - Great Zero Observation

02 - Ferry Terminal.............................................. (Ae'gura)

03 - At the end of the Ferry Terminal tunel, near Bahro Stone ... (Ae'gura)

04 - Left wall outside the Pub................................... (Ae'gura)

05 - Inside Pub main room........................................ (Ae'gura)

06 - First landing of the Great Stairs........................... (Ae'gura)

07 - End of the ledge above Tokotah link......................... (Ae'gura)

08 - To the left side of the Museum entrance when facing it...... (Ae'gura)

09 - Barricade to the Guild Hall................................. (Ae'gura)

10 - Recess to the right after King's hall and before balcony.... (Ae'gura)

11 - Inside Classroom............................................ (Neighborhood)

12 - Center of the Light Garden.................................. (Neighborhood)

13 - Close to the Waterfall...................................... (Neighborhood)

14 - Inside the Egg Room......................................... (Neighborhood)

15 - Before the Auditorium....................................... (Neighborhood)

16 - Great Zero

17 - Roof of the Classroom *..................................... (Neighborhood)

18 - Neighborhood balcony........................................ (Neighborhood)

19 - Balcony overlooking Concert Hall............................ (Ae'gura)

20 - Tokotah Roof top near crates................................ (Ae'gura)

21 - Tokotah Roof top near slit without telescope................ (Ae'gura)

22 - Baron's Office.............................................. (Ae'gura)

23 - Kadish Gallery.............................................. (Ae'gura)

24 - Small balcony overlooking Tokotah, near Palace stairs....... (Ae'gura)

25 - First hole in front of Concert Hall **...................... (Ae'gura)

26 - Walkway after barricaded stairs leading out of Concert Hall. (Ae'gura)


* You can collect this one by placing a cone to the left of the Classroom door and jumping on top of it. Once on top of the cone, put your mouse cursor over the collect symbol in your KI and jump with one hand while pressing the mouse button with the other when the symbol flashes red. Or you can try the balcony jump to the roof of the Classroom but this is very difficult to do.


** this one forces you to Relto out of the City after collecting it, so do it only when ready to leave the City. It is advised to do it walking, not running, so as to avoid falling and missing the marker.


Collecting 30 markers opens the glass doors at the back of the Great Zero location.






4. Other goodies



  Tie Dye Shirt    Teledahn: room above dock area room, on top of wooden crates

  Zandi's Shirt    D'ni Riltagamin (Rainy version, also known as Rainy Cleft): hung on metal brace supporting trailer awning.

  Hard Hat    Tokotah Rooftop: basically everywhere, but there is a chance they will not be available.

  Pith Helmet    Eder Gira: last of the waterfall caves, below seventh Journey Cloth.






--- I. Legal Stuff ---



This document is copyrighted to me, Orlando Soares. Please do not alter it or use parts of it without my permission and without quoting me.

The sites with permission to post this guide are:

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