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A Guide to Relto Page Locations in Uru: Complete Chronicles
Written by Tijara   

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URU: Ages Beyond Myst

Gahreesen Relto Page

Gift:  Rocks and logs
Age:  Gahreesen
Location:  In the room after the KI machine, in the deep crevice/hole in the floor.

Teledahn Relto Page

Gift:  New roof
Age:  Teledahn
Location:  In the upper level of the Big Shroom between the aquarium and the crate.

Kadish Relto Page

Gift:  A tree that grows with time
Age:  Kadish Tolesa
Location:  On a ledge by the mist lake of trees between the second and third puzzles.

Kemo Relto Page

Gift:    Decorative paintwork and rug
Age:    Eder Kemo
Location:    In the puffer garden on a ledge above the ground.

Gahreesen Relto Pagea

Gift:  Waterfall
Age:  Gahreesen
Location:  In the prison cell behind a pillow on the bed (accessed from Teledahn).

Cleft Relto Page

Gift:  Rain
Age:  Cleft
Location:  In the imager room after clicking the green button (only available after endgame).

URU: To D’ni

Bevin Relto Page

Gift:  Islands
Age:  D’ni - Bevin
Location:  In the light garden by a window above a large rock.

Teledahn Relto Page

Gift:  Dock
Age:  Teledahn
Location:  On a small dock, (only accessible from the linking stone located near the Ferry Terminal in the City).

Great Zero Relto Page

Gift:  Imager
Age:  D’ni - Rezeero (Great Zero)
Location:  At side of GZ courtyard stairs beneath the link-in spot.

Ae'gura Relto Page

Gift:  Sun and two moons
Age:  D’ni - Ae’gura
Location:  In the Museum on one of the bookstands.

Tomahn Relto Page

Gift:  Music Player
Age:  D’ni - Eder Tomahn
Location:  On the bed in the wall near Dr. Watson’s camp.

URU: Path of the Shell

Ahnonay Relto Page

Gift:  Clock
Age:  Ahnonay
Location:   On the right hand dock of the maintence center in the second/desolate sphere.

Er'canna Relto Page

Gift:  Firemarbles
Age:  Er’cana
Location:  At the end of one of the water pipes.

Myst Relto Page

Gift:  Fireplace
Age:  Myst
Location:  In the Myst fireplace after entering combination #158 from “Myst”.

K'veer Relto Page

Gift:  Grass and plants
Age:  K’veer
Location:  On the table.

Kadish Relto Page

Gift:  Butterflies
Age:  Kadish Tolesa
Location:  In the future version of the Vault (available only after endgame).

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