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D'ni Technology
Written by Ayli   

There are more than one version of some of these documents. If you are looking to use these as a reference during game play, be sure to use the version that applies to your version. We have listed which version or expansion pack the book or document can be found below each thumbnail.

The different versions are:

  • MOULagain (Myst Online: Uru Live again)An online game accessible through the MOUL website.
  • MOUL (Myst Online: Uru Live) — An online game formerly accessible through GameTap services.
  • ABM (Uru: Ages Beyond Myst) — The original boxed version of the game.
  • To D’ni — The first expansion pack available as a free download and included in the second expansion pack.
  • tPotS (The Path of the Shell) — the second expansion pack.
  • UL: (Uru Live: Prologue) — The original, short lived, on line version of the game.
  • Untìl Uru — The current but limited version of the Uru Live game play.

You will need Adobe Reader 6.0 or higher to view these documents unless otherwise indicated. You can download the latest version by clicking the button below.

Adobe Acrobat


The Great Zero
Great Zero Journal (To D'ni)
from To D’ni


The Great Zero
The Great Zero Journal (UL)
from MOUL and MOULagain


Gahreesen Training Wall
Gahreesen Training Wall
from UL and Untìl Uru


KI and Nexus
KI Nexus
from UL, UU, and MOUL



Linking Explained
Linking Explained

Compiled by Trillian
based on content from
Cyan Worlds, Inc.,
D’ni Desk Reference,
and other internet sources. (MS Word)


Disclaimer: The renderings of the in game notebooks and journals offered here are not exact transcriptions and may contain minor grammatical and/or typographical corrections. Exact transcripts can be found on our forum.


Last Updated ( Sunday, 18 April 2010 )
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