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The GoG Code of Conduct
Written by Tijara   
What To Do While Being a Greeter
Be Friendly, Be Courteous, Be Available. If you’re happy and friendly and excited, people will know you are accessible. Never forget, you used to be a new explorer, too.
Introduce yourself. Understand the difference between “Hi- my- name- is- Such- and- so- Welcome- to- Uru- I’m- here- to- tell- you- everything- you- want- to- know- Will- you- be- my- friend?” and “Grunt”. Most folks, when they arrive, are so amazed at finding people they are more than delighted to talk, but not everyone is interested in chit-chat all the time. Use your common sense.
Help the new explorer to use their KI (if needed). Help them understand the various functions, like adding a buddy, using the journal, taking pictures, inviting to an Age, etc. Encourage them to read the Ki guide in the neighborhood classroom(written by the GoG), and Ki-mail them any simplified sets of instructions they might need. Also, help them find the KI Guide on the GoG website if they require further help.
 Give your KI number. Make yourself accessible as a resource for the future. Add the new explorer to your KI, so that you can communicate effectively, however, be aware that eventually you will wind up having several dozen people in your buddy list, so don’t be afraid to remove people once the job is done.
Give a brief history of the City and the D’ni (if needed). You do not need to launch into a dissertation on the Kings and cultural highlights, but a loose description of the history (The D’ni came to this cavern in 97 hundred years ago, this is part of the city, that Arch over there is in memory of King Kerath, etc., etc.) would be sufficient. (Be aware that the books are not the final authority, if an in-game notebook or something contradicts the novels, run with the notebooks and blame it on artistic license on David Wingrove’s part.)
Mention any upcoming inworld events. There will be a succession of events like: mixer parties, contests, new books or areas to visit, and other fun stuff in the caverns. The Guild Masters will keep you posted on such things, make an effort to keep up to date. Check the Guild of Greeters website, forum and calendar for news and announcements.
  Tour a bit if indicated. Finding it yourself is always fun, but having someone go with you and tell you “This is the Palace Hall, where this and that occurred, and do you remember this event in the book? This is where that happened…” is fun as well. Occasionally people will want to be led somewhere, like the bar or the Library, so have a good idea of the layout.
 Ask if there are questions (and try to answer...). This is a big one. Most of the time people will need/want help on a puzzle, or need to know how it all works together, or what it is all about. Do your best to answer these to the satisfaction of the asker, because this is why they are coming to you. Subjects that may come up are:
  • Neighborhoods
  • KI
  • The DRC
  • The D’ni
  • Yeesha
  • Bahro
  • Age-specific questions
  • Puzzle-specific questions
  • Cavern current events and history
Remember, a hint is usually the best answer when asked about a puzzle solution... but the goal is successful experiences for the community member: use your best judgment. Try to be as well versed as you can, but don’t feel you must know everything. What is more important is that you know where to direct someone to find the answer to a given question, or help the person figure the answer out for themselves. Feel free to ask another Greeter or Guild Master if you have questions. Did we mention the having fun part?

What NOT To Do While Being a Greeter
We are not a Police Force. We are tour guides and portable information booths. Any trouble we see, we report to Cyan/GameTap. We are not the Authority, we are not the Law. Being a Greeter is not about tangible rewards you won’t be compensated by Cyan/GameTap for your time. Never forget this. If you ever come across unacceptable behaviour start a chatlog (/startlog) and call a CCR to assist.
Do what’s expected of you. If you schedule yourself on duty at a specific time, do your level best to do that shift. This is just a game, and Real Life takes precedence, but if there’s no reason for you to not pull your shift then you should. If such a problem recurs, just let us know, or reschedule. If you cannot perform your duties, talk it over with the Guild Masters and something will be worked out. They are here to help you.
Inappropriate behavior is inexcusable, period. We all know how to behave in public. Being rude, lewd, and crude will not be tolerated, under any circumstances. If someone has been proven to have violated this rule, they will be removed from the Guild and reported to Cyan and GameTap.
Disagreements within the ranks should be handled privately, within the ranks. If there is a problem, we don’t need to broadcast it all over town, try to settle it discreetly. If a rule or statement seems wrong, rather than denouncing it, try to fix the problem. It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.
Do not encourage the following thoughts:
  • That being a “new explorer” is a sin.
  • That one is stupid for not being able to work out a given puzzle on their own. (Some of them are really hard.)
  • That once all the Ages are completed, there is nothing to do. Instead, guide newcomers to look for subtle changes or new perspectives and stress the excitement awaiting us with anticipated new content.
The whole point of all this is to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere, one that anyone could be comfortable in. We’re all here for a fun, happy time, and as Greeters we can help that along. By volunteering to be a Greeter, you are telling us that you have read this and agree to its terms, and will abide by them, at least until such time as the Guild Masters have heard your arguments and agreed to change the rule in question.


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