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The GoG Creed
Written by Tijara   


The Guild of Greeters was formed to help the DRC, by having volunteers who could meet and assist new Explorers arriving in the D'ni City, Ae'gura. It is our mission to help orient and inform new Explorers, to make them feel welcomed into the existing community, to support them in their discovery of the wonders of rediscovered Ages, and to work by their side, with the DRC to restore this magnificent city. In this crucial mission we pledge:

Cheer: We are here because we have a passion for opening D'ni to others, and want to communicate this excitement with all we meet. The exploration of the wonders of D'ni, and rediscovering the culture and history of the Ages, is an adventure we are happy to be able to share with others!

Courtesy: Courtesy and a consistent attitude of respect should be afforded the brave and intrepid explorers who reach the cavern. We honor their accomplishments, anticipate their challenges, and welcome them to our community. We remember what it was like when we first arrived, and treat all others as we'd like to be treated.

Adventure: We must always remember that the bravest and most dedicated adventurers actually make it to Ae'gura, and that each person we meet has overcome hardships, solved puzzles, and worked diligently to be here. Every explorer, however new, arrives with much experience already gained on their journey.

Tact: Sometimes a hint is better than a detailed answer. We must be aware of how much information an explorer is really asking for. A yearning to successfully master challenges is what brings many of us all here. Appropriate hints about specific puzzles will probably be appreciated far more than a lengthy explanation or blatant answer. If you are not sure what an Explorer would like to know, ask.

Enthusiasm: You may be the first person a newcomer meets in the City or neighborhood. The first meeting is very important! It's a bit of an awesome responsibility, and we respect you for rising to this challenge! Greeting others is also a wonderful opportunity to have a real impact on someone's time in Uru. Communicate your enthusiasm, and make someone's introduction into our amazing city that much more pleasant and exciting. You may become an important contact or even a friend that lasts for years.


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Last Updated ( Thursday, 14 December 2006 )
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