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In Cavern: December 2007
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DECEMBER 26, 2007

First “Lara Document” Unveiled

Independent researcher J.D. Barnes released for public discussion the first of a collection of old documents that reportedly once belonged to a Mexican prospector who claimed to have visited the D'ni at the time of the Fall. The collection, named the “Lara Documents” after the prospector, Domasio Lara, is now being examined by Barnes and a team of interested parties.

The first document called “Lara 001.001” seems to be a letter from a guildsman of the Guild of Surveyors to a friend in the Guild of Maintainers regarding what he thought was a breakthrough in trigonometrical mathematics. “What makes this letter particularly interesting is that it seems to be part of a collection of letters from not long after the move of Ri’neref's followers to this Age. The collection had been, apparently, reprinted for posterity,” Barnes commented. The letter is part of a larger reprint that as yet remains untranslated.

Barnes is asking the public to comment on its possible authenticity, its contribution to D’ni mathematics and posterity, and what the letter tells us about its author. So far no deadline for comment has been issued. Comments will be read if they are posted on the DRC forum.


DECEMBER 21, 2007

D’ni Word for “Food” Discovered

Food, to cater, caterer, Guild of CaterersFour new word forms were confirmed by Dr. Richard Watson today as part of ongoing work done in partnership with the D’ni Linguistic Fellowship and other interested fans to expand the D’ni language. Doo'shol-tahn (pronounced DU’Soltan) means “caterer” and du (DU) means "food" while (b)doo'shol (DU'Sol) means “to cater.” To date, twenty new nouns and verbs were added since the project commenced on November 16, 2007.


DECEMBER 17, 2007

TCT Interviews Ryan Miller

The Cavern Today, an fan organization with membership in the Guild of Messengers, interviewed Cyanist Ryan Miller in their "Our Gift" Holiday Podcast 2007,” their latest audio feature.

Miller was asked to look back and assess how Cyan did the past year. “Overall Season One went well. As a company we learned a lot on how to better produce upcoming seasons.” Miller also emphasized repeatedly that they cannot make everyone happy, given current resource constraints and pending discussions with GameTap, the publisher of MO:UL over the level of funding for Season Two. “We do the best with what we have.” He also spoke of challenges in intertwining the story with the Ages released because much of Season One content used borrowed content from the single-player expansion packs of Uru Live. “We had to mix and match and doing so made it harder.” And given the short development time frames, a limited budget, and only a skeleton crew of developers, resources were the ultimate factor that limited the potential of MO:UL. Currently “MO:UL is a smaller scale of what we envisioned Uru Live to be,” he concluded.

On the recent additions of staff at Cyan, Miller reported that it is ”good news” for the company but “not necessarily good news for Season Two,” because the new staff were recruited to conduct testing for a third party. “In fact its not tied into Season Two at all.”

Miller describes Cyan’s relationship with GameTap as “great,” and both communicate with each other frequently. As to GameTap’s backing of Season Two, “I think they are still making that decision.” He disagreed with those who made “doom and gloom” forecasts, stating his belief that GameTap will continue to invest based on the financial returns they receive.

Miller held lofty dreams and goals for Season Two. He envisioned an elected guilds council, running large and strong guilds that run the Cavern affairs, “with Cyan at the top” communicating with the guild leadership, and where big Ages are made that weave story and game play together. “But I don’t know how we’re going to get there.” He also wishes to give players all the “tools” they need to create Ages and other related content of their own, such as the ability to write and place their own journals in the Cavern. “We would love to take that to that level. But it takes work to create the tools for the community.” And any new content has to satisfy Cyan’s standards. “I think though there is a pretty good chance of some user content appearing in Season Two.” No promises were made though to step up efforts to reduce lag, repair the lake light meter or impose population limits in certain areas.

Miller had an understanding of player’s expectations. People want story and to interact and be involved with the characters. Also, “we learned that people still want content, to experience it and play it.” His parting words asked them for their continued support. “We are trying to do our best to give you what you want.”


GameTap: Myst “Changed Face of Gaming”

The original Myst game “changed the face of gaming” according to GameTap reporter Robert Coffey. He gives a retrospective view into the time when Myst was created, when 2x CD ROMS sold for $350 each, and when the original Doom dominated the adventure gaming genre. Against this lackluster backdrop came the product of brothers Rand and Ryan Miller leading a design team of three others to create a game that (at the time) featured cutting-edge rendering, and tiny Quicktime videos. The game broke ground for the adventure genre by affording the players to solve the game at their own pace, to pause when necessary from the game aspect and enjoy the breathtaking graphics, and allowed players to put themselves in the game, and to experience each world as if they were actually there, for instance standing on the Myst pier, or riding the caverns of Selenitic. Coffey also thinks that the Myst sequels did not live up to the original because they focused too heavily on graphics and on a New Age feel. Nevertheless, Myst influenced later adventure releases like The Longest Journey, Rhem and Syberia.


DECEMBER 16, 2007

Cavern Choir Provides Taste of Renaissance

Cavern Choir in Delin/December 12, 2007Today at 2 pm Cavern time, the Uru Cavern Choir launched the first of four stirring performances at the Gameboomer’s Bevin, Eder Delin. “Winter Holidays of Renaissance Europe” is a celebration of the period of rebirth among the arts, especially choral music. “Composers across Europe explored new expressive possibilities and created exquisite music for their patrons, for their nation, and for their faith,” declared Domahreh, choir leader and event organizer. To more effectively do crowd control and minimize lag, everyone was encouraged to reserve tickets. Space at the Gameboomer’s Eder Delin was limited to 25 attendees per concert. Those who came were asked to help reduce lag by sitting and to not using text or voice chat during the concert. Ushering services were provided by the Gameboomer’s Bevin.

The choir continues to receive rave reviews. “The choir certainly brings ‘class’ to the Cavern!” one exclaimed after the choir’s March 4, 2007 performance called “A Lover’s Complaint.” “What a wonderful performance. Beautiful!” shouted another of today’s rendition.

The Cavern Choir was broadcast on Shoutcast Radio KTDN and on Teamspeak. Those who missed the event can still listen to it on streaming audio via the CCN Soundstage. Video and MP3 files of the recordings will soon be made available by the CCN.


Photograph supplied by Lial 

Greeter Memories of an Untìl Uru Christmas

Marker Art in Untìl Uru (GoG Shard)Marker artists once attempted the impossible…and a few Greeters accomplished just that. Today they celebrate the holidays with some memories of the seemingly impossible things they did in Christmas past…

A not-so-long time ago…

In a Cavern near you…

Before Myst Online: Uru Live ever was…

Marker art is not like it once was. Before MO:UL, there was Untìl Uru, an unofficial version that ran on select shards after the Uru Live Prologue was terminated before it had a chance to officially launch in February 2004. Untìl Uru was created based on the wishes of loyal Greeters and fans who wished to continue gathering together in the hope that one day the online version would officially be reborn. Against circumstantial hope, some expressed their hope and continued support for Cyan Worlds and the game.

Each of the marker art images shown were carefully plotted, planned and placed on the GoG shard by Greeters Rex Havoc (also a Guild Master) and Golden Wedge using an Admin KI, a tool that reportedly is currently only reserved for ResEngs. These pictures remind veteran Greeters of “the good ’ol days.” Enjoy the images of Christmas past!


Photographs supplied by Rex Havoc

 DECEMBER 11, 2007

New MO:UL Musical Jigsaw Puzzles

Today, MO:UL forum moderator and fellow Greeter Veralun announced the creation of new puzzles, each featuring scenes of different Ages, and Uru musical scores composed by Tim Larkin of Cyan Worlds. The latest musical puzzles include “Kadish Vault,” “Kadish Gallery,” “K’veer,” “Cleft,” “Cleft Wahrk Skeleton,” “Gahreesen 2,” “Minkata Cage Bottom,” “Minkata Cage Top” and the “Ahnonay Cathedral.” These free downloadable musical puzzles and much more are also available at the Guild of Greeters website.


DECEMBER 10, 2007

Lost Book of Birenni Found, 9663 DE

Today at 8:53am Cavern time marks the start of the 7401st anniversary of when the Lost Book of Birenni was found by a woman named Lalen. Birenni was an ancient Age which belonged to the Guild of Healers. There they discovered plants that were able to end a plague that ravaged D’ni at that time. The plague ended on 2262 DE, and thereafter an annual festival was held to commemorate the day the “Lost Ages” were found. In the D’ni calendar today is Leevobro 20, 9663 DE, the twelvth yahr of the seventh vailee, 9663 years after D’ni culture was established in the Cavern.

DECEMBER 9, 2007

New Management Structure for Guild of Greeters

The Guild of Greeters has adopted a new management system, effective January 1, 2008. The newest feature is the election of three new Guild Masters picked by the Greeter community. Elected Guild Masters will serve a term of one year.

The Grand Master of the Guild of Greeters is elected by the Guild Masters. The Grand Master may leave office either by stepping down or through impeachment by a unanimous vote of all the Guild Masters.

The Guild Masters are a small group of Greeters who decide how to run the Guild. The new system will involve two groups of Guild Masters, the Council of Elders and the elected Guild Masters. The Council of Elders is comprised of Guild Masters who are long standing Greeters, well respected in the Greeter community and have proven their dedication to the guild. Besides setting guild policy, they also manage the servers, Greeter forum and the Greeter website. The Council of Elders is also tasked with ensuring that the Guild keeps to its primary mission to help people.

The elected Guild Masters are there to give a greater voice to the Greeter community. They are responsible for the daily operation of the guild in the Cavern. They manage the Greeters and with the Council of Elders, set guild policy. The three Greeters with the most votes are thus elected as Guild Masters. Their term starts March 1, 2008 and lasts for one year. They may be re-elected without term limits. If vacancies result, the Grand Master may call for a special election if necessary.

Four different types of Guild of Greeters Staff members support and are managed by the Guild Masters. The Executive Staff own the forum and website and are consultants to the Guild Masters. The Forum Moderators look after the forum. The Website Contributors design and create new content for the website. And the Membership Committee evaluates and votes on Greeter Applications.

DECEMBER 7, 2007

New D’ni Words Discovered

map, to map, cartographer, Guild of CartographersBaxana (pronounced bah-tsah-nah) means “map” while baxen [(b)bah-tsen] means “to map.” These and other D’ni words are among the latest D’ni-to-English translations approved by Dr. Richard Watson just today. The former DRC leader and Cyanist continues to work with the D’ni Linguistic Fellowship and other interested fans to expand the D’ni language. To date, sixteen new nouns and verbs were added since the project commenced on November 16, 2007.

Other words approved recently include lAsU (pronounced (b)lay-soo) or “to carry,” lAsUtan (lay-soo-tahn) which means “carrier” or “courier,” Setem (shee-tem) or “message,” and bErE ((b)bee-ree) which means “to maintain.”


DECEMBER 1, 2007

KI Customization Enabled

The MO:UL webpage now features a new section allowing players to add customized images to their KI. Submittals are encouraged, and Cyan-approved images will be added “in a few days.” Only images where the player owns the copyright will be considered. To add custom images, visit the MO:UL customization website.

Guilds Meet for Third Time

Four guilds were represented in the third “Guild System” meeting in Kirel today. Each reported on current projects.

The Guild of Messengers is asking the other guilds to write a newsletter on their guild and send it to the Cavern Criers for distribution in-Cavern via KI-mail.

The Guild of Maintainers recently elected temporary leaders and are starting to work together on “training ages” for their staff.

The Guild of Writers spoke of the test ages being developed, one of which was a “grand city.” The ages are being built using 3-dimensional open-source modeling programs like Blender, sound editing tools like Audacity, photo editing software like “The Gimp,” and various plugins. The ages are then exported to Uru: Complete Chronicles. The guild is confident they can eventually export to MO:UL’s format with “minimal changes.”

The Guild of Greeters reports they have a calendar of events, and have developed new hint guides, walkthroughs (the latest of which is Ahnonay) and guides for beginners to become more familiar with the world of Uru. They also announced that Indy has replaced Tijara as the new Grand Master, who acts as the official spokesperson for the guild. They also report that new people are seen every day, and that newcomers may come to the Greeter’s Bevin for extra assistance. They are also working on a newsletter for the Messenger’s Guild.

Browse the following guild websites for more information:



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