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In Cavern: October 2007
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 OCTOBER 29, 2007

Cyan Steps Up Visitor Drive, Retools MO:UL Site

Players may now use downloadable banners to advertise MO:UL on other forums and websites. Cyanist Blake visited the Cavern for a brief chat on how he has been trying to increase exposure and draw players back to visit the game. Other ideas like T-shirt designs and ARGs or alternate-reality games like the Zandimobile in the offline Uru expansion packs were good ideas to Blake, but Cyan and GameTap were too busy to do them. Blake hinted that more involvement from players to build such attractions may be needed.

Blake also announced that Cyan is managing the MO:UL website instead of GameTap to facilitate more frequent updates, and that visitors may now download more easily the MO:UL demo outside of GameTap directly from the MO:UL website. The address is www.mystonline.com/demo.html.


OCTOBER 26, 2007

Signs of Thanksgiving Appear

True to greydragon’s promise, today in an early display of the Thanksgiving spirit, arrangements of gourds, pumpkins and autumns leaves appeared in the Bevins. Pumpkins also appeared which explorers were able to kick around. 

OCTOBER 18, 2007

IGN Promotes Season Finale, Approaches 1000th Game

GameTap is fast approaching the issuance of its thousandth game, according to their press release issued today. “By championing original broadband episodic content and the day-and-date offerings of new games, while boasting the video game industry's largest on-demand library of games, GameTap remains at the forefront of the digital distribution trend,” it stated.

MO:UL was also touted as one of Gametap’s “hottest upcoming video game offerings.” The statement promoted the upcoming release of the Season Finale, “Exodus,” which begins on November 1, 2007.


OCTOBER 15, 2007

Cyan Reschedules Season One Finale, Working on Season Two

In a brief announcement on the MO:UL forum today, Ryan “greydragon” Warzecha apologized for the recent silence on the release of “Exodus,” the Season One Finale, whose released was moved to November 1, 2007. “We needed to start the episode at this later date in order to fix some bugs that were found during rehearsal testing,” he explained.

He also reports that the developer of the Myst series is “still in discussion with Gametap about the 2008 Season.”

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