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Ahnonay — Walkthrough
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Where are the Journey Cloths?    | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |
Are there Relto Pages to collect?    | 1 | 2 | 3 |
Are there rewards to collect?   | 1 | 2 |
How does linking work?

I have walked around Ahnonay and I can’t figure out what to do next.

The current is too strong for me to swim to Tower Island.
I have chased all of the Quabs into the water, but the view of Ahnonay did not change. What did I do wrong?

I hear a sound when I link from Ahnonay main island to Ahnonay Cathedral. What is it?

I have seen three views of Ahnonay. What do I do next?

I had to leave Ahnonay to look at clues, and now I am in the wrong sphere. What do I do?

What is the recipe for a good batch of pellets?

How do I get to the Bahro cave I can see from Er’cana?

I have dropped a pellet, but I can not get to the Ahnonay cave fast enough to see what happens.

How does Ahnonay work?

How do I get to K’veer?

How do I get to Myst?

Link to the Ahnonay Self-Help and Recovery Addendum
Easy-to-use Ahnonay’s Journey Chart (PDF)
Solution to putting sphere 4 in Active position (PDF)

Adobe Acrobat

Ahnonay Cathedral, Ahnonay and Myst books as they appear on your Relto bookshelf. 

Relto Bookshelf

We suggest that you complete the Cleft and the Ages of Teledahn, Kadish Tolesa, Gahreesen, EderGira/Eder Kemo, and Er’cana before you begin Ahnonay. 


Guild Master Kadish claims he wrote the Age of Ahnonay, although we do not have independent information to document that claim. Kadish was the secretive and talented engineer behind the construction of the pellet making equipment on Er’cana. He also wrote the Age of Kadish Tolesa where he used his lifelong fascination with puzzle locks to devise means of protecting his fortune. He proclaimed himself to be The Grower, an individual who could control time and space. These are key points that will help you approach the puzzles in Ahnonay. As with all Uru Ages, you need to be observant, use your senses, be curious, and be persistent.

You will use two linking books on your journey through Ahnonay, starting with the book for Ahnonay Cathedral that is located in an alcove in The Watcher’s Pub near Er’cana’s linking book. When you use this book, a copy of it is placed on your Relto’s bookshelf. There is a copy of it on Ahnonay, too. There is a DRC Notebook in the same alcove that contains information you should read because it will help you approach the puzzles. From the beginning in the Cathedral there are clues to help you understand Ahnonay, so pay attention to everything you see there. As well, there are clues to Ahnonay located in other areas you may have visited in Uru: the Kadish Gallery and Eder Kemo. Most people pass by them taking little notice.

Museum pedestals for Pod Age

The link book to Ahnonay itself is on a pedestal in Ahnonay Cathedral at the end of a corridor decorated with stained glass panels. When you use this book, a copy of it is placed on your Relto’s bookshelf. You link in to Ahnonay on one end of a circular, rocky island surrounded by clear, turquoise water. Water flows over a low falls into a lagoon. Take time to look around and observe your surroundings. There is an interesting clock-like mechanism in the center of the lagoon with a number of turquoise lights on a dial. You can see its face from the two ends of the island. Several clusters of buildings are visible on the horizon and, near by, there is a stone tower with lighted windows on tiny Tower Island. There is a pedestal with a linking book on the opposite end of the island from the link in point. There are just a few plants and animals present: a few trees with pale red-orange leaves and several small, red animals, called Quabs, that resemble Earth’s land crabs. Like our land crabs, Quabs feed on tiny plants that grow on the rocks. If you attempt to swim to Tower Island you will quickly discover that the current is too swift to get to it easily.

Water Ahnonay

What to do? If you have walked around the island, swum in the lagoon, perhaps made it to Tower Island, you have discovered that it is not obvious what you have to do in Ahnonay to make something happen. You may have become desperate enough to chase a Quab or two into the water. Thus begins the story of The Clock and The Quabs. 

The Clock and The Quabs

It turns out the mechanism in the center of the lagoon that looks like a clock, is not a clock, rather it registers excess pressure on sections of the main island and Tower Island. Walk to the Quab closest to the link in point and chase it into the water. Note one of the blue lights blinks off on the dial of the device. Walk to another Quab and chase it into the water. Another blue light blinks off. Continue around the island chasing Quabs into the water, and touch the Journey Cloth (1) as you pass it. When you arrive at the pedestal there will be only two or three blue lights on the dial. One of them is you — you can tell that by moving around near the pedestal and noting that different lights come on and turn off. The others lights are Quabs. Look around and you will probably see one on Tower Island. If there are more than two or three lights on, walk back around the main island and look for Quabs that have not jumped into deep water. There are a few places around the island where the bottom slopes gently, and Quabs can stay in shallow water. If you can see a Quab in the water, chase it farther out into deeper water so it disappears from view.

Journey (Shell) Cloth 1

Water Ahnonay: beginning

Swimming Lesson

If you walk around the outside of the main island you will reach a location where there are two large rocks offshore. Near them you will find a Quab, if you have not already chased it away. Chase it into the water and jump to the outermost rock. If you have been in the water already you know that in Ahnonay your avatar can swim, and that in most places there is a strong current that runs parallel to the island’s shoreline. Your avatar can do three swimming strokes: a crawl, a breast stroke and a backstroke. You will need to use the crawl stroke for this next part, so press your Caps-Lock key to be sure your avatar will do the crawl (equivalent to running on land).

You have to start your swim at an angle into (toward) the current. The current flows left to right along the side of the island where you need to swim, so you need to angle your swim to the left (into the current) as you start out. You will be at about the right angle if you face toward the center or left edge of the cluster of buildings on the horizon before you jump into the water. Jump off the rock ready to start doing a crawl stroke right away.

Swim to Tower

As you swim, turn gradually to the right until you see that you are swimming slowly away from the large island by watching the shapes and patterns on the bottom. When that happens turn your avatar until you can see Tower Island out of the corner of your eye, and then adjust your swimming angle to have the current carry you into the shallow water where you can stand up. It may take a try or two to do it successfully, but most people can swim to the island. A few people cannot, and luckily there is an alternative. If you link to Relto from Water Ahnonay, and return to it using the picture panel in your Ahnonay book, you will discover that the Tower Island Quab has moved to the main island where it is easy to chase it into the water.

WA Tower

An exploration of the tower on Tower Island reveals a closed door that you cannot open. An objective now is to get inside the tower, but how?

Round and Round

Once all the Quabs are gone, and only one blue light shines on the dial in the lagoon, use the link book on the island to go to Ahnonay Cathedral. Listen as you touch the linking panel. Go to the link book in the Cathedral, and use it to return to Ahnonay, which has changed dramatically. You seem to have gone forward or backward in time. Perhaps Kadish could control time.

MA Crystals

This Ahnonay — call it Misty Ahnonay — has suffered severe damage, but the device in the center appears to be intact. On Misty Ahnonay there are many clusters of turquoise crystals, and there is a pedestal with a linking book at the far end. The nearby tower is still there, but dark. You need to clear the crystals from the islands, so break all of them by walking into them.

MA Crystals breaking

By the time you reach the linking book there should be only two blue lights on the dial: one for you and one for the crystals on Tower Island. Fortunately, you can walk there on a rock ridge, so go there to break the crystals, and discover and touch Journey Cloth (2).

Journey (Shell) Cloth 2

You still cannot get into the tower, so walk back to the main island. Again go to the book and link to Ahnonay Cathedral. Did you hear the same sound you heard earlier on Water Ahnonay?

In Ahnonay Cathedral, go through the door and down the corridor to the pedestal. Touch the picture panel to return to Ahnonay, to a view that is different again — another time shift? Here Ahnonay, call it Space Ahnonay, appears as a series of rocky islands suspended in space and surrounded with a curious ring. There is a pedestal with a linking book at the far end.

SA start

Linking Principles

This is a good point at which to review linking principles. If you use a picture panel in a link book you will always link to the starting point of an Age. If you link using a Journey Cloth bookmark you will link to the location of that Journey Cloth within an Age.

In the step you just completed, touching the picture panel in the book in Ahnonay Cathedral allowed you to link to the starting point in Space Ahnonay. If, now, you link using the Journey Cloth bookmark in your Relto’s Ahnonay book, you will link to the location of the Journey Cloth that you touched on Misty Ahnonay — the one on the outside of the tower on Tower Island. Do that now by linking to Relto, opening the Ahnonay book (last one at the right on the top shelf), and touching the Journey Cloth bookmark.

 Inside the Tower

You link into a small rock on which there is another Journey Cloth (3) a few steps in front of you. You would be correct to conclude that this Journey Cloth is in a position that is inside the tower on Water or Misty Ahnonay.

Journey (Shell) Cloth 3

Touch the Journey Cloth, link to Relto, and use the picture panel in the Ahnonay link book to go back to the large rock on Space Ahnonay. Run to the pedestal and book, being careful to jump over the fissures. Use the book to link to Ahnonay Cathedral (hear that sound again)?  Use the book in the Cathedral to go back, this time to Water Ahnonay. Link to Relto and use the Journey Cloth bookmark in your Ahnonay book to link to the inside of the tower on Tower Island. There is a wheel on one wall and a lever near the door. Turn the wheel, and then lift the lever to open the door. The sound of the water has stopped.

WA Tower wheel

WA Tower door lever

You can climb the ladders in the tower, but you will need to remain in first person view to be able to look out of the windows at the top. To remain in first person view you need to click on the spanner (wrench) at the lower right of your screen, click on the word Advanced and then click in the box next to the phrase Stay in First Person View. If you climb the ladders you will see several gauges and connecting copper pipe on the way up. There is nothing else to do here, so go outside and jump into the water. Pleasantly, the current has subsided and you can swim wherever you want to go, so swim out to the buildings that you see on the horizon.


As you approach a cluster of buildings, you discover that they are not buildings at all, but facades painted on backdrops held up by scaffolding. They reveal another piece of Kadish’s illusion. Eventually, you will swim past a panel that has a tunnel behind it. Look around before entering the tunnel and you will see a large crack running from the edge of the tunnel upward. You can see the crack from the main island of Water Ahnonay and use it as a guide to swim to the right set of buildings should you want to later on.

Swim into the tunnel, get out on the right side and look around. You appear to be in a maintenance area that is painted in shades of green, gray and light brown. The D’ni numeral 1 is painted on the wall in the center of the same symbol you see in Ahnonay Cathedral. Across the way you see a Journey Cloth (4). Go to the Journey Cloth and touch it. On the way to it you will see a large metal hatch with a handle beside it. Raising the handle has no effect.

WA Maintenance Area 1

WA Maintenance Area 1/JC 4

Swim back to the main island.  

Taking Stock of the Evidence and Clues

By now you probably are starting to think that Kadish was not capable of controlling time, but was simulating it on Ahnonay somehow. Let us take stock of the evidence that supports that hypothesis:

  • Each time you link from the island to Ahnonay Cathedral you hear the sound of machinery and, when you return, you see a different view of Ahnonay.  This assumes all Quabs and crystals are removed from the island.
  • There is a device on Water Ahnonay and Misty Ahnonay that registers excess pressure detected on the main island and Tower Island.
  • The buildings on the horizon are facades painted on backdrops.
  • A tunnel behind one backdrop leads to an area that appears to be a maintenance area, and the one you have seen so far is identified with the D’ni numeral 1.

In Ahnonay, Guild Master Kadish engineered an illusion that he could control time to promote the idea that he was The Grower fulfilling some of The Watcher’s prophesies. He constructed a safeguard to be sure no one saw how he manipulated the illusion, a mechanism (pressure plates and a pressure detector) to assure that no one was left on the island when a change to it took place. Your task is to discover how Kadish created and protected this illusion, and find a way past it. The glass panels in Ahnonay Cathedral and the drawing in Maintenance Area 1 help you start to visualize what is happening.

Ahnonay Cathedral Symbols

On Water Ahnonay, go to the pedestal, and link to Ahnonay Cathedral — ah, that sound again. Stand still for a moment and outline the next steps you should take. At this point you should explore the maintenance areas of Misty Ahnonay and Space Ahnonay. You have observed that each time you use the linking book on Ahnonay to go to the Cathedral you return to a different view of it: Water —> Misty —> Space —> Water, etc. So if you return to Ahnonay now you will arrive on Misty Ahnonay, and if you use the Journey Cloth bookmark now you will link into the maintenance area of Misty Ahnonay. Do that — from the entrance to Ahnonay Cathedral, link to Relto, open your Ahnonay book and touch the Journey Cloth bookmark.

You link to the location of the last Journey Cloth you touched, the one on the wall of maintenance area 1. In this view (Misty Ahnonay), the maintenance area is orange and the D’ni numeral 2 is painted on the wall. Across the way you see a Relto page propped against a closed door. Walk around to that side of the maintenance area. On the way note the large, closed hatch with a lever to the left of it. Again, lifting the handle has no effect.

MA Matainence Area 2

On the opposite side there is a Journey Cloth (5) just outside the closed door that is locked.

MA Matainence Area 2/JC 5

If you return to Ahnonay Cathedral now using the book on Misty Ahnonay’s main island you will be able to link to this spot in the maintenance area of Space Ahnonay. Here are the steps.

  • Link to Relto
  • Use the picture panel in your Ahnonay book to link to Misty Ahnonay main island
  • Run to the pedestal and link to Ahnonay Cathedral. You would return now to Space Ahnonay if you use the book in the Cathedral, but you do not have to.
  • Link to Relto
  • Use the Journey Cloth bookmark in your Ahnonay book to link to the Space Ahnonay maintenance area. The maintenance area of Space Ahnonay is blue, and the D’ni numeral 3 is painted on the walls.

MA Matainence Area 3

Collecting Relto Pages

The closed door is open now. Go through the door and to the left where there is another Journey Cloth (6) next to the D’ni numeral 3 painted on the wall. Now you have the means to link to this location using Journey Cloth bookmarks to collect the Relto page you saw earlier in the Misty Ahnonay maintenance area.

SA Matainence Area 3/JC 6

Before leaving, walk around in this area to see what else is here. On your way around you will find a Relto Page on the floor near the large hatch that is still closed. This page adds a clock to one of the small islands near your Relto.

SA Matainence Area 3/Clock Relto Page

The handle by the hatch has no effect, and there is nothing else to see, so you can leave, and take these steps to collect the Relto page in Misty Ahnonay’s Maintenance Area 2.
  • Link to Relto.
  • Use the picture panel in your Ahnonay book to link to the large rock on Space Ahnonay.
  • Run to the pedestal (remember to jump over the fissures), and link to Ahnonay Cathedral.
  • Use the book in Ahnonay Cathedral to link to Water Ahnonay.
  • Run to the pedestal and link back to Ahnonay Cathedral. You would return to Misty Ahnonay now if you used the book in the Cathedral, but you do not have to.
  • Link to Relto.
  • Use the Journey Cloth bookmark to link to Misty Ahnonay’s maintenance area.
  • Collect the Relto Page.
  • Link to Relto.

MA Matainence Area 2/Storm Relto Page

This Relto Page brings thunder and lightening to your Relto.

On to the End

By now you have cycled through three views of Ahnonay several times. If the stained glass panels in Ahnonay Cathedral, the pictures on the walls of the maintenance areas, and the bahroglyph on Eder Kemo are correct there should be a fourth view that you have not seen, and continuing to link between Ahnonay and the Cathedral will not allow you to see it. You have to do something to change the sequence, and that step is not obvious. In all likelihood it was discovered by others through trial and error. You will need help to get to the fourth view, that is accessed from Water Ahnonay. Without touching any Journey Cloths, cycle through spheres to return to Water Ahnonay, then recruit someone to help you.

Your helper links to Water Ahnonay main island while you link to Water Ahnonay’s maintenance area. Your helper, upon arriving on the main island, may discover that several Quabs have crawled back onto the island (they are land animals, after all, and their food is on the island). They have to be chased back into the water. You could link to Water Ahnonay with your helper, help with Quab removal, and then swim to the maintenance area. To succeed in this step only your helper can be on the main island or on Tower Island. When you get to the maintenance area (1), tell your helper, who will be stationed at the pedestal ready to link to the Cathedral, that you are in place. Do not do anything else. Do not touch the Journey Cloth.

Your helper links to the Cathedral and you will hear the sound of machinery. Your helper should link back to Ahnonay to confirm to you that he has arrived in Misty Ahnonay. That is all your helper has to do now, so he is free to leave. Touch the Journey Cloth where you are standing, still in the maintenance area of Water Ahnonay, so you can get back to this location, then walk to the large metal hatch and lift the lever. This time the handle descends very slowly, and you hear the same sound you hear when you use the Cathedral linking book on the pedestal.

Link to Relto then use the Journey Cloth bookmark to return to the maintenance area. You arrive at the same point in space, but to a maintenance area that you have not seen before. This one is green and yellow, with flashing lights, and sparks flying from damaged wires in the ceiling. The D’ni numeral 4 is painted on the wall — finally you have arrived in the fourth view of Ahnonay.

Matainence Area 4

Matainence Area 4/Lever

The lever at the large hatch is the only device that you can activate, so lift it. After it descends slowly, and you hear that sound again, the metal hatch door opens and you can proceed to a new area of Ahnonay. You have made it past Kadish’s safeguard. There is an explanation of the mechanics of the puzzle at the end of the walkthrough.

Hidden Ahnonay

Through the open door you see a ramp. Walk to the end of it where an imager displays an image of a very large statue – a statue of Guild Master Kadish. The imager displays views of Ahnonay that you see if you use the picture panel in your Relto’s Ahnonay book. Back a ways toward the door, ladders lead downward. At the bottom, there is a chair and a control button. Walk to the chair and sit down. When you are seated a hatch opens and the chair descends into a vehicle called a vogondola. When it stops you are facing a tunnel, and there are three control levers in front of you.

Matainence Area 4/ramp

Matainence Area 4/Vogondola chair

Matainence Area 4/Vogondola interrior

The lever at the upper left raises the chair to its starting point. The lever at the lower left rotates it 180 degrees, and the lever on the right moves the vogondola forward. Touch the lever on the right to proceed. When it stops touch the lever on the right a second, and then a third time to reach the end of the ride. When the vogondola stops at the end of the tunnel, touch the lever on the upper left and the chair will rise. Walk to the end of corridor. This area of Ahnonay is Guild Master Kadish’s Office. There is a Watcher’s Pub shirt on the bunk on the right. Collect the shirt then turn around to a control panel that has a set of 8 buttons that must be pressed in the right order to open the door next to it.

Matainence Area 4/Control panel

Click on the panel for a closer view and notice the symbols on the buttons.

You have seen them before — in two places, actually. They are on stained glass panels in Kadish Gallery in Ae’gura, and on stained glass panels in the corridor of Ahnonay Cathedral.

Kadish Gallery symbols

Ahnonay Cathedral symbols

If you have not taken notes or drawings of these panels, do so now.

Link to Relto and from there to Ahnonay Cathedral using the green linking book that is next to your Ahnonay linking book. Walk along the corridor and observe the symbols on the panels. Sketch the symbols as you walk along starting with the first one on the right, then the first one on the left, and so on alternating right and left as you go. That is the order in which you must press the buttons on the control panel.

If you had to leave the Kadish’s Office to go look at the symbols you will arrive back in maintenance area 3 when you use the Journey Cloth bookmark. To proceed you will have to:

  • Link to Relto.
  • Link to the main area of Hidden/Statue Ahnonay using the picture panel in your Relto Ahnonay book. Explore it while you are there.
  • Link to Ahnonay Cathedral using book on the pedestal putting Ahnonay into a position such that when you use the Journey Cloth bookmark you link to Maintenance Area 4, and when you use the picture panel you link into Water Ahnonay.
  • Lift the lever to rotate Sphere 4 back into the active position so the door opens again.
  • Use the call button to recall the Vogondola.
  • Ride the Vogondola back to the Guild Master Kadish’s Office.

You should now have screenshots or sketches of the stained glass panels along the corridor in Ahnonay Cathedral. Go to the control panel and number the buttons on it 1 to 4 left to right on the top row, and 5 to 8 left to right on the bottom row. Next press the buttons in the order indicated by the symbols on the panels: 3,2,1,4,8,5,6,7. The door will open to the next area of Ahnonay, Kadish’s Office. Enter the office for breathtaking sights and sounds. Before doing anything else, walk to Journey Cloth (7) and touch it so you can easily return to this location. Then look around and in the office you will see a Bahro Link Stone and a button that opens a large port next to the open door.

Kadish Office

Walk outside and turn left to see Ahnonay as Guild Master Kadish never intended a visitor to see it. The Age actually consists of four spheres that rotate around a hub. The track of the Vogondola can be seen exiting the hub and extending to Kadish’s Office.

View of the spheres

At some point you will want to return here and have a helper rotate the spheres so you can see the way they move, but for now walk through Ahnonay’s portal and touch the glyph on the cave wall to collect Ahnonay’s Bahro wedge. Jump into the hole to go back to Relto.

Relto after completing Ahnonay

Congratulations, you have solved the puzzles and reached the end of Ahnonay, but not the last of things that you can do in it because Ahnonay holds the keys to getting to K’veer and Myst Island.

A Convergence of Ages

In Guild Master Kadish’s Office on Ahnonay there is a Bahro Link Stone that takes you to a cave with interesting features. There is a pool of water at the center directly below a hole in the ceiling. If you look up you can see there is a second level to the cave. Think about other Ages you have visited, and which one had a two-story cave. There is a circular drawing on the wall divided into four quadrants. There is a very similar symbol on a wall in another location. Try to remember where it is. In fact you may have seen this very symbol from a Bahro Cave in another Age. Do you remember seeing it?

Bahro Caves

It turns out this two story cave is accessible from Er’cana as well as from Ahnonay. The Bahro Link Stone in Ahnonay links you to the lower level while the Bahro Link Stone in Er’cana links you to the upper level of the cave. This connection is important because the next step involves both Ages. If you have not completed the journey in Er’cana you will have to do so now. If you have not completed the journey in the Cleft and in Teledahn, Kadish Tolesa, Gahreesen, and Eder Kemo/Eder Gira, you should do so now.

(Screenshot of the relationship of the two caves — we have one that shows Ayli in the cave above and may have one that shows Lial or Ahnana in the cave below; if not we should take them)

To proceed in Ahnonay you need to illuminate symbols in the four quadrants of the drawing in the Bahro Cave to which you link from Kadish’s Office on Ahnonay. They are illuminated using light from a pellet dropped from the Bahro Cave to which you link from Er’cana. On the walls of that Bahro Cave are petroglyphs that give you the recipe for the pellets you have to bake: Time = 40, Weight = 30, Temperature = 20.

Er’cana’s Bahro Caves

The baking time for these pellets is 4 hours, and you do not have to remain in the cavern while they bake. When the pellets are baked, enlist the help of a buddy to  help you complete the next step. You should be sure that the last Journey Cloth you touch in Er’cana is the one next to the pellet machine. Send your helper to the Er’cana pellet machine while you link to Kadish’s Office on Ahnonay. From there use the Bahro Link Stone to go to the lower Bahro Cave, and let your helper know when you get there. Stand where you can see the symbol on the cave wall and get ready to take a screenshot of the symbol or take quick notes with pencil and paper. Your KI will not work in the cave, so you can not take a KI picture of the symbols. Have your helper tell you when he is ready to link to the upper cave with a pellet. You will hear your helper link in and, if you look up, you will see the pellet appear just before it falls. When it hits the water in your cave it will produce an intense white light that reveals glyphs in the four quadrants of the symbol on the wall. Quickly take a screenshot of them or sketch them on paper. You have 10-15 seconds to do that. If you have noted the arrangement of the glyphs your helper can leave. If not, you will have to help him get back to your Er’cana pellet machine. Your set of symbols will most likely differ from those shown here.

Er’cana’s Bahro Cave/Pellet drop

Hopefully you remember that you have seen the glyphs and circle twice before in the Cleft. Link to Relto and then link to the sunny Cleft. Climb down, enter the symbols in the imager and press the blue button. The windmill must be turning to provide power. If it not, check the brake in the next room, and then climb out of the Cleft to start it up again. If you enter the glyphs correctly, Yeesha will tell you that you have done well!  That you have seen words fulfilled, but still more to be fulfilled, and she will ask you if you believe?  Turn around to see a portal near you.

Cleft portal

Walk through the portal. 

K’veer and Myst

You will be transported to K’veer, an island in the cavern, and a page will be added to your city book. Near the time of D’ni’s fall K’veer was the home of Lord Rakeri and his family including his only son, Veovis. Lord Rakeri was the Grand Master of the Guild of Miners. After his death K’veer was used by Veovis as a base for his plot to destroy D’ni. Atrus was imprisoned there for a time by his father, Gehn. You can read more about K’veer, Lord Rakeri, Veovis and the Fall of D’ni at fan websites and in the three Myst novels.


Walk to the Nexus pedestal beneath the balcony and insert your KI to have a link to K’veer added to your Nexus. K’veer accessed through the Nexus is a public instance of it; K’veer accessed through the City Book is open to you and your neighbors only.

Only a small area of this incredible mansion is open at the moment, but explore as much of it as you can. In a large central room on an upper level where there is a special prize: a pedestal holding a linking book to the library on Myst Island. If you link to Myst you will be able to collect reward clothing, Catherine’s tunic and a Relto Page that adds a fireplace to your Relto.

K’veer/Myst book

Myst is an Age that was written by Atrus’s grandmother Ti’ana as a safe haven for Atrus and his wife, Catherine, during the time they were trying to trap Gehn in Riven. Later, Myst was the home of Atrus, Catherine and their two sons Sirrus and Achenar. You can read more about Atrus, Catherine, T’iana and Gehn in the three Myst novels and at various fan websites.

Myst Library

At the moment we also see only a small area of Myst, its library that used to hold linking books that Atrus wrote. Most of those books were burned by Sirrus and Achenar. Myst is a private Age to which you can link using the book on your Relto shelf, and the book on the pedestal in K’veer.

The Way Ahnonay Works

The view from Kadish’s office reveals that Ahnonay is an Age in one point in time that was engineered to give casual visitors the illusion they are being transported to Ahnonay in three different points in time that we know as Water, Misty and Space Ahnonay. It is only under special circumstances that someone can view the fourth state of Ahnonay, and see the engineering behind the illusion.

Eder Kemo Glyphs

Ahnonay is a set of four spheres that rotate around a hub. Each sphere has a maintenance area with a section of Vogondola track attached to it. Additional sections of track are attached to an adjacent module that includes Kadish’s office. The active sphere in the set is the one in the 9 o’clock position when viewed from the observation deck in Kadish’s Office. The active sphere is the one to which you link using the picture panels in the Ahnonay books on your Relto and in Ahnonay Cathedral. We will number the spheres 1 to 4 as follows: Sphere 1 = Water Ahnonay, Sphere 2 = Misty Ahnonay, Sphere 3 = Space Ahnonay, and Sphere 4 = Hidden or Statue Ahnonay. You see these numbers on the walls of the maintenance areas.

The linking book to Ahnonay Cathedral that is on the pedestal in Ahnonay rotates the spheres, but only when the pressure sensors detect no abnormal pressure anywhere on the main island and Tower Island (you have removed all of the Quabs and all of the crystals and there are no other people on the islands). You hear the sound of spheres rotating when you touch the picture panel of that book. Usually the mechanism rotates the spheres clockwise one quarter turn except when Sphere 3 (Space Ahnonay) is in the active position. Then the mechanism turns the spheres one half turn to bypass Sphere 4 and go on to Sphere 1 (Water Ahnonay). You have to take special action to place Sphere 4 in the active position. That is where the lever at the hatch door comes in.

The lever at the hatch door causes a sphere to rotate to the active position. If a sphere is in the active position aleady, then it does nothing, as we have seen. Here are the steps you have to take to get to Hidden or Statue Ahnonay (Sphere 4).

  • Begin with Sphere 1 (Water Ahnonay) as the active sphere, and be sure the Journey Cloth in it’s maintenance area is the last one you touched.
  • You and your buddy link to your Water Ahnonay—you go to the maintenance area, and your buddy goes to the main island.
  • Your buddy uses the linking book on the pedestal of the main island to rotate the spheres and go to Ahnonay Cathedral, after being sure all of the Quabs are in the water and there is only one blue light on the pressure indicator dial.
  • The spheres rotate one quarter turn clockwise and you ride along with Sphere 1 because you are in its maintenance area.
  • Now Sphere 2 (Misty Ahnonay) is in the active position.
  • You touch the Journey Cloth so you can return to this position in space.
  • You pull the lever to rotate Sphere 1 back to the active position and you ride along with it.
  • You link to Relto, and use the Journey Cloth bookmark to return to Ahnonay, to the position in space where the last Journey Cloth you touched was located. That position is now in the maintenance area of Sphere 4 (Hidden or Statue Ahnonay).
  • You pull the lever again to rotate Sphere 4 into the active position.
  • When Sphere 4 is in the active position the hatch door opens.
  • Now when you use the Ahnonay book on your Relto shelf the Journey Cloth bookmark will link you to Sphere 4’s maintenance area and the Ahnonay book’s picture panel will link you to the main area of Sphere 4.
  • If you use the Ahnonay Cathedral book on the pedestal on Ahnonay you will rotate the spheres back to the original state where Sphere 4 is by-passed.
  • If you touch any Journey Cloths in someone else’s Ahnonay you will link to that location in your own Ahnonay the next time you use the Journey Cloth bookmark.
Ahnonay Self-Defense Addendum

This is a list of common situations that may occur in Ahnonay that will keep you from proceeding with ways to get around them.

1) Your view of Ahnonay does not change when you use the Cathedral linking book on the island.

  • This happens when there are some Quabs left on the island of Water Ahnonay or when they have jumped into shallow water where you can still see them. In particular there is shallow water around Tower Island and in a location on the main island about 2/3 of the way between the link in point and the linking book pedestal. If you can see more than one blue light on the indicator, look for Quabs in these locations. Now and then a Quab will leap into one of the trees as you herd it toward the water.  Look in the trees if you do not see a Quab on the island or in shallow water. Walking around the base of the tree will eventually scare it into the water.
  • This happens when there are crystals left on Misty Ahnonay.
  • This happens when you have forgotten to touch the Journey Cloth.

2) To solve the control panel puzzle you have to leave the area near the control panel and bunk to look at stained glass panels. Because you have rotated the spheres the Journey Cloth bookmark will link you into maintenance area 3 rather than maintenance area 4.

When you see that you are in maintenance area 3, do the following:

  • Link to Relto.
  • Link to the main area of Hidden/Statue Ahnonay using the picture panel in your Relto Ahnonay book. Explore it while you are there.
  • Link to Ahnonay Cathedral using book on the pedestal putting Ahnonay into a position such that when you use the Journey Cloth bookmark you link to maintenance area 4, and when you use the picture panel you link into Water Ahnonay.
  • Lift the lever to rotate Sphere 4 back into the active position so the door opens again.
  • Use the call button to recall the Vogondola.
  • Ride the Vogondola back to the Guild Master Kadish’s Office.

Extra material

Ahnonay Chart (PDF)         Ahnonay Sphere’s Solution (PDF)


Written by Lial. Photographs by Lial, J’iim. Videos by J’iim. Design by Ayli. 

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