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In Cavern: September 2007
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SEPTEMBER 28, 2007

First Arrival of the Great King, 9663 DE

Today at 7:43am marks the start of the First Arrival of the Great King, a D’ni holiday whose meaning remains unknown. The Great King, known in D’ni history as Ahlsendar, was born on 1323 DE, fought the Pento from 1352-1376 DE, and reigned until his death in 1500 DE. when he upon request was sealed in the Temple of the Great King along with books “infected” with a plague he created to destroy the Pento race. In the D’ni calendar today is Leevot 12, 9663 DE, the twelvth yahr of the fifth vailee, 9663 years after D’ni culture was established in the Cavern.


SEPTEMBER 24, 2007

Writer's Guild Founded, 9663 DE

At approximately 1:02pm Cavern time today, 9655 D’ni years ago, the Guild of Writers was established in the Cavern in the year 8 DE by the direction of King Ri’neref as one of his top priorities. The Guild of Writers was thought of as the most important of all the D’ni Guilds because they were responsible for writing both Descriptive Books and Linking Books according to the rules of the garohevtee, a special D’ni script. In the D’ni calendar today is Leevot 9, 9663 DE, the ninth yahr of the fifth vailee, 9663 years after D’ni culture was established in the Cavern.


SEPTEMBER 12, 2007

Watson: Bahro Created “Grand Deception”

Dr. Watson’s ReturnDr. Richard Watson delivered a speech to a large crowd in Blabbity’s Bevin around 3pm today. “The ‘good’ bahro protecting us have created a grand deception for our peace of mind — an illusion that all is well here in the Cavern and the Ages,” the former DRC leader declared. He revealed that Yeesha has visited hundreds of Ages trying to find an end to the conflict. He expressed concern that their “protection” would not last, and that “destruction is coming,” but even he was unsure of the outcome. “Either way, we need to use the time we are being given to ‘Find a way. Make a home.’ How can we do that? That's where the Guilds come in. We have got to work together,” adding that it may take “many years” to do so.

He backed the DRC decision to reinstate the Guilds, because they “provided stability and structure for the D'ni culture, which allowed their civilization to thrive for tens of thousands of years. The problem with the Guilds in D'ni history is the same thing that's the problem here in the Cavern today: people. More specifically: our Pride.” Amidst hecklers, he added, “We already have our own problems of Pride. We haven't needed the Guilds for that.”

He summed up the Bahro conflict as the result of the power of individual choice. “Stop bickering among yourselves,” he chided. “Stop choosing to divide yourselves. There is much more at stake here than our egos. You do have the ability to choose to work together. Make that choice.” He challenged them to “choose to be more responsible than the D'ni were at the time of the Fall.”

Watson also modified his earlier view when as a DRC member, he believed the Cavern should be inhabited again. “I no longer believe that is the case. But do not misunderstand me. I am still drawn here, but now I'm drawn to learn the lessons that this Cavern has to teach me. But I will apply those lessons elsewhere.” Watson nevertheless urged all to stay, for “this Cavern still has much to teach us.”

Watson stayed briefly afterwards for a picture and to thank well-wishers.


White: Watson “Knows Too Much”

“He's impressed upon me that he knows way too much about all this D'ni Bahro stuff,” Nick White opined of Dr. Richard Watson after the former DRC leader gave a lengthy speech earlier this afternoon on the Bahro War and explorer involvement in the Restoration. He also provided some comic relief. “I only have nicknames for people I like,” White began, before making references to “old man Watson,” “Ex-Lax,” “the good Dr. K.” and “Catie-pie.” White in his own way told them not to worry, and used his continuing relationship with his girlfriend to illustrate that despite recent events in the Cavern, life goes on as usual.


SEPTEMBER 11, 2007

Former DRC Leader Returns

Dr. Richard Watson was seen in the Cavern for the first time since he embarked on the Quest of Yeesha back in early 2004. “Michael Engberg came to find me. And find me he did,” he admitted as he was collecting his Nexus links. The former DRC leader appeared uncomfortable at handling questions through a moderator, yet was gracious enough to respond and dialogue while choosing his words carefully. On who “he” is, “I'd hazard to guess the "he" was likely "me.” On Phil’s recent behavior, he mused that “His time alone with the Bahro haven't helped his social skills.” On Wheely’s death, he offered, “I was devastated. But that's life, I suppose. You try to deal with whatever comes up and move on.” He concluded that “Guilds are fine, in and of themselves. They provided D'ni with stability to last for nearly 10,000 years here in the Cavern ... and who knows how many thousands of years before that.” Watson does not plan to rejoin the DRC for the moment.

Watson claims he spent much of his time with Henderson and Yeesha, who has herself been busy visiting Ages where the Bahro conflict is more active. As to the reason behind the conflict, “The short version is that they were recently given the ability to choose their own destinies. And different groups of them are making different choices with their newly-found freedom.” He reveals that there are many more Ages the D’ni have not been to than they have visited. He has even been to Releeshahn. He also does not consider Noloben the Bahro “home Age” because “some consider this [Earth] their home, or any of thousands of Ages, for that matter.” He has learned to communicate with some of the Bahro, but admitted “I still have a hard time.”


Henderson: “Listen to Her”

After Dr. Richard’s Watson’s surprise reappearance in the City today, Phil spoke with visitors gathered at his Relto. “Man, I know the DR. is back. I've been talking…He knows stuff. He’s smart man,” he chimed. Yet the former ResEng maintained his ominous tone on their presence in the Cavern. “He said we shouldn’t be here. He’s right.” When pressed for answers he stressed that “there is more to do,” yet also introduced another mysterious character, this time a female. “You have to listen to her. That's where it's at, man.” Could this female be Yeesha? Only time will tell.


Hunter Wants to Fight

“Spread the word, I’m leaving,” Douglas Sharper declared later this morning in the Watcher’s Pub. “The good Bahro are losing the war, protecting us, allowing us to live as we do. I’ve got to help them.” The crowd seemed to oblige. He then added, “Listen to Watson. He knows what's going on.”


Pellet Donations Show Progress

Around 11 am Victor Laxman issued another KI-mail notice about “steadily decreasing” pellet contributions within the last month. “I just wanted to reassure you that you are making progress, so don't get discouraged.” He also remarked that the lake light level may grow more noticeable “in the next few months” if explorers maintain their current pellet contribution rate. “The algae isn't in any great danger, but for our own efficiency's sake, it's better to be as consistent as is reasonable.”

Watson Won’t Rejoin Council

Cate Alexander made a brief appearance in the City about noon today. “Dr. Watson will not be re-joining the DRC,” she announced. No new releases were planned during her visit. It remains to be seen whether Michael Engberg will re-join the council. She expressed happiness at seeing both men again, mixed with disappointment over Sharper’s decision to leave.


SEPTEMBER 10, 2007

Henderson: “He is Here”

Former ResEng Phil Henderson repeated himself saying “He’s here” on the Tokotah Rooftop. He also repeated the word “listen” to puzzled listeners, some of whom asked in vain for more details. Yet there was a method to Henderson’s would-be madness when he firmly told everyone, “He's here. Listen when you hear him.”


Engberg Returns

Missing DRC member Michael Engberg is back! The father of the late explorer Wheely Engberg who died in mysterious circumstances under a rock fall at the Kahlo Pub area this past May was seen at the top of the Great Stairs in Ae’gura today, and was immediately pummeled with questions. Engberg was mostly nonresponsive and indicated that for now, he still needed space. “Its been a hard time,” he groaned.


Garden Age Stained Glass Winners Revealed

Winning entries for the Eder Delin and Eder Tsogahl Stained Glass art contests will be installed randomly at Bevins later today. “The Eder Tsogal selected designs were submitted by Explorers Barbara, Cycerim, and Moeity Jean. The Eder Delin selections were designed by Explorers Ekis, Rustee, and zalionXI,” Dr. Marie Sutherland announced late tonight. Each Bevin with an Eder Tsogahl book will receive one of the three winning selections for that Age. Similarly, plans exist for the Eder Delin selections to be issued to about a hundred Bevins who requested an Eder Delin book from developer Cyan Worlds.

The Stained Glass art selections may also be viewed on the Restorations section of the DRC website.


Consistent Pellet Contributions Sought

Victor Laxman visited the Uru Tapestry Hood to muster greater participation in pellet donations. These grain pellets are made in the Harvest Age of Er’cana and provide nutrition for the algae in the Cavern lake, which in turn provided day and night light cycles for the D’ni. According to Laxman, the Fall of D’ni interrupted this cycle. Explorer contributions started with the release of Er’cana on June 26, 2007, but have since waned. “They have been steadily dropping this past month. So I just wanted to encourage those who are still interested in helping to light the lake to continue to do so.” Some were concerned that the pellet totals given in one’s KI is not enough motivation for explorers. Some wanted the DRC to disclose real time or daily numbers to more closely monitor improvements in the lake light levels. The DRC engineer did not promise such information but said, “I'll see what I can do.”

Explorers may feed the algae through consistent regular contributions of pellets that produce a bright orange glow in the lake water, rather than sporadic increases that tend to overfeed the lake life.



Release of Guild Pubs Imminent

“The Guild Pubs, I am told, will be available within the hour,” Cate Alexander told an excited crowd in Kirel at 9am this morning. So many were crowding her that Cate remarked that she may need personal security the next time. The Pubs will be available in the Nexus, and each supporter of that Guild will have access to only one Pub at a time.

Cate would not talk about the source of her recent frustrations, nor talk about matters related to Phil Henderson, like who “he” is. She referred those with questions on the Bahro conflict to Sharper. Yet she mentioned that Ahnonay is “still many days away,” and that new ages are still being discovered.

Nexus links to the Guild Pubs were found about an hour later, and a DRC KI-mail announcing their availability was released at 10:05am.


White Maintains Calm

Nick White made a very brief appearance in the Guild of Messenger’s Pub. He joked with fans about college football in the States. He mentioned he was trying to keep calm and unlike his friend Douglas Sharper, to not stress out about Phil Henderson’s recent behavior, which White attributes to drugs. “Keep any eye out for him everyone,” he warned.


Guild Adviser Won’t Separate Facts from Speculation

This evening at the Watcher’s Pub, Reteltee took another round of questions from crowds, and apparently left many unconvinced that he as the Guild Advisor to the DRC is adequately representing them. Reteltee maintains that his loyalty is to the explorers, and that “I've told the DRC that I hate all this secrecy nonsense,” in reference to the DRC’s secretive intelligence gathering methods. Yet he feels constrained from speaking purely from the standpoint of an explorer. When asked specifically to separate facts from explorer’s own interpretations, he replied tht doing so might cost him his job. “Unfortunately, if I start separating facts from speculation, the DRC says bye-bye Reteltee.” His response given the tension between the DRC and the explorers is to assume a subservient position that defers to their wishes. “The DRC officially hold nothing over me; however, if I am to serve the Explorers by bringing information, then I have no choice but to do it on the DRC's terms. But I do my best to balance that with transparency to the Explorers.” Such transparency remains to be seen. Reteltee continues to show himself a consummate politician by deciding to wear each of the guild support t-shirts to access each Guild Pub, but refusing to join any particular guild. He also hoped that the DRC has the community’s best interests in mind, that the Guilds are necessary for the Restoration to survive, and that future guilds could “act as a counter-balance to the DRC” with the Guild of Greeters as an example.


Sharper: “All Hell Breaking Loose”

In what may be the first signs that explorers are living in a possible deception, Douglas Sharper in the Watcher’s Sanctuary at 11pm exclaimed, “I'll tell you what - we have no idea what's going on in this place. We're all living in our happy little dream world while all hell is breaking loose.” To Sharper, the war is going to badly that he was re-opening his spyroom to serve as a hiding place. He also gave much credence to recent rumors spread by former ResEng Phil Henderson about a possible Bahro war that is coming to the Cavern.

What also surprised fans was the admission that he knew the identity of who “he” was, but gave no further details when pressed by fans, including anthropologist J.D. Barnes. Sharper also displayed cynicism towards explorers who do not believe him. “I'll let you him tell you - he'll do a better job than me anytime. You might listen to him instead of me, the crazy hunter.”

As for what explorers can do to protect themselves, Sharper in his vintage fashion responded, “Lock and load. And practice quick hands to your linking books.”



Henderson: “We Need Colors”

“He’s coming…man, we need colors,” former ResEng Phil Henderson (aka “phend”) murmured repeatedly today as he visited various Bevins and Kirel. He also spoke of “trouble” that will come “without colors” and the need for a “home.” He also likes green, black and “music.” What could someone who thinks out loud like he does be referring to? What is the significance of green and black? Do not depend on Henderson to explain for the time being.


Guild Pubs “Coming Soon”

Early this afternoon DRC leader Cate Alexander announced, “Guild Pubs are coming soon.” She expressed disappointment that they were not available today. “I hope tomorrow,” she added. She also clarified that access to each Pub is limited to only those who selected one of five colored Guild t-shirts, available still in Kirel. Currently the five available Guilds with their colors are: Cartographers (turquoise), Writers (black with dark red), Greeters (green with cyan), Maintainers (burgundy) and Messengers (yellow). They do not have to wear their t-shirt while accessing their Pub. But explorers can access only one Guild Pub at a time.

Wearing a Guild t-shirt is only intended to show one’s support for a Guild, and does not necessarily mean that the wearer is an official member of that Guild. Official membership requirements are still decided upon by the leadership of each Guild.


Sharper Worries About State of Cavern

Douglas Sharper was at the Watcher’s Pub late tonight ostensibly to search for Cate Alexander. He remarked that she is not in a good mood lately, and that he is worried about Phil (Henderson) sounding so incoherent. “I'm worried about us more than Phil,” he added. When pressed, he stated that “this war is coming sooner than we thought” and that “this cavern isn't going to be around long.” And as to what the people can do to protect themselves, “I don’t know” was all he could say.



Day of Dancing, 9663 DE

The Day of Dancing started approximately 3:11 am today, Cavern time. The explorer community has chosen to mark the occasion with an assortment of storytelling and music in many private ages ranging from pulsating techno, rock, deep drums and big band, to soothing moody chill, with splashes of Japanese pop & rock, video game, uber and eclectic mixes.

According to developer Cyan Worlds, this D’ni holiday was begun on 3646 DE to mark the final destruction of Garternay, their old home, to celebrate the Great King who told them to “seal that old world from their hearts,” and that they were able to leave and continue their lives in D'ni. In the D’ni calendar, the Day of Dancing occurs on Leetar 21, or the twenty-first yahr of the fourth vailee, 9663 years after D’ni culture was established in the Cavern.


“Access Control” for New Pubs

Late tonight the DRC Guild Advisor Reteltee announced that the new Guild Pubs to be released in this weekend's premiere of the episode “Deception” will use some form of restriction. “Access control equals limited access” he stated, after admitting that his statement was his own personal conclusion “gleaned” from communiques with the Council.


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