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In Cavern: August 2007
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August 30, 2007 

“Deception” Announcement Updated

Cyan Worlds and Gametap announced via the Myst Online: Uru Live (MO:UL) website that the next episode entitled "Deception" will be released in early September 6, 2007. The announcement was intended to draw new players to the game. Initial fan reaction on the forums was mostly silent, perhaps because many are away on vacation in anticipation of the upcoming Labor Day weekend in the States.

The update also set October as the date for the first Myst Online: Uru Live Season Finale. “Deception” was intended as a lead-in to the October episode. Ryan "Greydragon" Warzecha of Cyan Worlds confirmed earlier this month that plans for Season Two of MO:UL exist, but no details were yet finalized.

August 22, 2007 

“Deception” Episode Announced

Cyan Worlds and Gametap announced that the next episode entitled “Deception” will be released in early September. The threat of an upcoming war and battles amongst the Bahro continues, while the DRC opens “Guild Pubs” as another step in their plans to introduce a Guild system similar to what the D'ni had for thousands of years. Meanwhile, Phil Henderson continues to spread news on the Bahro war while a “former DRC member” returns to the Cavern with even more surprises.

According to developer Cyan Worlds and publisher Gametap, “Deception” also serves as a lead-in to the Myst Online: Uru Live Season Finale. Fan reaction on the forums was swift, prompting Ryan “Greydragon” Warzecha to clarify that plans for a second season exist but were not yet settled.

Players may browse the MO:UL website for more information.

August 20, 2007 

Fans Hold Meetings on Guilds

Over seventy fans of MO:UL met together in Kirel to share and comment on each other's ideas regarding the possible formation of four guilds. The first meeting was at 2pm, the next at 7pm. The four unformed guilds so far are the Messengers, Maintainers, Writers and Cartographers. They also heard tips and comments from representatives of the Guild of Greeters, which at this time is the only group sanctioned by game developer Cyan Worlds, Inc. as an official guild. Players can learn more about the origins of the Greeters by visiting “The History of The Guild of Greeters” on Guild of Greeters website.

The range of topics was broad and varied, leading many to wonder whether the "All Guilds Meeting" served any useful purpose. Many questions revolved around finding a central forum for each “pre-guild,” how to handle power struggles with the DRC, how much power a guild grand master has, and guild governance by committees of five members.

Some were concerned that asking fans to form these four “pre-guilds” would result in a repeat of the “liaison fiasco” of 2006. And doubts remain, despite Reteltee's assurance that the mistakes of the past are not being repeated.

Reteltee in the evening meeting also urged players to think of the guilds “just like Ri’neref intended it,” not as places of power and control but as centers of community and collaboration. He said the DRC already has a “structure” in line with the original vision of Ri’neref, the founder of D’ni and its first king. The DRC will continue to stay focused on the restoration effort, and on safety and security concerns, though he would not detail what role the explorers would have in the restoration process.

To contact Reteltee regarding your thoughts on Guild formation and structure, see him in the Cavern, visit the forums at Uru Obsession and Assembly of Guilds, or email him at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it .

August 3, 2007 

Reteltee: New Guild Pubs Planned

This evening, newly appointed Guild Advisor to the DRC, Reteltee, announced in the Watcher’s Pub that “Guild Pubs are on the way.” It was his first official act after news of his election by the DRC by unanimous vote circulated late this morning.


Sharper Confesses, Henderson Comforts

Douglas Sharper then linked in, and the two talked about the Bahro. “Phil...I'm sorry,” he began.  “It wasn't you Douglas. It was what was,” Henderson replied. “I may have made a mistake. It stepped in front of me,” he confessed. “They protected us all from you making a mistake, and it cost a life,” Henderson clarified. 

He then told the crowd that the good ones are those guarding the Cavern. “They will guard as long as they can, but there are larger battles elsewhere.” Henderson announced. “Must rests on the battles.”  He urged all present to stand with Yeesha. Just then a Bahro appeared, and many bowed in respect. “Show respect for Bahro that guard your lives,” Henderson declared. He then spoke of a mysterious male figure who “will return later with more answers.” Is this mysterious figure Esher, the one opposed to Yeesha in Myst V? Is it Dr. Richard Watson who still remains missing, or someone else? Speculation continues.  

The DRC issued another KI-mail that they were “very happy” to have Henderson back with them again. 


Phil Henderson Lives!

Phil Henderson, a Restoration Engineer, went missing after he was caught in a rock fall on Ae’gura years ago.  His broken KI was found, but not his body, prompting many to believe he was still alive. “I've been gone for a while,” he said after he bowed to explorers on the Takotah Rooftop. While many badgered him with questions, he just spoke slowly of his journey, as if on a different plane of existence. “I was gone. Taken. Searching. The Bahro took me…many places.” Then he continued. “I understand more…about events…and Bahro…and changes.” He agreed with Sharper’s point that good and bad Bahro exist, and how they are “gathering” in many places, “even Releeshahn,” he said. Apparently the Bahro are struggling because they can choose their own path. They were freed, he continued, not by Yeesha, but by the explorers. “You freed them…from the prison. That was the first freeing. It continues.” 

He also described Yeesha as often in Releeshahn, coming and going, yet “watching.. and considering... and growing,” yet becoming more powerful. 


Explorer Named "Guild Advisor"

”Early this afternoon the DRC issued a KI notice stating that Reteltee was appointed as their “Guild Advisor” by unanimous vote. He was selected because he was “at the right place at the right time,” and that his interests were a “perfect fit” to their intentions. She also disclosed that Reteltee’s name means “The Guilds.” She asked all to “please offer him your congratulations.”


August 2, 2007 

Sharper: “I’m Not Going” To Noloben

Restoration Engineer Douglas Sharper announced in the Watcher’s Sanctuary that he was not going to Noloben again after all. Observers noted he was wearing a Yeesha shirt. “The war will make its way here. Its coming,” he stated, as to why he changed his mind. “I suggest you all be ready.”


Alexander: Reteltee Becoming Guilds “Expert”

Cate Alexander appeared in the Guild of Greeter’s Bevin this evening, asking for Reteltee. “I had some big news to tell him.” She also for the first time referred explorers to direct their questions and comments regarding the guild system to Reteltee, who was chosen because he was “in the right place at the right time,” and because he was in the Cavern for a long time. “He is becoming the resident expert,” she added.

Alexander also shared her vision for the Guild of Greeters. She hoped they would meet with “the other Guilds in the Guild Hall on the Island, running the affairs of this cavern as the Guilds used to run the affairs of D'ni.”

Upon the request of JD Barnes, she also cleared up a rumor regarding the release of an Age called Jolatha, and identified a fan who impersonated a DRC employee, Tricia Isaacson, as an imposter, a fact which Ryan “GreyDragon” Warzecha of Cyan Worlds later confirmed in a separate forum statement.

And as for fixes to the Nexus, she said she was not the expert in that field, but simply said, “I just trust Laxman.”


Guild Colors Unveiled on DRC Site

The DRC Website features a new section called “Guild Colors.” It lists the color combinations of the eighteen guilds of D’ni culture, and also includes the colors for the Guild of Greeters. While many welcomed the change, many others remarked that the color palettes used do not exactly coincide with the name of the color listed. So far no statement was issued from the DRC regarding the color scheme.


Jalak Released

Crowds waiting for the Jalak release“The DRC is proud to announce the release of Jalak. Enjoy it and experiment with it,” Cate Alexander stated early this afternoon in the Library. As people watched, she reached into her pocket and with a “sleight of hand” move, installed the Age and accompanying guide in its pedestal. Alexander also said the Age is also available in the different instances of the City. The DRC subsequently issued a KI notice on its release early this evening.

According to developer Cyan Worlds, the full name of the Age is “Jalak Dador.”


Crowd of explorers in anticipation of the release of Jalak Dador 


Photo provided by Lial 

August 1, 2007 

Sutherland Visits “Our Old ’Hood” Twice

“I was just visiting our old 'hood. This was once the hood that the DRC used,” DRC member Marie Sutherland reminisced late this afternoon. In response to the many questions that followed, she remarked that the Bahro were “friendly,” and that despite their presence, “we’re pretty safe here,” that she was “not thrilled” at Cate Alexander having two votes, promised “further steps” will be taken regarding the guilds, and that she will try to talk Sharper out of returning to Noloben. It also seems the DRC is discussing the release of “new documents” and other source material to explorers. As for her favorite guild, “I’d like to be a Writer, I think.”

Late that night she visited Kirel again. “Thought I'd sneak in here while it was quiet,” she remarked, as the crowds gathered. She said that Jalak was “progressing well,” that it is “too early to tell” what shape the new guilds would take, and that K’veer is “fairly close to the top” of their list. She also hinted that Sharper has and continues to be approached to dissuade him from returning to Noloben. She held out hope that Cate Alexander’s tie-breaking vote was the right thing to do. Regarding the Bahro, “it's good to support the friendly bahro, but attacking the unfriendly bahro seems unwise.” She highlighted the value of explorers in finding out new information. “Many are expecting us (the DRC) to have the answers, when there are some things that you're in a better position to find the answers to than we are.” As she left she promised to look into missing notebooks from Tokotah that were written by Sam, a former Restoration Engineer who performed research on King Ri’neref.

Source 1   |   Source 2

Sharper Strangely Unsure

“I am not a murderer,” Sharper stated to another heckler in the Watcher’s Pub this afternoon as he announced his intent to return to Noloben. “The good [Bahro] are watching. They need to know we are on their side.” Yet he shifted his tone, saying: “The good Bahro need to know that I am on their side. I owe them.” He ended with this challenge: “You’ll each have to decide how to best show your support.”

He then had a more private discussion in The Great Tree Bevin with his supporters. “The Bahro are not the peaceful creatures that you are seeing,” he warned, citing their ability to make people see what they want them to see. “I don’t know what lies at the root of their battles, but there is something deep, and worth dying for,” he resolved. As to whether the Bahro he killed was good or not, he seemed more unsure in his tone from a few days ago. “I don’t know” was all he could say. He also advised them to “Carry on as normal. Visit other Ages. Let them see you in your normal states — not flocking to them like some kind of caged animal.” And later he added, “Find ways to let the good ones know that we are on their side.”

In other news this afternoon the DRC issued a second KI-mail notice about the need to keep their distance from the Bahro.

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