What’s New in Myst Online: Uru Live?
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This section lists all the new items, events and dates when they appeared in Myst Online: Uru Live (MO:UL).

For more detailed information of the events, please visit our News from the Cavern section. 

February, 2010
April, 2008
January, 2008
December, 2007
November, 2007
October, 2007
September, 2007
August, 2007
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June, 2007
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March, 2007
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  ♦  FEBRUARY, 2010  ♦ 

  FEBRUARY 8, 2010

  • The Cavern is once again open to explorers.

  FEBRUARY 6, 2010

  • Marie and Kodama meet with Cavern explorers.

  FEBRUARY 4, 2010

  • Victor Laxman reports that sensors were tripped in the Cavern. Asks Marie Sutherland and Dr. Kodama if they can investigate.

  ♦  APRIL, 2008  ♦ 

  APRIL 10, 2008

  • The Cavern was closed to explorers at 12:01AM EST. (10:01 Cavern Time on April 9, 2008)

  ♦  JANUARY, 2008  ♦ 

  January 29, 2008

  • “The Story So Far” section of MO:UL website updated with a summary of Season One

  january 11, 2008

  • New D'ni word confirmed: “cold” (temperature)

  January 5, 2008

  •  Guild system meeting held in Kirel

  january 2, 2008

  • Blue flame (aka “sparklie”) found again in a familiar place, while the one in Myst disappeared

  ♦  DECEMBER, 2007  ♦ 

  december 21, 2007

  • New D’ni words confirmed: “food,” “cater,” “caterer” and “Guild of Caterers”

  DECember 17, 2007

  • TCT interviews Cyanist Ryan Miller
  • GameTap article on how Myst “changed face of gaming” published

  December 16, 2007

  • Cavern Choir sings “Winter Holidays of Renaissance Europe”

  DECember 11, 2007

  • Nine new MO:UL Musical Puzzles made available

  december 7, 2007

  • New D’ni words confirmed: “map,” “mapper” and “Guild of Cartographers”

  DECember 8, 2007

  DECember 7, 2007

  DECember 1, 2007

  • All Guilds meeting held at Kirel
  • KI Customization section launched on MO:UL website

   ♦  NOVEMBER, 2007  ♦ 

  November 30, 2007

  • New D’ni words confirmed: “message,” “messenger,” “Guild of Messengers,” “carry” and “carrier (courier)”

  NOVember 26, 2007

  • Adventure Classic Gaming interviews Cyan project manager Mark Dobratz

  november 22, 2007

  • New D'ni words confirmed: “maintain,” “maintainer” and “Guild of Maintainers”

  NOVember 25, 2007

    • J.D. Barnes announces “Lara Documents” project, seeks player participation

  NOVember 16, 2007

  • Dr. Watson announces D’ni-to-English translation project, seeks player participation

  NOVember 14, 2007

  • GreyDragon visits Safety First 243’s(1) Bevin

  NOVember 7, 2007

  • GreyDragon visits Guild of Greeter’s Bevin
  • 2008 D’ni Games organizers start to collaborate

  NOVember 6, 2007

  • Front page of DRC website modified
  • Douglas Sharper leaves for the surface
  • Escapist publishes article on MO:UL

  NOVember 5, 2007

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  NOVember 4, 2007

  • J.D. Barnes meets with Dr. Marie Sutherland, fails to win concessions
  • Installation of Great Zero Stained Glass art in Bevins begins
  • Victor Laxman agrees to test-run new pellet donation reporting scheme
  • Reteltee reports independent research results, pleads for formation of “robust” guilds

  NOVember 3, 2007

  NOVember 2, 2007

  NOVember 1, 2007

  • DRC launches “Feed the Lake Algae” website
  • Nick White reacts, explains resignation is due to lack of returns on investment
  • Cate Alexander resigns; DRC KI-mail announcement issued
  • Blue flame (aka “sparklie”) found in the Great Zero Calibration Chamber, while the one in Phil’s Relto disappeared
  • Dr. Marie Sutherland reports Ahnonay receiving “finishing touches”
  • MO:UL website issues first edition of MO:UL Newsletter, all encouraged to subscribe
      • Adventure Classic Gaming interviews Rand Miller

♦  OCTOBER, 2007  ♦ 

  OCTOber 26, 2007

  • Thanksgiving decorations, gourds and pumpkins found in Bevins

  OCTOBER 15, 2007

  • Cyan Worlds: Season One Finale release date rescheduled for November 1, 2007, and still in discussion with GameTap about Season Two

  OCTOber 3, 2007

  ♦  SEPTEMBER, 2007  ♦ 

  SEPTember 12, 2007

  September 11, 2007

  September 10, 2007

  September 9, 2007

  SEPTEMBER 8, 2007

  September 4, 2007 

  • Reteltee reveals “access control” for Guild Pubs

  September 3, 2007

            • D’ni Day of Dancing celebrated in Cavern

♦  AUGUST, 2007  ♦ 

  August 30, 2007

  • “Deception” announcement updated, Season One Finale in October 2007

  August 22, 2007

  • “Deception” episode, Season Finale announced on MO:UL website

  August 20, 2007

  • Explorers meet in Kirel to discuss guild system with Reteltee

  August 3, 2007

  • Phil Henderson returns to D’ni, forecasts upcoming battles, news on Yeesha, respect for good Bahro, mysterious man
  • Explorer Reteltee appointed “Guild Advisor,” KI-mail issued

  August 2, 2007

  August 1, 2007

  ♦  JULY, 2007  ♦ 

  JULY 31, 2007

  JULY 30, 2007

  • Explorer Reteltee: DRC starting formal Guild structure with a new Bevin release
  • Laxman: more imager, KI upgrades planned, D'ni safety mechanisms in place
  • Sharper in Watcher’s Sanctuary: war found, killed an evil Bahro 
  • Cate Alexander announces in Guild of Greeter's Bevin she has DRC tie-breaking vote
  • DRC issues KI-mail on Bevin pellet point competition 
  • Nick White announces Sharper’s return, Bahro kill 
  • Laxman removes broken lake light machine from Ae’gura

  JULY 26, 2007

  • Bevin visitor and game imagers modified to accept pellet scores

  JULY 20, 2007

  JULY 19, 2007

 JUly 12, 2007

  • The 263rd anniversary of the Fall of D’ni, 9663 DE started 5:39 am today, Cavern time

  JULY 10, 2007

  JULY 9, 2007

  • MO:UL Webpage updated with shots, summary of Episode 7: “Familiar Voices”

  JULY 8, 2007

  • Researcher J.D. Barnes visits Students of D’ni Knowledge Bevin, working on D’ni anthropology documentary

  JULY 5, 2007

  • GameTap desktop upon login reflects summary of Episode 7: “Familiar Voices”
  • DRC Website updated with status of Jalak, Ahnonay, Ahnonay Temple, Great Zero stained glass project

  JULY 2, 2007

  • Blue flame (aka “sparklie”) found in Er’cana, while the one in the Minkata cave disappeared

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  ♦  JUNE, 2007  ♦ 

  JUNE 27, 2007

  JUNE 26, 2007

  • J.D. Barnes  speaks of work on a documentary on D’ni race, possibly new viewpoint
  • Nick White looking for JD Barnes, an “anthropology dude” 
  • Guild “expert” Reteltee meets with Alexander and Sutherland on Guild system, later informs explorers in Uru Obsession Bevin
  • Dr. Marie Sutherland erects monument to departed explorers in Kahlo Pub, DRC issues KI-mail requesting memorial submissions
  • Er’cana released for exploration by the DRC, along with Ashem’em Silo
  • Bahro Stone to Cave and duck feather found
  • Dr. Marie Sutherland early morning chats with explorers in City, Greeters on funding, advertisements

  JUNE 25, 2007

  • Sharper announces intent to destroy Bahro who slew Wheely, draws protests
  • Dr. Marie Sutherland chats with explorers, calls Cate on the DRC a “conflict of interest” yet understands critical funding situation
  • Cate Alexander takes Michael Engberg’s place on the DRC, informs of internal discussions on allowing in-Cavern advertisements

  JUNE 24, 2007

  JUNE 23, 2007

  • Cate Alexander announces Er’cana next week, Jalak in one month 
  • Watcher’s Sanctuary released for exploration by the DRC, accessible via the Nexus  
  • DRC issues KI-mails on custom marker “Quest”, Great Zero activation
  • Laxman announces Great Zero to be “turned on” June 24, 4pm Cavern time

  JUNE 22, 2007

  • KI’s activated to enable custom marker games
  • DRC removes City cones to address lag issue, Engberg still missing

  JUNE 20, 2007

  • Second Feast of the Maker holiday, 9663 DE started 7:47 pm Cavern time

 JUNE 12, 2007

  • MO:UL Website updated with Episode 6: A New Light
  •  JUNE 2, 2007
  • GameTap Website announces Episode 6: A New Light
  •  JUNE 1, 2007
  • Blue flame (aka “sparklie”) found in Minkata cave, while the one in Descent disappeared

  ♦  MAY, 2007  ♦ 

 MAY 31, 2007

 MAY 25, 2007

  • Soccer Ball found in Minkata nighttime

 May 24, 2007

 may 23, 2007

  • Michael Engberg, explorers mourn in Kahlo Pub, Area reopened, Engberg later goes missing
  • Sharper returns, reports Bahro as Negilahn predator, Bahro battle

 may 22, 2007

 may 21, 2007

  • Engberg speaks with trapped daughter, friend reported dead, and “blue eyes” watching her, rescue teams on the job, explorer vigil held

 may 20, 2007

  • An upgrade to the KI was available at the once-dormant KI station in Descent which adds flashlight abilities (still not fully functional) to one’s KI
  • Victor Laxman announces KI upgrade
  • Bahro sighting, earthquake tremors in City, City and Library closed, Wheely Engberg and friend missing 
  • Nick White goes to Negilahn with Sharper to hunt predator, later returns, visits D’ni Network’s Bevin

 may 19, 2007

 may 5, 2007

  • The Opening of the Common Library holiday, 9663 DE started 5:23 am Cavern time

 may 4, 2007

  • Cyan Worlds, Inc. issues announcement on future of MO:UL via monthly episodic releases
  • GreyDragon visits Canadian’s Bevin, fields questions on Cyan announcement

 may 3, 2007

5.3.07 — I don’t seem to have quite the same desire to journal I once did. Regardless, I figure I better write something down.
It’s been two weeks of studying the outsides of the pods and the number of deaths seems to have dropped quite a bit.

I would normally think that good news, and I still do, but the overall decrease in population is going to eventually cause a drop of some kind. I think that’s the primary reason.
I have no doubt this is not a disease, not a sickness, or anything like that.

It’s a predator and a very mean one at that. I have now seen glimpses of it.

While writing this, Cate sent me a message. The boy has been fired from the DRC. I suppose all this involvement with Jazz, Heaven, and Sydney had to catch up to the poor boy at some point. I tried to warn him.

I can’t say I’m surprised. Too bad. Not sure what that means for him working with me, but I don’t think its good.

I better go find him and see what he plans to do now.


may 2, 2007

  • GreyDragon visits the City, reports pending announcement from Cyan, successful Minkata tests

 may 1, 2007

  • Blue flame (aka “sparklie”) found in Descent, while the one in the Gahreesen prisons disappeared

 april 30, 2007 

  • Cate Alexander in Guild of Greeter's Bevin: Sharper investigating animal disappearance in Negilahn, Minkata less than a month away from approval

 april 25, 2007

 april 21, 2007

  • The D’ni New Year's Day holiday, 9663 DE, started 8:54am Cavern time

 april 20, 2007 

  • A new Mysterium 2006 T-Shirt request page is added to the Myst Online: Uru Live’s website
  • A new Mystralia 2006 T-Shirt request page is added to the Myst Online: Uru Live’s website

 april 19, 2007

 April 13, 2007 

 April 6, 2007

 April 5, 2007

  •  april 2, 2007
  • Blue flame (aka "sparklie") found in Gahreesen prisons, while the one in Eder Gira disappeared

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  ♦   MARCH, 2007  ♦ 

 march 29, 2007

 march 27, 2007

  • First Feast of the Maker holiday, 9662 DE, started 4:21am Cavern time

 March 23, 2007

3.23.07 — I can’t say I’m surprised, but i didn’t expect her reaction. Cate is not exactly what I thought.

Negilahn will stay open. The pods, for some reason, this thing, or things, won’t go near the pods.

I have some theories. I’ll look into myself before another long trip with Rils and Nick.

I have some theories.


 march 22, 2007

3.22.07 — Bad night of sleep. Nightmares. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.  

Cate wants my report in an hour. Still not exactly sure what kind of woman she is but I have to choose my words carefully. Closing the Age won’t be good for anyone right now.


 March 21, 2007

march 19, 2007

3.19.07 — Surprised Boy Wonder with a trip to the surface to see his Ducks play in Spokane. Two games and two wins. Not to mention good times with Nick. Good kid.   

Of course, Nick forgot to mention the trip to Rils so I’m sure he was waiting the whole weekend for a Negilahn expedition.  

Good kid with a lack of focus.


 march 15, 2007

 march 14, 2007

3.14.07 — Rils seems fine. I was a bit nervous at first but anyone who does what he does can’t be all that bad. The man has used a gun in the past but we'll see. I’d put him in the same level as Mick although I’ll give credit to Nick. The boy has improved. 

Either way, if I go down, they'll be in trouble. I won't go down.     

If I had buried the days of the past, they were dug up by a gentleman named Vormaen. He brought up Phil and attempted to interrogate me on those events that happened years ago. The man claimed people are worried I'm going to start a war.

If there is a war to worry about, it's not one I'll be starting.


 march 12, 2007

3.12.07 — I suppose I had better give the boy credit. Nick tracked him down and seems to have an agreement with this Rils character. I’ll determine for myself whether or not he’s fit to accompany us to Negilahn but from all accounts, it sounds like he is.

Hopefully he’s a better shot than Nick. Judging by target practice yesterday. I’m not sure we'll have much hope if I’m unable to hold a gun for some reason. I need to remember to make sure Nick isn’t sending off messages to all of his friends while we’re tracking either.

The boy has got to learn to focus.


 march 11, 2007

 March 9, 2007

3.9.07 — I’ve given up looking for the other journal — who knows who took it? Suppose I’ll fill this up instead.

Negilahn seems to be task one. The creature or thing, whatever it is there, eating everything else. I had no intention of hunting any more down here and the first thing the DRC asks me to do is exactly that. Odd, but what can I do? I’m not going to turn down a job like this.

Apparently Nick has someone interested in helping out with Negilahn but he can’t seem to remember the person’s name. Not sure what's happening with the poor boy but he seems distracted... ever since I’ve come down. I only hope it’s not a woman or something. We don’t need that.

He’s going around asking everyone who this mysterious person is and of course everyone is volunteering. The poor boy never learns. He did just stop by again after another visit to the Great Tree’s Bevin (wonderful name) and said it might be a guy named Rils. We’ll have to contact him. Seems Nick had a note from him and his Zoological Society all along.

The boy is distracted but we’ll get it done.


 March 7, 2007 

3.7.07 — The smell of this place hasn’t changed. It’s as though I never left until Cate links in and says hello.

Well... here we go again...


 march 4, 2007

  • Cavern Choir debuts with two concerts in A Beginner’s Bevin

 march 1, 2007

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  ♦  FEBRUARY, 2007  ♦ 

 february 28, 2007

  •  february 20, 2007
  •  february 15, 2007
  • Eder Tsogal Age released for exploration by the DRC
  • GameTap and Cyan Worlds, Inc. officially launch Myst Online: Uru Live, ending beta status

 February 9, 2007

 February 1, 2007

  • Blue flame (aka “sparklie”) found in the Kadish Tolesa pillar room, while the one in the Gahreesen Training Center disappeared
  • The First Month T-Shirt disappeared from its location on the Great Stairs landing

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      ♦  JANUARY, 2007  ♦   

 january 29, 2007

 january 25, 2007 

      • GameTap Website announces official February 15, 2007 launch date, availability for internationals, and a new Age as part of launch

 january 19, 2007

 january 18, 2007

                  • GameTap announces release of new City area, new Age tomorrow, partnership with TransGaming, Inc.

 january 17, 2007

          • A mysterious blue flame (aka “sparklie”) was found in the Gahreesen Training Center which adds a stone with a blue light to Relto

     january 16, 2007

 january 5, 2007

 january 1, 2007

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    ♦   DECEMBER, 2006   ♦ 

 december 27, 2006

 december 23, 2006

  • Special Santa Hat found in Relto closets to celebrate the Christmas season

 december 20, 2006

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