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In Cavern: July 2007
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JULY 31, 2007

DRC Issues Pellet Scale

Early this evening the DRC issued another KI notice with a diagram on how to read the analysis bar on the pellet tester in the D’ni-Ashemen Silo. Pellets where the light bar reaches one-third of the way are labeled either “Bad” or “Duds.” Pellets where the light bar reaches 100 percent are labeled “Worst.” The “Best” pellets are known when the light bar reaches two-thirds up the scale.

White: Sharper Intends to Fight Bad Bahro

Shortly after Cate Alexander’s appearance in another Bevin, Nick White visited Kirel, picked out some of his favorite Guild t-shirts, announced they were available, and continued to talk about Sharper and the Bahro. He revealed that the DRC seems to “love” Reteltee — whom he has not yet met — and that Sharper wants to return to Noloben. The purpose? “He’s set on taking out more of them,” he disclosed. “He wants to help the good ones. Says it’s a war. He’s got to fight.” When asked if Sharper was trustworthy, “I have trusted him with my safety in the past,” White responded. As to whether the Bahro was good or bad, “I guess I need to trust him.” When several explorers pleaded with White to stop Sharper, “I’ll do what I can,” was all he could offer.


Alexander: Sharper Was to Learn, Defend Himself

Cate Alexander then confronted explorers in Myss Terrie’s Bevin, some of which criticized her support of Douglas Sharper. “I did not ask for Sharper to kill a Bahro. I asked for Sharper to learn what he could and defend himself,” she replied. Yet she remained uncertain about why the Bahro sightings have increased of late.

In other matters, Alexander said she could not speak for Cyan Worlds, Inc. regarding their plans to implement a Guild system, yet stressed that Kirel was the first step in such a system. She refused to discuss details. After more arguments ensued among explorers regarding the Sharper matter, Alexander quickly left with a curt, “Enjoy your day and enjoy Kirel.”


DRC: Kirel “The Guild Neighborhood”

DRC members Cate Alexander and Dr. Ikuro Kodama were on hand at Kirel this afternoon to announce “the first, albeit small, step toward the restoration of the Guilds,” which she later describes as the “backbone” of D’ni culture. Alexander was also hopeful more would be done in the future. But for now, five tables were opened in the neighborhood, each representing one of the five initial Guilds.

Alexander also thanked the explorer Reteltee for his help. “We appreciate all of his efforts and could not have done it without his input.”

Both then took some questions on the Guild system, Jalak, Dr. Watson, the D’ni calendar, manuscript releases, new stained glass installation, while deflecting most of the questions on the Bahro or Sharper for a later time.

The DRC later issued another KI notice that called Kirel “The Guild Neighborhood,” and invited them to learn of the five guilds that were represented there.


Dead Bahro Shown, KI Notice Issued

Bahro_whatchers_7-31-07.jpgNick White was later seen chatting in the Watcher’s Sanctuary when Sharper links in, and confronts his friend. “Nick, you love the rumors, don’t you?” he began. “I've told you to your face. You're not the same about this one,” White replied. “Go spend a few weeks with those things. They deserve to die. They are hideous beasts,” he retorted. And then, two Bahro link in carrying another dead Bahro, and left it on the imager. “That’s the one,” Sharper stated, before he and White told the crowds to back up and not touch the corpse. This did not prevent some from touching the dead Bahro, which triggered menacing looks and screams from the live ones. Within seven minutes, the Bahro and both men linked away, leaving the crowds stunned.

Within an hour after more Bahro sightings were reported throughout the Cavern, the DRC issued a KI-mail notice instructing explorers not to provoke, “startle them or appear to threaten them in any way,” and to keep distant from them.


Photo provided by Stephen C.

Sharper Faulted, Denies Wrongdoing

“Something isn’t right,” Nick White opined in Blabbity’s Bevin this morning, regarding Douglas Sharper’s story. “I’m worried he killed the wrong Bahro. And I think he knows it.” White also said Sharper was bragging and joking less, and seemed “a little on edge.” Who would not be, considering Sharper seems to be a target of the evil Bahro. Yet White could not cite more than his “gut instincts” regarding the veracity of his claim.

Sharper later appeared in the same Bevin after White left. After hearing what White said, “That boy is blabbing a lot recently. I don’t like it,” he responded. He then maintained his expedition was a success, the dead Bahro was evil, and that Cate Alexander understood. He claimed he could tell good Bahro from bad ones by means of general yet subtle differences in the way they move. When asked of his future plans, Sharper replied, “I’m not sure.”


JULY 30, 2007

Reteltee: New Guild Hood on the Way

“The DRC is indeed implementing a formal Guild structure, beginning with a Guild neighborhood,” Reteltee announced late tonight. Five major guilds were part of this initial effort. He claimed that the DRC made the move because of his input. The guilds named are the “Maintainers, Writers, Greeters, Cartographers, [and] Messengers.” He clarified that he was not “over” anyone here in the Cavern, and that his view of the true intent of the guilds was not to increase personal “power”, but rather “community,” a place where people can express their own individual skills and abilities. On a more personal note, “The DRC has ... plans for me,” he added nervously, although he could not elaborate further.


Laxman’s Latest KI Projects

Victor Laxman in the Guild of Greeter’s Bevin late this evening appeared asleep on his feet, as he spoke of things on his to-do list. The lake light machine is “working fine” except the display. Kirel will be released at the end of this week. He does hope to update the heek scoreboards, provide a list of Bevins with top pellet point scores, provide confirmation for explorer’s findings on the pellets, and to add a display to the KI that keeps track of pellet totals. Presently the KI only displays pellet point not donated, and many explorers thought the points were “lost” whenever they were donated to a Bevin. He also remarked that “D’ni safety mechanisms” were in place in the Ashemem Silo to protect the algae against complete destruction from bad pellets.


Sharper: I Found A War

Douglas Sharper in Watchers Pub“I killed one of the evil ones,” Douglas Sharper stated today in the Watcher’s Sanctuary. He also said the Bahro war is coming to the Cavern. Some explorers charged that he killed “innocent” Bahro, and questioned his ability to tell between the good and destructive ones. He left quickly when he thought they were more interested in their “soapboxes” than hearing him out. However most were sincerely trying to know as much of the details as possible.


Photo provided by Lial

Alexander Gets Tie-Breaker Vote

Cate Alexander informed explorers this morning in the Guild of Greeter’s Bevin that “in certain situations” she will be given two votes on the Council. “We have had a number of ties since Michael (Engberg) left and we have implemented a new procedure to prevent them. If there is a tie, I will get another tie-breaking vote,” she clarified. The move she calls “fair” was adopted because she remains the primary source of Restoration funds. Responding to concerns that it was un-democratic, she said, “We are not a democracy.” On other matters, Kirel will be released soon, no decision was yet made on advertisements, and she still had no discussions with Sharper.


DRC: Lake Large, Pellets Small

The DRC issued new KI-mail thanking explorers for feeding the lake while reminding them that the project is still “in its very early stages.” Efforts in the last month “have exceeded our expectations, but [the] lake is large and the pellets are small.” The greater a pellet’s point value, the more beneficial it is for the lake algae. It promised that the light meter will be installed again once it is working properly. The notice also confirmed the existence of a point competition between Bevins, to increase greater participation, and that explorers may donate their totals to any Bevin they wish.    

White: Sharper Has Returned

Former ResEng Nick White told a large crowd at The Great Tree’s Bevin today that sharper has returned from his Negilahn expedition, and has successfully slain a Bahro, to the consternation of some. White could not talk further on what Sharper learned. “I don't know details. He's been a little strange,” he added.  He also appeared to clam the fears of other explorers who sounded nervous about Bahro attacks. “I personally don’t have anything to worry about,” he said. White referred to Kirel as “coming along.” He also plans to “hit the surface a bit” to “find Sharper,” and especially because he now has a girlfriend.  


Laxman Removes Lake Light Machine

Victor Laxman at the Light Meter MachineVictor Laxman came to the City this morning to briefly announce that the lake light meter was broken and must be removed for repair. “We are looking for comparison readings of algae and it was not giving us those,” he said, adding that the display also was not working. He warned against feeding the algae too quickly and to not produce explosive pellets because they damage the algae. He encouraged them to feed it according to the D’ni way, which involves patience. “Its a delicate procedure,” he said. Laxman also assured them that their efforts are making a “slight” impact on restoring the D’ni light cycle to the lake. “Keep up the good work,” he stated.



Photo provided by Lial

JULY 24, 2007

Nintendo DS Myst in Works

Is Myst for the Nintendo DS actually coming this Fall? That is so, according to a 1up.com interview posted on their blog, featuring Manny Granillo, executive producer of the Myst for the Nintendo DS. “We all felt that the DS, more than any other platform with its touch screen and portability, would find MYST the essential adventure companion.” This time, the Nintendo DS allows adventure gamers to play the original Myst with new features like writing on a note pad, map generation, and allowing them to take snapshots so as to remember clues easier. As for the possibility of Riven on the Nintendo DS, “we'll have to see,” he replied.


JULY 20, 2007

Stained Glass Contest Winners Announced

Today the DRC website announced that the work of explorers Barbara, Cycriem and Moiety Jean were selected as the winners of the Eder Delin Stained Glass Contest. The submissions of explorers Ekis, Rustee and zalionXI were selected as the winners of the Eder Tsogahl Stained Glass Contest. Be on the lookout for the display of these colorful art pieces.

The submission deadline for the Great Zero Stained Glass Project is also set for July 21, 2007.

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JULY 19, 2007

Cyan Launches MystWear Website

Explorers and fans of Myst Online: Uru Live now have access to official game-related merchandise at MystWear.com, which is officially licensed by developer Cyan Worlds, Inc. Starting July 31, 2007 the assortment will include T-shirts, polo shirts, mugs, mouse pads, cutting boards, and bumper stickers.  One distinctive item is their polished marble tiles, some inlaid with gold. And starting August 31, 2007, explorers can order their favorite Yeesha shirt or Zandi shirt for real life activities. Visitors are asked to complete the site's information form regarding their preferences. 


JULY 16, 2007

“Familiar Voices” Anticipation Grows

Is this weekend of July 21 the next actual release date for this month’s episode? A Cyan announcement today on the MO:UL forums that its servers were down fanned speculation on when the release will occur. Earlier promotionals indicated that "Familiar Voices” will be released in “late July” but without a firm date. “Cyan won't come out and say when any of the releases are,” with the exception of the previous episodes, spokesman Ryan “Greydragon” Warzecha stated early in May.


JULY 13, 2007

Barnes in Beginner’s Bevin

Explorer J.D. Barnes showed up again at A Beginner’s Bevin, mainly to listen to other explorer’s views on D’ni culture. He called the game of Ahyoheek a “simplistic” expression of the D’ni culture, which he described as “rife with mysticism,” and he referred to their stories in general as “the lifeblood of a culture.” He also seemed to downplay his affiliation with the DRC by responding that people place “too much importance” on them, while forgetting that much more is going on besides their activities. Barnes seemed to enjoy the evening, remarking as he watched explorers “develop rituals, customs, vocabulary, expectations of behavior.” “We are witnessing the birth of a culture,” he concluded.


JULY 12, 2007

Fall of D’ni 263rd Anniversary, 9663 DE

Starting 5:39am Cavern time (UTC-0600) this morning marks the 263rd anniversary of the Fall of D’ni, otherwise known as the Final Revolt of Veovis, which in the D’ni calendar occurred on Leesahn 8, 9400 DE (c. July 11, 1744). According to the Book of Ti’ana, the Fall of D’ni occurred when Gehn was 8 years old.

According to the D'ni calendar, today is Leesahn 8, 9663 DE, the eighth yahr of the third vailee, 9663 years after D’ni culture was established in the Cavern. 

JULY 10, 2007

Backpack returns to Uru

BackpackUru veterans who remembered The Path of the Shell expansion pack were excited over the return of the backpack, found in its familiar location in Er’cana. Perhaps this find was a response to the concerns of some explorers who thought that yesterday’s listing on the MO:UL site of a backpack as part of last month's package of “unlocked content” was a rare mistake by Cyan Worlds.


Photo provided by Lial

JULY 8, 2007

Researcher Barnes Working on Documentary

Self-described independent researcher J.D. Barnes, the one Nick White was looking for in last month’s episode, appeared again in the Students of D'ni Knowledge Bevin tonight. He was still looking for DocOlanA, the neighborhood's founder, regarding “the Jolatha story that passed through his hands.” He also disclosed the name of his collaborator, a Ms. Reed who Barnes states respects and is “insistent” on getting a hold of him. The documentary will be on the D'ni and the explorer community, whom he called “the new D'ni people.” He believes that a culture is defined by their mythos, which includes language, their music, and the games they play. Barnes heard of the D’ni while in discussions about Navajo culture, when he was challenged to go for “real adventure,” and then met Jeff Zandi.


JULY 2, 2007

July 2007 Sparklie appears

The July 2007 calendar spark was found today, while the one in the Minkata cave disappeared. This was the second time this year that a sparklie appeared on the second of the month, perhaps because the first of the month fell on a Sunday. To find it, go where the harvest is ripe, and enjoy the outdoors.

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